I Am A Stalker: 5 Things To Know About The Netflix Docuseries

Daniel Thompson on I Am a Killer
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If you look at the Netflix Top 10 on any given day of the week, you will find at least one true crime show or movie on the list of popular titles. Obviously, Netflix has discovered its subscribers are fans of the genre, whether it’s something like the extremely popular Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story or more recent arrivals like The Good Nurse. These titles cover some captivating and occasionally terrifying subjects that are sometimes hard to look away from. 

This just so happens to be the case for the 2022 Netflix show I Am a Stalker, a new docuseries that shows the lengths people will go to be with someone, even if that means taking things to the extreme and going to prison for an extended period of time. If you have heard about the show, but aren’t sure if you’ll like it or not, stick around because we’re about to break down a few things to know before you watch I Am a Stalker.

The True Crime Docuseries Sees Convicted Stalkers Telling Their Stories

As its name suggests, I Am a Stalker features various convicts revealing not only how they ended up behind bars, but the series of events that led to them making the decision to stalk their victims. Unlike several Netflix true crime documentaries that feature narration or experts trying to provide insight into the subject’s criminal behavior, the docuseries is largely told through interviews with the convicted stalkers themselves. But there are a few exceptions…

I Am A Stalker Also Spends Time With The Victims

In addition to featuring the stalkers telling their stories, the docuseries also sees their victims sharing their side of things. The first episode of I Am a Stalker bounces between convicted stalker and murderer Daniel Thompson and his his ex-wife Angie, who both provide key details into what led Thompson to being sent to prison. This can lead to some heartbreaking and terrifying moments as not much is held back.

Each Of The Docuseries’ Eight Episodes Focus On A Different Stalker

I Am a Stalker is split up into eight episodes, with each installment (ranging anywhere from 43 to 45 minutes in length) centering on a different stalker. Each of these episodes also focuses on a different central theme. For example, the first episode, titled “Pattern of Behavior,” reveals the various actions taken and crimes committed by Daniel Thompson before he was eventually sentenced to life in prison.

I Am A Stalker Is Rated TV-MA For Sexual Violence, Domestic Abuse And Language

Due to the subject matter covered in its eight episodes, I Am a Stalker carries a TV-MA rating. According to Netflix, there are sexual violence references, domestic abuse references, and language that may not be appropriate for anyone 17 and under.

The Docuseries Is Similar To I Am A Killer In Its Tone And Approach

Earlier in 2022, Netflix released I Am a Killer, a true crime docuseries that interviewed convicted murderers and explore what led them to killing someone. I Am a Stalker is similar to that series in its tone and approach to its subjects. If you have already watched all three seasons of I Am A Killer, or at least an episode or two, then you should be familiar with the basic premise and execution of the new show.

I Am a Stalker is currently streaming in its entirety, but only for those with an active Netflix subscription. If you are looking for more new shows to watch after you complete eight-part docuseries (or need a break), check out the other 2022 fall premieres worth checking out.

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