I Watched Perfect Match On Netflix And It Was A Lot More Fun Than I Expected

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There are many dating shows that I've loved from time to time. I’ve spent hours talking about Love is Blind and the craziest moments in Season 3. I’ve talked about other dating shows that are a little different from the rest because they’re so unique, such as Love on the Spectrum

I wouldn’t say I’m a dating show completionist, because I’m certainly not. You would never catch me watching a show like The Bachelor (just because that’s not my cup of tea), but you can catch me watching a show such as Perfect Match

A dating/competition show that features cast members from several other big Netflix shows, Perfect Match is actually a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be – and today, I’m going to give you the reasons why. 

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The Contestants Are All Pretty Different In Personality 

Here’s one of the things I actually really like about this show – everyone is pretty different in personality, and I think that’s because they are all from different kinds of backgrounds and the shows they're from don’t normally interact with each other. 

For example, some people are from Love is Blind, others are from The Mole, a few are from The Circle – there’s even a competitor from Sexy Beasts that’s looking to win this whole competition. They all have different reasons as to why they want to win. Some people genuinely want to find love with someone. Others feel a little more focused on the prize at the end. 

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But all in all, I don’t feel like there are carbon copies of the same person here like there are in many dating shows. It’s honestly a big reason why I didn’t like Season 2 of Love is Blind all that much, because many of the couples felt like they were all the same and had similar issues. 

With this, there’s truly so much entertainment to go around and they all offer some great moments of drama. As someone who really likes diversity, their personalities are pretty out there and I very much enjoy the heck out of that.

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Bringing In New Faces For Each Episode Adds A Fresh Spin

Something else that really makes Perfect Match standout from other dating shows is that while most stick with the same people throughout the whole thing, this one actually continuously brings in new people to test the limits of the current contestants. 

These new people can steal a match and kick someone out. Or, they can just cause drama all over. One of the first people they brought in was Chase from Too Hot To Handle, and he’s just been making a whole mess of the dynamic in the house and it’s freaking hilarious to watch. 

Another person that they brought in during the next four episodes (which just premiered on February 21st, 2023) is Bartise from Love is Blind Season 3 – someone who went very viral on the internet during his season. And it just keeps going and going. Honestly, I’m having a ball seeing all these people together. 

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The Idea Of Them All Living Together Makes It More Entertaining

While the idea of a competition taking place all in the same location isn’t something new, it’s even better when it’s these kinds of contestants. 

As I said before, every single contestant here is from a different show/season and has different ideas of how they want this to work out for them, so having them all under the same roof adds another dose of drama that I didn’t know I needed. I’m already a big fan of some of these competitions that take place under one roof – technically, you can even count Survivor in that because that’s all in one location, too. 

The same premise works here – what happens when you put a bunch of scheming singles into one house? It’s so much fun. 

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I Actually Like Some Of The Dynamics Between The Couples

Let me be real here and say that I really don’t like some of the couples that come out of dating shows. They’re just either in the most toxic relationship ever, or I don’t believe that the romance is there – it’s a big thing that Love is Blind really needs to work on overall. The couples in Season 3 felt very off putting to me (besides Alexis and Brennon). 

But, I actually really enjoy the different dynamics of many of the relationships that are formed in Perfect Match. Joey and Kariselle always feel like a powder keg that’s ready to explode, and I just can’t get over how they are always drawn back to each other. Nick and Savannah were scheming and really strategizing and I loved their partnership. Even Dom and Francesca are fun to watch, despite not being as dramatic as others. 

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The Competitions Are Pretty Tame, But Add A Fun Vibe To The Couples

Something that I’ve become a big fan of recently is the actual competitions. I’m sort of tired of just the same old dating shows. I get that it’s supposed to be about people connecting and bonding but couples also like to have fun, too – and that’s what I really like about the competitions in Perfect Match. 

Yes, they are very tame. It’s not like we’re on Fear Factor and the couples have to dig into a pit of cockroaches or something like that – more like tell if the other is lying about something. But the competitions not only add more to the series as a whole, but are fun all around for the audience to watch and to enjoy. I actually really liked Fact or Cap, as corny as the name of the game is, because it really tested capability and knowledge between the couples and that was interesting to watch. 

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I Love The Strategizing Aspect 

This. This right here is why I actually watched this show, because while it’s a dating series, it’s also a competition and I freaking love hearing everyone strategize. It is so pleasing to my ears. Every time I hear someone say they are just here to find their perfect partner it makes me roll my eyes because truth be told, you can find someone like that without being on television. 

You’re here for the game, for the prize, for the idea of winning this whole thing, and I love it when the contestants actually take that seriously, and some of them really do in this show. There’s pettiness, drama, and so much more, and it’s all centered on who wants to send whom home. You have to love it. 

Perfect Match isn’t the most original dating show out there, but I will say that it’s enjoyable to watch and certainly worth it to kill time on your couch on a Saturday afternoon. Be sure to check it out if dating shows – as well as competitions – are your thing.

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