Hannah Waddingham Reveals When Ted Lasso Season 3 Is Going To Get Off The Ground

Hannah Waddingham looks up with a surprised expression in Ted Lasso.
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Ted Lasso was one of many great shows that returned in 2021 and after a big moment in Season 2, many are ready for the Apple TV+ series to return for a third. And most fans would agree that the wait has already proven to be difficult. Despite the fact that Season 3 may still be far out, but now, thanks to actress Hannah Waddingham, we now have an idea of when Season 3 will get off the ground. 

Hannah Waddingham, who plays AFC Richmond owner Rebecca on the popular show, appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden to talk a bit about the series. James Corden asked about details on Season 3 as well as her experience on the show. The Emmy-winning actress talked about the start date as well as how unique the experience is working on set, thanks to Jason Sudeikis and others’ improv work. She said:

We start on Valentine’s Day. It’s rather lovely, but, because Jason’s from SNL and Brendon, who plays Coach Beard, is from Second City with him in Chicago, and because Brett does standup, they write the framework of the show... And me with lots of emotional monologues, I would suddenly get completely different words just before the camera is about to go on me. At first, I was like, ‘Dude you can’t do this to me,’ and Jason was like, ‘You are absolutely fine.’ I think they liked doing it because you get the immediate knee-jerk reactions to something. But, my mid-40’s brain can’t cope with it at all. I’m one stage away from having idiot boards. It’s hardcore, man, But they are just used to that sort of SNL kind of world.

Some other significant members of the cast might not be thrilled about a Valentine’s Day start date, but Ted Lasso fans can definitely get excited Depending on how long production runs, it’s not unrealistic to think the series could return for its rumored premiere goal of summer 2022. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to production timelines (especially in the age of COVID), but the news that things will get going early in 2022 is encouraging. 

Season 3 should be one of the series’ best yet after the second saw a colossal collapse between Ted and his equipment manager-turned-assistant coach, Nate Shelley. After Nate’s verbal attack on Lasso, a flash-forward shows the former coaching a rival team. This sets the stage for a showdown between the two in Season 3, and and one can only speculate as to how that will all play out. I’m optimistic Ted could rally AFC Richmond to a big win over the team but, as Nate pointed out, his former colleague has no business coaching professional soccer. Perhaps the new season of the Jason Sudeikis-led show will disprove that and humble Shelley a bit after his villainous turn. 

CinemaBlend will keep an eye out for Ted Lasso Season 3 updates, as well as news on other great Apple TV+ shows. Those waiting on the new season could definitely kill some time in the interim checking out other shows like The Morning Show, or See, both of which are just as great.

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