11 Great Movies Inspired By Greek Mythology To Watch Streaming Right Now

Hercules and Phil in Hercules.
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Movies are often based off of an already existing material in the world, whether they be books, earlier movies or something else. The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is based on the Marvel comics, Harry Potter is based on the book series, but today I’m looking at movies based on something from long ago - Greek mythology. 

Greek mythology is rich in lore, from ancient stories to Greek tragedies to many other famous figures that we all know about, and there are plenty of movies like that which showcase and take inspiration from that mythology - whether super well, or at the very least, decently. For all your streaming needs, here are some of the best Greek mythology movies that are available to either rent or stream right now. 

The main characters of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lighting Thief.

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Percy Jackson Movies (2010-2013)

Based on the book series - and Greek mythology - the Percy Jackson movies follows the titular character, Percy Jackson, when he discovers that his true father is actually Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, and that he is a demigod. He travels to a camp where he meets other children of the Gods, and he learns of his true destiny. 

As someone who grew up reading the Percy Jackson books, I can confirm that the movies aren’t as great as the novels - but honestly, what movie is ever better than the book? If you haven’t read them, I still think the two Percy Jackson movies offer enough fun lore regarding Greek gods, as well as the modern twist with the kids, for anyone to truly enjoy it. Plus, Percy Jackson is getting remade by Disney+, so might as well start now to learn who the characters are. 

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Hercules and Meg in Hercules.

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Hercules (1997)

Next up, we have one of Disney's many films that came out during the 1990s, Hercules. In this version of the tale of the famous Greek god, the titular character finds out later on in life that he is the son of Zeus, and now sets out on a quest of his own to try and become a hero and a true God once more. 

Hands down, Hercules is such an underrated Disney movie. I still think that to this day. There is so much to love about it that I wish it got so more praise back then. The soundtrack is amazing, the cast is wonderful, the animation well-done - it had all the makings for one of Disney’s greatest hits, but yet, it didn’t do as well at the box office compared to its predecessors. Regardless, Hercules still has so much potential, taking inspiration from Greek lore and blending it with humor. With the live-action Hercules remake in the works, now's a good time to check out Disney's animated film. 

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Gerard Butler in 300.

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300 (2006)

Probably one of the most well-known movies with inspiration from Greek mythology is 300, starring Gerard Butler. We watch the underdog, King Leonidas, as he leads only 300 Spartan soldiers into battle. His opposer is Persian Xerxes, otherwise known as the "God-King," who has a battle-force of 300,000 soldiers. Talk about a disadvantage. The following story is the heroic and tragic tale of Leonidas and his men, from the beginning of their war to the end. 

Directed by Zack Snyder, 300 is a bloody good time. The visuals alone are something that can lure you in, mixed in with ancient fantastical creatures and a storyline that will captivate you from beginning to end. Gerard Butler is perfectly cast as King Leonidas, and the story of him leading his men into this fight is truly one of the best war stories I’ve watched, based on the ancient Greek Battle of Thermopylae. It is exaggerated, but you can’t deny the film isn't a ton of fun. 

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Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman.

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Wonder Woman (2017)

As you may or may not be aware, Wonder Woman's story takes inspiration from Greek mythology. In this DC movie, Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot, tells the origin story of one of the most famous DC superheroes of all time, and how one instant of meeting a stranger caused her to leave her home and enter into the outside world to save the mortals. 

Diana is actually the Roman name for the Greek goddess, Artemis. And the Amazons, a group of which Diana is native from, are strong female warriors and hunters that worked with Artemis in Greek lore. 

Wonder Woman is a great superhero movie, with a stellar cast, incredible effects, and a banging score, but it's also rooted in greek mythology, which is super interesting to learn about. 

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Sam Worthington in Clash of the Titans.

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Clash Of The Titans (2010)

This fantasy movie is a remake of the 1981 film of the same name. Clash of the Titans is loosely based on the Greek myth of Perseus, the demigod of Zeus, and vows to take his revenge on Hades, the ruler of the underworld, when Perseus witnesses his mortal family die. 

I’ll be honest - I personally like Clash of the Titans from the 1980s for story purposes, because the most recent Clash of the Titans lacks a bit in that regard. But I can’t deny that the effects and the score of the newest Clash of the Titans definitely beats the older one. Do I think it could have been done better? Of course. But it’s still entertaining to watch as a fan of Greek mythology. The movie ended up doing well enough that it garnered a sequel, Wrath of the Titans, not that long after. Just don’t watch it in 3D - then your head is just going to hurt. 

