Love Is Blind’s Bartise Calls Himself Out Following Fan Reactions To His Show Behavior: ‘What A Mess I Made’

Dating can be messy. And hey, we’re all messy humans to some extent, so of course when it comes to romantic reality shows like Love Is Blind, there’s going to be some dirty laundry out in the open. In Season 3, so far we have a lot of thoughts about the new couples, but one contestant that’s particularly becoming disfavored among fans is Bartise Bowden, who has been engaged to Nancy Rodriguez. As the pair dealt with various hurdles, especially during the “Impress The Parents” episode, even Bartise is calling himself out for his behavior. 

Bartise has been taking to his TikTok to respond to fans' thoughts about how things are going ahead of the weddings moving forward, and at least he’s self aware! Check out the Love Is Blind contestant blatantly calling himself out: 


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Bartise responded to a fan who was giving him an emoji staredown after catching up on Episodes 5 through 7. The Season 3 star told the person “kudos” for even getting through all the episodes, saying he doesn’t know why they didn’t just “fast forward through my parts or cut that shit off” because “what a mess” he made. Bartise looked frustrated at himself as he shook his head at his own behavior on the show everyone’s been talking about. 

If you’ve been following along with this season of Love Is Blind with a Netflix subscription, you can probably imagine a few of the instances fans are talking about. Bartise and Nancy first fell in love in the pods for their common sense of humor and lively conversations, but as the pair have landed in the real world and been face to face, numerous issues have popped up. 

For one, there seems to be constant conversation of Nancy not being attractive enough for Bartise and him being painstakingly open about it to his future wife on many occasions. Additionally, their first meetings with each other's families didn’t exactly go swimmingly, with Nancy brothers calling him “bland” during his visit and Bartise’s own sister crying when Nancy got real about her thoughts on abortion during his family’s meeting. 

Whatever your thoughts are on Bartise and his behavior this season, it’s got to be difficult for the progression of a relationship to be broadcast to the world and judged. For the time being, we don’t know how Bartise and Nancy’s relationship shakes out, but the contestant seems to hint it’s not going to get better from here with his “mess” comments. We’ll learn more about what went on with Bartise’s Love Is Blind experience further with three more episodes dropping this week for Netflix’s trending TV show and the reunion set for the following week. Could he be throwing us off? 

There’s been no shortage of drama in past seasons for Love Is Blind (here’s looking at poor Deepti), so we’re bracing ourselves for plenty of shocks. While we’re on the topic of Love Is Blind, check out the answers we found to common questions about how the series works here on CinemaBlend. 

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