Disenchanted: 6+ Thoughts I Had While Watching The Disney Movie

Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams in Disenchanted
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It's been over 15 years since Enchanted charmed audiences and left them begging for more. It took years, but the Enchanted sequel, Disenchanted finally hit Disney+. I loved the original film and have been anxiously waiting for this sequel.

I enjoyed the original because it acted as a tribute to Disney animated films and also poked fun at them. Amy Adams gave a delightful performance as Giselle, and Patrick Dempsey and she have charming on-screen chemistry. You root for their happy ending. Enchanted gave Disenchanted an excellent blueprint to follow.

Disenchanted premiered just in time for the holiday season. It’s a light family film with plenty of musical numbers, talking animals, and wicked villains.   While revisiting Giselle and the gang, I had plenty of thoughts about this Disney+ original movie.  

Warning Disenchanted and Enchanted Spoilers Ahead. Proceed with Caution. 

Maya Rudolph and Amy Adams sing in Disenchanted

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Disenchanted Makes Me Want More Disney Movies With Multiple Villains 

“Badder” is My favorite song and moment from Disenchanted. It reminded me how much fun a film can be when two villains go at it for supremacy. More movies should show villain-offs. Maya Rudolph and Amy Adams were at their most wicked (and entertaining) during this musical number. 

The brief mentions of some other iconic Disney villains make me want to see even more villain solo movies. We need more villain solo movies, and also more movies where the villains battle each other or even team up to take down a hero.  I know the Descendants franchise exists, but I want to see Ursula teaming up with the Evil Queen or Maleficent and Jafar working together. 

It’s time for Disney to let villains become the focus even more. 

James Marsden and Idina Menzel in Disenchanted

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Nancy And Edward Need Their Own Spin-Off Movie 

After rewatching Enchanted,  I was reminded how great James Marsden is in the original film. He really is the perfect Prince Edward. Only an actor like James Marsden can play an incredibly goofy, slightly dimwitted character and make him somehow still kind of charming and lovable.

Seeing him in Disenchanted just reminded me once again how fun this character is and how Marsden plays it so well. Nancy is a major part of Enchanted, but the film limits how it uses her. Her main purpose is to be a barrier to Robert and Giselle’s happy ending. 

Disenchanted allows Idina Menzel and Nancy to shine. She gets a few musical numbers and also more of a personality. Watching Prince Edward and Nancy together just makes me want to see more of them in the human world and Andalasia. 

If Disney decides to expand or continue the world of Enchanted, a spin-off about Nancy and Prince Edward is the logical next step. They’re so great to watch on-screen together. 

Gabriella Baldacchino as Morgan in Disenchanted

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Disenchanted Makes Me Miss When Morgan Wasn’t A Moody Teen 

Look, I understand being a teenager sucks. It sucks even more for teen girls, but moody teens in movies make me want to apologize for my past sins as a teen. They are not fun to watch. Unfortunately, sweet-little child Morgan (Rachel Covey) turns into moody teen Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino) in Disenchanted. She is infuriating at times. 

In Morgan’s defense, she isn’t the worst teen character. Most of her disrespectful behavior (calling Giselle the stepmom, not her real mom!) is brought on by feeling left out because of the new baby Sofia. And worrying that Giselle doesn’t love her as much because she isn’t her birth daughter.

Her insecurities give her a little bit of an excuse to be terrible. However, she makes it hard to root for her until Giselle goes full evil step-mom. Then Morgan steps nicely into the hero role. You almost can forgive her moody teen ways… almost. 

Amy Adams as wicked Giselle in Disenchanted

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Amy Adams Is Deliciously Fun As A Villain

Amy Adams has given a lot of great performances (some of them you may have forgotten), but Giselle is one of her most fun characters. She is sugary sweet in Enchanted, and Disenchanted allows her to find her villain within. Disenchanted’s strongest moments are when Giselle turns into the wicked stepmother. 

These moments are fun and give the film the weight it needs to add tension. I enjoy both wicked and sweet Giselle. Amy Adams giving great performances in both films proves that she’s an actor overdue for an Oscar. Maybe not for Disenchanted, but for one of her many great films and performances. 

Disenchanted animated moment

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I’m Glad Disenchanted Has More Animation 

Enchantment’s incorporation of an animated element has always been something I really liked about the film.  Before Giselle heads to New York City,  the first ten minutes are pure animation. Disenchanted uses animation throughout the film.

We first see it as Pip (Griffin Newman) reads the story of Giselle to his children. Then animation is used when Morgan goes to Andalasia. We also see glimpses of an animated Edward. It’s just fun to see the film use more animated elements in Disenchanted. 

This almost makes the film more of a hybrid movie of animation and live-action.

Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams dance in Disenchanted

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It’s Nice To See Giselle, Robert, Morgan, And Sofia Find A Happy Ending In The Suburbs 

TV shows and movies love New York City, so often the suburbs get a bad reputation. It’s portrayed as boring, mundane, and the place where you lose your soul and spirit -- we’ve all seen those movies and shows. So I completely expected Disenchanted to end with them all moving back to NYC. 

This is why I was pleasantly surprised when they decide to stay in Monroeville and make it work. It shows that a suburban life doesn’t have to be this hellhole that movies and TV shows sometimes make it appear to be. It can be a new fresh and exciting beginning. 

Amy Adams watching in Disenchanted

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Other Thoughts 

Disenchanted has some Easter Eggs and other things we need to discuss. 

  • I love that Rachel Covey, the original Morgan, has a short cameo. It makes me glad that she still got to be involved. 
  • Gabriella Baldacchino is a pretty good recast, since Rachel Covey and her look kind of similar.  
  • The film really has something against cats. I never associated them with evil villains until this movie said it.  
  • Idina Menzel could really sing anything and make it sound great.  
  • Did the singing appliances remind anyone else of The Brave Little Toaster?  
  • Morgan and Tyson (Kolton Stewart) are a cute couple, so it was nice to see a sprinkle of their romance in the movie. 
  • I loved seeing well-known Broadway stars, such as Ann Harada and James Monroe Iglehart, have cameos.  
  • Glad to see Alan Tudyk voice yet another character that I loved. 
  • Pip definitely needs to join the list of adorable creatures who need more screen time. 

Disenchanted is one of the holiday upcoming movies that I was most looking forward to watching. It doesn’t quite have the same spark as the original film, but it’s an entertaining movie of its own. 

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