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Brad Pitt in Troy.

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Troy (2004)

Next up, we have Troy, a historical war film about the decade-long Trojan War, telling the story of Achilles as he leads his Myrmidons along with the rest of the Greek army to invade the city of Troy, defended by the Trojan army. 

Troy is grounded in brilliant storytelling that’s convincing of the ancient Greek story, while also providing some exciting action sequences, creating an extremely entertaining war movie. Plus, with famous faces like Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, and more a part of Troy, it really stands out amongst the rest here.

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Dwayne Johnson in Hercules.

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Hercules (2014)

In this 2014 adaptation of the character, Hercules, the titular character has his life as a sword-for-hire tested when the King of Thrace and his daughter seek his aid in trying to defeat a horrible, evil warlord. 

Look, is this Dwayne Johnson’s best movie? No, not at all. But I literally can not think of someone better to play Hercules than the Rock himself. I mean, the actor is practically built like a Greek god. But besides that point, Johnson actually provides a good version of Hercules, and the action scenes are really enjoyable to watch with him in it. I do think that the story could have been developed a bit better, but if you’re looking for the Rock fighting extremely well with super long hair, this is your movie. 

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The main cast members of O Brother, Where Art Thou?

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O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

The Coen Brothers strike again with this hit. In O Brother, Where Art Thou?, we watch a modern satire film based on the epic Greek poem, The Odyssey, taking place in 1937 Mississippi that intersects several ridiculous moments as it follows three escaped convicts in search of hidden treasure. 

O Brother, Where Art Thou? obviously isn’t a direct adaptation to the Greek poem, but it takes inspiration from it, and it’s so funny. The soundtrack is killer, and the cast is even better, with stars like George Clooney, John Turturro, Tim Blake Nelson and more creating fantastic storylines. 

The Coen Brothers are known for their excellent films, such as Fargo, No Country for Old Men, True Grit and more, so you know that this one is going to be just as good. This is one of those films where I don’t want to reveal too much before you see it - just give it a shot. I promise you won’t regret it. 

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Tatiana Papamoschou in Iphigenia.

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Iphigenia (1977)

Moving on, we have the Greek film, Iphigenia, based on the myth of Iphigenia. She was the daughter of Agamemnon, a leader of a group of Grecian soldiers in the Trojan War, and his decision to ultimately sacrifice his daughter to the goddess Artemis, so that he and his troops might have a fighting chance at winning this battle. 

Starring Tatiana Papamoschou as Iphigenia, Iphigenia was so well-received that it was nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film back in 1977, but lost to Madame Rosa from France. It's a great retelling of a classic myth with a heartbreaking ending. For fans of Greek mythology, this is one to add to your list. 

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One of the Gods featured in Jason and the Argonauts.

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Jason And The Argonauts (1963)

You want to talk about a classic movie for go-to Greek fans, check out Jason and the Argonauts. This story of a hero’s quest is about betrayal and vengeance, and how Jason wants to fetch the Golden Fleece so that Pelias would surrender his kingship to Jason. 

Whenever I watch Jason and the Argonauts, I always think of how ahead of its time it was. Released in 1963, the effects are actually super cool and unique among many other epic fantasy movies that were around. The story itself stands on its own, as most Greek stories do, filled with compelling characters that are mixed in with interesting mythical creatures. It’s the ultimate package for Greek lovers and something that anyone who is a fan of Greek mythology should stream. 

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Henry Cavill in Immortals.

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Immortals (2011)

Last up, we have Immortals. In this fantasy film starring Henry Cavill, Theseus is a mortal man, chosen by Zeus, to lead a fight against King Hyperion, who is on a rampage across Greece to obtain a weapon that can kill all of humanity. 

While Immortals isn’t solely based on one character or a specific Greek myth or tragedy, it has many references to Greek mythology within its story, including the usage of the Gods, the ancient beast, the Minotaur, and many other moments. And honestly, I personally think it’s a great time.

Henry Cavill has gone on to star in plenty of other films like Man of Steel and become Geralt of Rivia for The Witcher, but I think Immortals is one of his best films and shows his capability to fight in action scenes, alongside his acting skills. The usage of Greek mythology in this also creates an epic fantasy war film that I believe many people will enjoy, and not just the ones who like Greek mythology. 

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There are so many myths that are presented in Greek mythology that it makes me wonder what might get an adaptation next. Or maybe we’ll just get another story of Hercules after the several different versions we have seen in Hollywood - who knows at this point? But whichever film you pick from this list, no doubt you will enjoy it thoroughly.

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