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Hilary Duff On Whether She’s Considered Leaking The Filmed Episodes Of Disney+’s Lizzie McGuire Revival

Hilary Duff in Lizzie McGuire.
(Image credit: Disney+)

When a revival of beloved early 2000s Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire was announced, millennial hearts burst worldwide. The new series was set to feature Hilary Duff reprising the titular character, now in her 30s, trying to go about life and figuring things out along the way, like many fans who grew up with the series. Unfortunately, due to creative differences, the show went into limbo and never saw the light of day.

Now Hilary Duff is starring in another revival of sorts with How I Met Your Father. While she’s focusing on the Hulu series, Lizzie still crosses her mind and in an interview with Cosmopolitan, the singer revealed whether she’s considered leaking the few episodes that were filmed before production halted permanently:

I like the way you think. I would be lying if I didn't say I didn't have those thoughts a few times. But I wouldn't, because in my 34 years I've realized that everything does happen for a reason. There's a time and a place for everything. It just wasn't her moment. I'm constantly asked about it still. All it does is breathe life into the fact that people still want it, and that's really sweet. It's not dead, and it's not alive.

When filming began on Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff was ecstatic to revisit this character after so long, and fans were definitely happy to have her back. Although not many official pictures were released beyond the first look at her return as Lizzie, it was still enough to get plenty of people excited. Duff expressed her disappointment after news broke of the cancellation, but now she still isn’t counting it out, and neither should fans. 

Not too much more information was revealed about the revival, but when asked about it, Duff explained just what Lizzie would have been up to since we last saw her as a one-time international pop star singing in Rome:

My character was moving back home with her parents because she caught her soon-to-be fiancé cheating on her, and she was falling flat on her face at the moment and being like, ‘I need to pivot because everything that I thought was wasn't, and I'm turning 30. What the fuck?’

The thing about Lizzie McGuire is that it would have catered to fans who grew up with the original series and identified with Lizzie and her quirkiness. And it looks like that wouldn’t have changed with the revival. Many fans, as well as Hilary Duff, were hoping that Disney-owned Hulu would pick it up so the show could have adult-themed storylines that weren’t exactly appropriate for Disney+, but as of now, nothing is happening.

Hopefully fans of Lizzie McGuire will get the same treatment that fans of iCarly got, even if it’s just those already filmed episodes, but for now, make sure to watch Hilary Duff in How I Met Your Father on Hulu, with new episodes dropping every Tuesday!

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