Upcoming Zack Snyder Movies: What The Justice League Director Is Directing And Producing Next

Dave Bautista in Zack Snyder's _Army of the Dead._

The heroes from Zack Snyder's Justice League.

When it comes to Zack Snyder, there have been plenty of instances where you might have recognized his name. From Zack Snyder’s Justice League,  was just released on HBO Max earlier this year, or the new Netflix original film, Army of the Dead, the man has been all over the place, between the films he’s directed and produced.

But what else does this famous director have coming up in the next couple of years? And what else is he going to be producing? Believe it or not, Zack Snyder is a very busy man, with projects releasing with both 2021 movies and 2022 movies, from Army of Thieves to Twilight of the Gods. Here are all the upcoming Zack Snyder movies.

Harley Quinn in the new The Suicide Squad film, executively produced by Zack Snyder.

The Suicide Squad (Executive Producer) - August 6, 2021 (Completed)

And you thought Zack Snyder was done with DC after Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Well, you thought wrong, my friend, because Zack Snyder has returned to theaters in the DCEU – sort of.

In the brand new film, The Suicide Squad, which is coming out in early August 2021, Zack Snyder is an executive producer for the film, along with Deborah Snyder. While it’s not the same as directing the entire film himself, Zack Snyder has always been a great addition to the DCEU in my opinion, and I believe having him as one of the executive producers is a great way to include his vision of the DCEU.

James Gunn is directing The Suicide Squad, a person that Zack Snyder has worked with closely in the past. Zack Snyder’s directorial debut was Dawn of the Dead, a film for which James Gunn wrote the screenplay, which ended up being a big hit for both of them. So who knows what might happen in this upcoming film – hopefully all good things.

Batman and Superman from Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, one of Zack Snyder's films.

Rebel Moon (Director/Writer) - TBA (Announced)

Moving on to a directing project, and one of Zack Snyder’s bigger projects that he just announced not that long ago. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Zack Snyder has signed on to co-write and direct the sci-fi film, Rebel Moon. The intergalactic adventure will be inspired by both the Star Wars saga, as well as Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa.

The film will be produced for Netflix, adding onto Snyder’s already impressive resume with the streaming platform after the success of Army of the Dead, which was released in April 2021. The script will be co-written with Shay Hatten and Kurt Johnstad, the latter of which co-wrote 300 with Snyder.

The story known thus far will take place deep in space in a peaceful colony, at the edge of the galaxy, when suddenly they are threatened by the armies of a tyrannical regent, named Balisarius. When the colonists have nowhere left to turn, they send out a strange and mysterious woman to face these warriors as their last-ditch effort.

When talking to The Hollywood Reporter in the same article, Zack Snyder revealed that making a film like this was always his dream.

This is me growing up as an Akira Kurosawa fan, a Star Wars fan. It’s my love of sci-fi and a great adventure. My hope is that this also becomes a massive IP and a universe that can be built out.

It sounds like an ambitious adventure, but one with a lot of potential. At the very least, I think we can all collectively agree that we are down for some space travel. It'll be exciting to hear more updates about this one.

Some of the cast of Army of the Dead, a Zack Snyder film.

Army Of The Dead: Lost Vegas (Director/Executive Producer) - TBA (Post-Production)

Army of the Dead, as we’ve said before, was a big success for Netflix, so it was only a matter of time before several spinoffs or series began to evolve from that. Luckily, we won’t need to wait that long for content, as Zack Snyder has signed on for Army of the Dead – Lost Vegas. At least for two episodes, that is.

In this series, which will be an anime, Zack Snyder returns as a director to the Army of the Dead universe for two episodes, according to Netflix. In this anime series, we’re going to learn the origins of Dave Bautista’s character, Scott, and tells the story of his initial rescue crew during the fall of Las Vegas, while looking to confront the mysterious source of the outbreak.

While Zack Snyder will only be around to direct two of the episodes, he is going to be acting as an executive producer for the series. Several cast members from Army of the Dead as well will be reprising their roles, such as Dave Bautista, Ana de la Reguera, Tig Notaro, Omari Hardwick, and Ella Purnell.

