Disenchanted's Trailers Are Missing A Major Piece To The Original Movie's Success

James Marsden smiling in Enchanted
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Since Disney+’s inception, the House of Mouse has been steadily releasing TV and movie content. One of the most hotly anticipated upcoming original movies coming to the streaming service is Adam Shankman’s Disenchanted, which serves as the sequel to 2007’s classic Enchanted. But the first two trailers for the new movie are missing one major piece to the original’s success.

When Enchanted hit theaters back in 2007, it was a critical and box office hit. As such, fans have been waiting for the sequel Disenchanted (opens in new tab) for quite some time. And while the trailers have revealed the plot and even a brief clip of Idina Menzel singing, what they’re missing is adequate screen time for James Marsden’s Edward. After all, he was the biggest screen stealer from the first movie.

The fun of Enchanted’s comedy came from Disney cartoon characters suddenly being dropped in New York City. Both Amy Adams and James Marsden were hilariously bonkers in their performances as Giselle and Edward respectively, although the X-Men actor was really chewing the scenery. While I’m eager to see him and Idina Menzel’s Nancy return in Disenchanted, the fact that Marsden has so little screen time so far gives me pause.

That’s not to say that James Marsden is totally absent from the first Disenchanted trailers. He and Nancy magically appear at the home of Giselle and Robert (Patrick Dempsey), bringing with them a song and gift for the family. But as the footage has focused on the main story about Giselle turning into a villain, pushing Edward to the background. Indeed, it was Idina Menzel’s Nancy who got more focus rather than everyone’s favorite cartoon Prince. As a reminder, you can check out the latest full trailer for Enchanted’s sequel below.

Of course, the total amount of footage released from Disenchanted is still very limited, at least until its release for those with a Disney+ subscription. So it’s more than possible that Disney’s marketing wants to save James Marsden’s most comedic beats as Edward in the streaming sequel. After all, trailers have been known to spoil movies before, to the dismay of moviegoers. 

Given how many years it’s been since Enchanted was released in theaters, this movie is a very long time coming. Fans have asked the cast about a potential sequel for years now, and it was thrilling to learn that it finally came together. Of course, the pressure will be on to deliver on expectations, given how beloved the OG movie is.

Amy Adams singing in Disenchanted

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It certainly looks like Disenchanted will be quite different from its predecessor, moving the action out of New York City entirely. We’re also being introduced to a number of new characters, joining the quartet of returning actors. We’ll just have to see how much screen time James Marsden ultimately gets as Edward.

Disenchanted will release exclusively on Disney+ on November 18th. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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