Girls5Eva: The Best Guest Appearances From Season 2

Sara Bareilles, Busy Philipps, Paula Pell, Piter Marek, and Renee Elise Goldsberry in Girls5eva
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Girls5eva is one of those great comedies that people don’t talk about enough. The endless streaming services make it hard to watch every great show that’s available. Peacock has been steadily building its content, and Girls5eva is one of Peacock’s best TV shows. It’s the right blend of wacky with clever commentary on pop culture, especially the pop music industry of the ‘90s. Girls5eva Season 2 has taken the show to new heights and really displayed B.P.E.

Girls5eva Season 1 had some great guest stars, including Tina Fey as “Dolly Parton.” Carson Daly was also a great guest as he took us back to TRL days, before the TRL finale and the 2017 TRL revival. The Girls5eva Season 2 guest appearances may have been even better than the first season. The season included an even bigger variety of comedians, well-known actors, and reality TV stars. 

For this list, I limited it to actors who only appeared in one or two episodes this season and made their debut in Girls5eva Season 2. This means great guests like Andrew Rannells and Piter Marek aren’t included because they fall more in the recurring character category, and Rannells' Kev made his debut in Season 1.  

Let’s take a look back at some of Girls5eva's best Season 2 guest appearances.

Warning: This post contains minor Girls5eva Season 2 spoilers. Proceed with caution.  

Neil Flynn and Amy Sedaris in Girls5eva

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 Amy Sedaris And Neil Flynn (“Can’t Wait 2 Wait”) 

Neil Flynn and Amy Sedaris are two legendary comedians who have starred in their own shows and made plenty of guest appearances in various TV shows. They’re pros at making people laugh and being memorable characters. However, their guest appearances on Girls5eva was a major reminder why we love to watch them. 

Amy Sedaris often plays strange and unusual characters, so her role as Summer’s (Busy Philipps) mom Kris felt right in her wheelhouse. Neil Flynn usually has the role of the grumpy or dark but funny character, so the role of Summer’s extremely religious, happy-go-lucky dad, Chris, felt a little different from some of his more well-known characters. He’s magnificent in this role. Together Kris and Chris are just the type of strange parents that you’d expect to have raised Summer.

Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott in Girls5Eva

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 The Property Brothers (“Tour Mode”) 

The Property Brothers were a topic on Girls5eva Season 2 because of the fact that the band was making an album with their record label. We all knew it was just a matter of time before Jonathan and Drew Scott made their appearances. However, I didn’t expect it to be such a funny performance.

It was pure madness, with an intensely funny fight between Gloria (Paula Pell) and Drew. 

The episode gave Property Brothers fans a chance to see their favorite property transforming brothers in a different light. They got to see the very funny side of them.

Chad L. Coleman in Girls5Eva

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 Chad L. Coleman (“Returnity”) 

Depending on if Girls5eva gets renewed for a third season, Chad L. Coleman’s guest appearance may become a recurring role. We hope that Peacock renews the show and that Coleman’s Lunch Lord Sheawn becomes a recurring character. He already appeared in two episodes of Girls5eva Season 2 and was a great addition.

Sheawn is ridiculous but sensible enough to keep Wickie (Renee Elise Goldsberry) looking like the odd one in the relationship. Coleman also has great chemistry with Goldsberry and I'm excited to see their relationship continue in potential future seasons. I also hope Sheawn learns portion control. 

Tim Meadows in Girls5eva

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 Tim Meadows (“Album Mode”) 

Tim Meadows only appears briefly as himself but it’s a great cameo because it reminds us of his long history with Tina Fey, who if you didn’t know, is a producer on Girls5eva. It’s also a fun cameo because he gets to be an even more heightened version of himself.

It’s also a great Wickie moment as she gets to really play up the drama of dumping him, despite them never actually dating. She also has two over-the-top encounters with Tim Meadows, which makes his cameo even funnier. 

Mario Cantone in Girls5eva

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 Mario Cantone (“B.P.E”) 

Wickie’s antics and celebrity encounters are really a match made in heaven in Girls5eva Season 2. Her holding a grudge against Mario Cantone because he beat her at Star Search is really top tier pop star comedy because of all the celebrities who appeared on it before they became famous.

Mario Cantone’s TV persona is usually hilarious and boisterous, but for this Girls5eva cameo, he got to probably play a version of himself more true to his daily life. He was funny but also got to show a wise and more calm personality. It was a nice departure from what we were expecting. I can also see Cantone making other appearances if the show continues.

Wickie could easily start showing up to other places where he is for random reasons. This is Wickie we’re talking about, she doesn’t need a reason to start randomly bothering an old rival who is not really a rival.

Amber Ruffin in Girls5eva

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 Amber Ruffin (“Leave A Message If You Love Me”) 

Anyone hoping to see Ashley (Ashley Park) behind the T.K. mask was likely very disappointed when it turns out that T.K. was some music producer’s daughter named Beth (Amber Ruffin). I am one of those people disappointed to learn that Ashley didn’t fake her death, but Ruffin’s performance made for a funny guest appearance.

With Amber Ruffin having an exciting Peacock show, this appearance allowed those unfamiliar with the host and comedian a glance at her comedic style. It may make some people go and stream The Amber Ruffin Show. I also wouldn’t mind T.K. making another appearance in future seasons.

Joey Sasso in Girls5eva

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 Joey Sasso (“Album Mode”) 

Those unfamiliar or new to The Circle may have had no idea who Joey Sasso was until Wickie gives his full title as winner of The Circle Season 1. However, for Circle nerds, like myself, this was such a point at the TV (or computer or phone) and say “that’s Joey!” moment. The cameo was so random that it felt appropriate for Girls5eva. The show is brilliant and some of its genius comes from being random.

It also fit perfectly with the narrative of Wickie just wanting the high of breaking up with famous people. Their level of fame didn’t matter, it was all about the euphoria of breaking up with someone known by at least a couple million people. Sasso also played it well by just basically being himself but confused about what was happening and why.

Girls5eva is a great streaming show that more people should watch. It has so many great attributes, including the clever way it uses celebrity appearances to highlight the four main characters’ personality traits and issues. I hope Girls5eva gets more seasons, but for now you can watch the first two seasons streaming on Peacock. 

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