Fans Are Loving Property Brothers' Drew Scott In Amazing Fight Scene For Girls5eva Finale, And The Creator Explained How It Happened

Drew and Jonathan Scott in Girls5eva's Season 2 finale
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Spoilers below for the Season 2 finale of Girls5eva, so be warned if you haven’t yet watched!

The second season of Girls5eva gave Peacock subscribers another eight episodes of clever and hilarious satire, not to mention one of 2022’s biggest TV bangers so far with the NSFW empowerment jam “B.P.E.” But who could have expected that one of the season’s biggest and wildest highlights would include appearances from Drew and Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers fame? Regardless of whether it could have been predicted or not, the home-renovating siblings brought their comedic chops to the forefront, and fans can’t get enough. The guest spot is arguably Emmy-worthy in my book, thanks in large part to Drew Scott’s expertly choreographed fight scene with Paula Pell, and creator Meredith Scardino shared some insights into how it all came about. 

Fans Are Loving The Property Brothers Cameo And Drew Scott’s Martial Arts Skills 

Girls5eva Season 2 put the Property Brothers stars in a very weird spotlight, narrative-wise, as the titular girl group made a deal with the Scott brothers’ fictional record label — Property Records, natch — and were tasked with throwing an album together in six weeks’ time to promote a new line of scented hammers to serve as merchandise while on tour. Unfortunately, they didn’t end up going on tour after all, because Girls5Eva is just too watchable, which sparked Paula Pell’s Gloria to accost Drew and Jonathan Scott, thus leading to the epic-for-a-comedy brawl sequence. And in a newly renovated home, no less. 

Paula Pell shared her appreciation for the scene on Twitter, and she definitely wasn’t the only one, although she obviously experienced it like no one else. Here’s what Pell had to say:

It’s FINALE DAY! #Girls5eva ⁦@peacockTV!⁩ I have a scene with The Property Brothers that is so beautifully batshit and these women are such perfection! love you so @MrDrewScott⁩ ⁦@JonathanScott⁩ ⁦@SaraBareilles⁩ ⁦@BusyPhilipps⁩ ⁦@ReneeGoldsberry.

While those commenting on Paula Pell’s post were mostly begging for Season 3 updates, other Girls5eva fans were more honed in with their reactions. In a tweet, journalist Emily Nussbaum nailed the sentiment that the moment was something that has been missing from our TVs for all of existence until now, even though it was the only destiny that makes sense. 

Ugh the 2nd season finale of Girls5Eva was full-on amazing… 30Rock-level punchline density, plus heart, great characters & songs. Also the Property Bros Boss Battle I had no idea I was craving.

I feel like Drew and Jonathan Scott would be perfect in a Property Brothers-esque spoof series in which all the home-reno tropes get subverted for comedic splendor. Even just their post-fight moment where the bros went right back into TV-presenter mode slayed me as much as any other moments from the show’s super-talented cast. But let’s get back to the fight praise with the tweet below.

I am starting my morning with a nice cup of coffee and watching @perlapell beat the crap out of a Property Brother in a scene that the direction must have simply been "go ham on each other". What a way to start the weekend. #girls5eva

Even though Drew Scott’s fight reel was pretty impressive all around, and even though he held is own against Gloria for a while — nobody’s a match for her titanium leg — some fans were still quick to dunk on the HGTV stars in good humor. 

Oh, the Property Brothers ain’t shit. #Girls5Eva

All in all, it’s safe to say Drew and Jonathan Scott’s finale cameos were major highlights so far for Girls5eva, which will hopefully get many more seasons to come, since I could probably watch the always brilliant Andrew Rannels mispronouncing things until the end of time. But for now, let’s check out how the Property Brothers stars ended up on the streaming comedy. 

How The Property Brothers Cameo And Fight Scene Came To Be 

As Meredith Scardino put it to USA Today, the narrative push when crafting the season’s arc was to poke fun at celebrity branding and influencing, with Drew and Jonathan Scott’s country music ties making them an ideal fit for Girls5eva. And it turns out they agreed to do it based on one of Sarah Bareilles’ best songs from Season 1. In Scardino’s words:

The dream was always to get them to do a cameo and I was so happy when they said they would. Jonathan told me part of the reason they said 'yes' was someone had played him 'Dawn's Song of Fears' from Season 1. He heard it separate from the show, but then they watched and were on board.

Obviously the Property Brothers’ cameo could have involved any number of oddball situations and sequences, and some fans might be surprised to learn that Drew Scott’s fight choreography skills weren’t invented for the show. Rather, the video of Scott and stuntman Daniel Locicero that the characters watch in the finale was something that already existed. When the writers requested the siblings to send examples of their likes and interests as a way of further inspiring how the cameo would turn out, Drew Scott sent that clip over in a folder marked “Stage Combat.” (Which is just a surreal detail in and of itself.) Here’s how Meredith Scardino said they reacted upon discovering the vid. 

We were like, 'What? This is the most unexpected treasure I've ever seen.’ I learned on set that Jonathan and Drew were martial-arts experts from a young age, so this is an interest of theirs. We literally just licensed his video (to include in the episode). Drew told me they shot it in a couple hours in a backyard one morning, and it fit in with the story of, 'Hey, your passions aren't necessarily what will make you money.'

I guess if you want to get your martial arts talents known to the world, it helps to have a mega-successful cable show that sparks lots of spinoffs. Here’s hoping Drew and Jonathan Scott continue to build up their acting careers when they’re not tearing down non-load-bearing walls. 

Both seasons of Girls5eva are available to stream on Peacock, and don’t forget to hit up our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are popping up in the near future.

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