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The Best Gift Ideas For Ted Lasso Fans

Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso.
(Image credit: Apple TV+)

Apple TV+ landed on a hit when it released the Jason Sudeikis-led comedy, Ted Lasso. One of the best Apple TV+ shows ended up not only becoming one of the most popular series on the streaming platform, but winning several awards, including Primetime Emmys, for it’s heartfelt story, wonderful characters, and all-around entertaining quality of the talented Ted Lasso cast.

Since its release, more and more fans have hopped on the Ted Lasso train, and with the holidays here, it’s that time to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life who also happens to be a fan of the heartwarming series. Here are some of the best Ted Lasso gifts. 

The Ted Lasso holiday sweater.

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Shop)

This Amazing Ted Lasso Holiday Sweater

The holidays are here, and what better way to celebrate them than with your favorite coach in holiday sweater form? This Ted Lasso-inspired holiday sweater features the famous man's facial features - including the iconic mustache - with a Santa hat to top it off, alongside some cool snowflakes, soccer balls, and greyhounds - the team’s mascot. Truly a great buy if you’re going to a holiday party. 

Buy the Ted Lasso Holiday Sweater at Warner Bros. shop. 

The Believe ornament on Etsy.

(Image credit: Etsy)

A Ted Lasso ‘Believe’ Ornament 

Etsy sure has some great Ted Lasso gifts, and this is the perfect one to add to your tree. Inspired by the poster Coach Lasso hangs up in his team’s locker room, this ornament will not only inspire boost your Christmas spirit, but bring the spirit of Ted Lasso into your home for all to enjoy. 

Buy this Ted Lasso Themed Ornament on Etsy. 

The Ted Lasso towel on Etsy.

(Image credit: Etsy)

One Hilarious Dish Towel

Another great Etsy find was this dishtowel, for the Ted Lasso fan that often uses their kitchen. This dish towel, featuring Lasso’s classic phrase, “Biscuits with the Boss,” actually features a legit recipe on how to make those famous biscuits that you’ve been craving since that second episode. Hannah Waddingham, who plays Rebecca, is is lucky to get those every season of Ted Lasso - and now I might be able to eat them, too. 

Buy this Ted Lasso Dish Towel on Etsy. 

The Ted Lasso Tea mug on Etsy.

(Image credit: Etsy)

A Hysterical Mug About Tea 

Etsy again knocks it out of the park with this one. Inspired by the titular character of Ted Lasso and his hatred for tea, this mug is perfect to drink out of whether it be coffee, hot chocolate, or even your own tea. It features Lasso’s quote to Rebecca about how he likes his tea (further proving why theirs is one of the best friendships on TV): 

“How do you take your tea? Well, normally right back to the counter because there’s been a terrible mistake.” 

This, combined with a cartoon illustration of Lasso drinking from a British teacup, is one of the best mugs I’ve seen in a long time - and that’s coming from a tea drinker. 

Buy this Ted Lasso “Tea Drinking” Mug on Etsy. 

The Ted Lasso custom jersey.

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Shop)

This Ted Lasso Custom Jersey

Who doesn’t want to be an unofficial member of the Richmond A.F.C. team? I know I do. As someone who actually received a custom jersey for her birthday featuring this team, I can confirm that these are amazing quality and will fit you perfectly, so you can support your team with style. You can even add your own name on the back. How cool is that?

Buy this Ted Lasso Custom Jersey on Warner Bros. Shop. 

The Ted Lasso 'Believe' shirt at Hot Topic.

(Image credit: Hot Topic)

A ‘Believe’ Ted Lasso T-Shirt

Hot Topic always seems to have a great variety of shirts for TV and movie fans, and Ted Lasso only adds to that. This simple t-shirt features that signature “Believe” poster one more time, a simple message to non-fans, but something that means so much more to those who have watched. If you wanted to see what else Hot Topic has, be sure to check out their wide selection of t-shirts. 

Buy this “Believe” T-Shirt at Hot Topic.

The Ted Lasso replica jacket at Warner Bros. Shop.

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Shop)

The Ted Lasso A.F.C. Richmond Jacket 

It’s getting cold out there. Winter has settled in, Christmas movies are playing, and we all need to try and stay warm - so how about doing that with this cool Ted Lasso jacket inspired by the players on the show? Better yet, pair that with your jersey and you’ll be looking like Roy Kent in no time, and be here, there, and every-fucking-where. It’ll take a little while to ship, but the wait will be worth it. 

