First Trailer For Netflix's Harry & Meghan Docuseries Finally Drops After Cop Opens Up About ‘Very Real’ Threats The Family Faced Before Leaving The UK

Since 2020, when Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, left their royal duties, there have been a number of reports and rumors about what really happened behind the scenes to lead them to such drastic action. After relocating to the United States, the duo partnered with Netflix for a number of projects, including a docuseries about their lives that would detail many of the events that led up to them leaving royal life behind. It was in early October that we heard reports noting that the docuseries might end up being shelved “indefinitely,” but it appears that the trouble has been worked out, as we now have our first look at the show, right as new reports have come out about the “very real” threats they were against in Harry’s former home.

What Do We See In The Harry & Meghan Trailer?

The clip, which you can watch above, starts with several shots of them in happy times, with several already iconic shots of them looking at each other lovingly, along with what appear to be more personal photos of Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry. A voiceover, likely from one of the documentarians, asks, “Why did you want to make this documentary?” and the photos eventually show more serious times. With both Harry and Meghan being shown shortly after, as he talks about doing what he needed to protect his family, and she mentions how it simply made sense for them to tell their own story.

However, it seems that it was just that desire that caused the couple, who famously stayed with filmmaker Tyler Perry for a while before moving to a home in Montecito, California and dropping some major bombshells in an interview with Oprah, to begin to rethink the docuseries. Apparently, they started to have some concerns over things they had willingly shared with the production, with them supposedly asking that enough of that information be removed that those at Netflix felt it would cause the series to be put on hold for the foreseeable future, likely because it would then no longer provide additional insight on what they went through.

What Are The New Reports About Threats Against Harry And Meghan In The UK?

Speaking of what the couple, who married in a lavish and widely watched ceremony in 2018, did go through during their time as an official royal duo, the former head of UK counterterrorism policing, Neil Basu, recently spoke with Channel 4 News in Britain (via CBS News), and revealed the breadth of several “disgusting and very real” threats aimed at Markle while they still lived in the UK, which he said came from the far-right, the quickest growing source of terrorist threats in that nation. He added:

If you'd seen the stuff that was written and you were receiving it, the kind of rhetoric that's online, if you don't know what I know, you would feel under threat all of the time. [The police] had teams investigating, and people have been prosecuted for those threats [against Meghan].

Now that the family is firmly ensconced in their lives in the US, and have probably come to some agreement about the content in their docuseries, we might be able to hear more from them about this difficult period in their lives soon. We don’t yet know when it will debut for those with a Netflix subscription, but we’ll likely hear more about it before too much longer.

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