Truly, this seems like a great opportunity to further explore the Army of the Dead universe. Plus, through the art of animation, there are about to be some amazing scenes.

The cast of Watchmen, another Zack Snyder film.

The Fountainhead (Director) - TBA (Announced/Rumored)

Zack Snyder several times in the past has expressed interest in wanting to adapt The Fountainhead, making the announcement back in 2016 during an interview that he would create the film for the Ayn Rand, according to The Hollywood Reporter. But based on what he's said more recently, we may have to wait a while for this one. 

The adaptation has been up in the air for some time, and now it seems that the adaptation of the novel isn’t going to get made anytime soon, according to Zack Snyder himself.

In an interview with the New York Times in March 2021, Zack Snyder revealed that he feels the country (meaning the United States) isn’t quite ready for a story as controversial as The Fountainhead quite yet.

Fountainhead right now is on the back burner. I don’t know how that movie gets made, at least not right away. We need a less divided country and a little more liberal government to make that movie, so people don’t react to it in a certain way.

For those who don’t know, The Fountainhead focuses on a young architect, named Howard Roark, who dreams of constructing modernist buildings, putting him in opposition with the architectural establishment.

With this in mind, it's probably too soon to start anticipating The Fountainhead, as it doesn't sound like it's going to be made in the near future. Maybe someday down the line when Zack Snyder feels a lot more comfortable to make it. All we can do it wait.

Ludwig Dieter in Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder.

Army Of Thieves (Producer) - 2021 (Completed)

Besides the Army of the Dead anime series that Zack Snyder is going to be directing/executive producing, Snyder himself has also signed on for the prequel Army of Thieves, the next film installment in the Army of the Dead universe, according to Netflix.

This film will follow the story of Ludwig Dieter, the safe-hacking genius in Army of the Dead, and his origins back in Germany (where the film will be produced). It starts off with how he is drawn into the world of crime when a strange woman recruits him to join a crew of Interpol’s most wanted criminals, who are attempting to heist a large sequence of safes with impossible-to-crack codes, all across the continent of Europe.

Zack Snyder teased the film when he posted official pics from Army of Thieves on his Twitter page. While Snyder will be producing the film, Matthias Schweighofer, who starred as Ludwig Dieter in Army of the Dead, will direct and star in the new film.

With all these amazing additions to the Army of the Dead universe, it seems Zack Snyder is willing to throw himself completely into the zombie world. He released a statement with Netflix about his eagerness not that long ago.

I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to partner with Netflix again as we expand the Army of the Dead universe with both an international prequel, as well as exploring the visually dynamic world of animation. It’s been a great collaboration and we are thrilled that Netflix sees this as big of an IP as we do.

Leonidas in 300, a film by Zack Snyder.

Twilight Of The Gods - TV Series (Executive Producer) - TBA (Pre-Production)

As the last item on this list, it seems that it’s one of Zack Snyder’s passion projects as well. We’ve seen Snyder tackle zombies, superheroes, and soon space. But apparently, he wants to step into another genre – Norse mythology.

The Norse-inspired anime series will be coming to Netflix sometime in the future and will feature a large voice-cast that will be behind the characters of the gods. Recently, Netflix Geeked tweeted out an image of the cast. Some notable names are Lauren Cohan as Inge, known for her roles in The Walking Dead and Supernatural, as well as Kristopher Hivju, who became recognizable from his breakout role in Game of Thrones as Tormund Giantsbane.

Based on what was reported back in 2019 by Deadline, Zack Snyder is teaming with Jay Oliva for the series. The two will write the show, with Oliva serving as showrunner. 

With how much content Zack Snyder is producing for the streaming platform, I have a feeling that we’ll all be turning to Netflix a lot more often in the next couple of years.

Which one of these projects are you the most excited about? I think what Zack Snyder is bringing to the table is exactly what the world needs right now – zombies, superheroes and space aliens, the ultimate trifecta. I can only hope you feel the same.

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