Buy this A.F.C. Richmond Jacket on Warner Bros. Shop. 

The 'Futbol is Life' shirt on Etsy.

(Image credit: Etsy)

A ‘Futbol Is Life’ T-Shirt To Honor Dani Rojas And His Love Of The Game

Dani Rojas is one of the best in the game on Ted Lasso, and his signature phrase, “Futbol is life!” is the passion I think we all need to live by. Why not do so by getting a shirt to honor his skills as not only a soccer player, but an amazing motivational guy who truly loves what he does. Let’s just all hope he didn’t end up, ah, having another accident with a mascot. 

Buy the “Futbol is Life” shirt on Etsy.

This Ted Lasso Roy Kent shirt on Amazon.

(Image credit: Amazon)

The Best Roy Kent Shirt Around 

It’s everyone’s favorite cursing ex-football player-turned-coach, Roy Kent. And now, you can feature his face in your wardrobe with his signature phrase, “Fack.” Try and improve that accent a bit and I’m sure you’ll start cursing just as well as he does, but this shirt is the right step in that direction. 

Buy the Roy Kent shirt on Amazon. 

The Ted Lasso, Team Lasso shirt at Target.

(Image credit: Target)

Another Great Lasso-Themed T-Shirt

Sometimes you don’t want to have a replica of the team or a character shirt - sometimes you just need something to show you’re here for whatever Ted Lasso has to offer. And, that’s the beauty of this Target find, featuring the phrase, “Team Lasso,” featuring that same face that we all know and love. I’ll always be Team Lasso and I hope you will as well - come be a goldfish with me. 

Buy this Team Lasso T-Shirt at Target. 

This Ted Lasso scarf on Warner Bros. Shop.

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Shop)

This A.F.C. Richmond Scarf

You got your sweater, you got your jacket, now all you need is your scarf. Honestly, this one reminds me almost of the replicas the Harry Potter series would make of their House scarves, because it looks so comfy and soft and fluffy that it’ll be the perfect winter accessory for anyone to enjoy. 

Buy this A.F.C. Richmond Scarf on Warner Bros. Shop. 

The Ted Lasso A.F.C. Richmond mug at Warner Bros. Shop.

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Shop)

A Classy A.F.C. Richmond Mug

While I do prefer the other mug mentioned earlier just because of the hilarious saying, sometimes we don’t need our drinkware to be quirky or have a quote. Sometimes we just want something that represents our team, and that’s what this A.F.C. mug is for. Enjoy your day drinking coffee while rooting on Ted Lasso, and hope that Season 3 will feature an even winning-er team than the last. 

Buy this A.F.C. Richmond Mug on Warner Bros. Shop. 

The Ted Lasso 'Believe' sign from Amazon.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Your Very Own ‘Believe’ Sign To Hang On The Wall

I’ve given you ornaments and a t-shirt, but what about getting the actual sign? Buy this awesome Ted Lasso-inspired “Believe” sign and hang it on your wall, your bed, or even above your door. You can be just like the team and pat it before you go on with your day for a little bit of luck in your endeavors. Can’t help but try - I know I believe, do you?

Buy the “Believe” Sign from Amazon. 

The Ted Lasso shortbread biscuits on Etsy.

(Image credit: Etsy)

Ted Lasso-Style Shortbread Biscuits

Lastly, we have the ultimate Ted Lasso gift - actual real-life biscuits in packaging inspired by the show. Baked by ScottishFix on Etsy, this order comes with nine Scottish Shortbread fingers packed elegantly in a pink box, much like the one Coach Lasso always gives to Rebecca each morning. And, from the reviews, it seems these biscuits are divine. I’m getting hungry just looking at them. They ship very quickly too, so you can enjoy them in no time. 

Buy these Ted Lasso-themed Biscuits on Etsy. 

More Ted Lasso is still decently far away, but hopefully we’ll get some updates soon on when it might be released, after that crazy Season 2 ending that left us with some Ted Lasso questions going into Season 3. For now, we can fill the void with some awesome presents, and have ourselves a very happy holiday - maybe even re-watch that Ted Lasso Christmas episode

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