Love Is Blind Season 3: Where The Couples Ended Up

SPOILERS are ahead for Love Is Blind Season 3! All episodes are streaming with a Netflix subscription

Another season of Netflix’s top trending dating series, Love Is Blind, has come and gone and whew, that was a nailbiter! Week after week we watched as five couples fell in love sight unseen, went on a getaway together, moved in with one another and met at the altar with mixed results. It’s been a rollercoaster filled with ups, downs and tons of twists and turns. Maybe love is blurry? Now that every episode of Season 3 has dropped, including the tell-all reunion episode, we finally know how the marriage experiment shook out this time around. 

We’re here to do a round up of the statuses of all the Love Is Blind Season 3 couples as the show left it with the reunion episode, along with the stars' own updates since the series ended. Who stayed together and who didn’t work out? Let’s talk about it: 

sk and raven talking to his family on love is blind

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Raven And SK 

The most heartbreaking wedding of the season definitely went to Raven and SK in my opinion. Following some especially emotional moments between the couple and SK’s family on the big day, SK was the one to say “I don’t” in front of their friends and family, leaving a tearful Raven to walk off the altar only to reveal she was planning on saying “yes.” These two had numerous hurdles to walk through during Love Is Blind, such as the issue of SK’s impending move for grad school to California from Texas and some notable cultural differences. Despite their dramatic wedding day, it was revealed during that finale that the pair are back together and doing the long distance thing! 

In an interview with Variety, Raven revealed that after the wedding SK reached out to her saying he was “sorry” and had hoped they could “rebuild things.” Since then, they definitely have. SK has even met Raven’s family and apparently her mom “just really loves him.” They’ve also made time to visit his family often and have even talked about getting hitched for real, but not until they “let everyone forget about this one!” at least two years from now, per Raven. 

Bartise and Nancy talking in bed in Love Is Blind Season 3

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Nancy And Bartise

Nancy and Bartise had an awkward wedding day, too, with Nancy professing her love at the altar with an “I do” before Bartise shocked her with a biting wedding rejection immediately after. During the big day, Nancy tore off her "permanent" bracelet that they got together and proclaimed it was over between them. Following the upsetting conclusion for the pair, it was revealed at the reunion that they remain apart, and may be back on the market. 

During the reunion, Bartise shared that Nancy stuck to her guns after the wedding and made it “very clear” that she wanted nothing to do with him in terms of a romantic relationship. During the catch-up with the cast, Nancy revealed she saw Bartise with a blonde woman on social media a day after the wedding. Bartise admitted this was true but clarified that nothing happened between him and the woman until “eventually,” but would not go into further detail. Nancy is currently using her new platform to promote her real estate investing business and her journey with becoming an egg donor. Bartise has gone on TikTok to call himself out for the “mess” he made, but he’s also posted sweet photos of himself and Nancy during the journey. 

Alexa and Brennon at the Love Is Blind Season 3 reunion

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Alexa And Brennon

These two seemed to be the first to fall in love in the pods and remained solid in their Love Is Blind journey from start to finish. Alexa and Brennon both took their wedding vows without a hint of drama on our radars. And then during the reunion, the couple sat next to each other on a couch and revealed that they remain together today. The experiment completely worked for these two, with Alexa posting this about her hubby on Instagram, following the season: 

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When speaking to People about married life, Brennon shared that being married to Alexa has been “easy” apart from a few small disagreements over things like dealing with dishes. The pair seemingly came from completely different backgrounds, but Alexa shared that they have many commonalities, including their “love of family,” and noted that they’ve learned much together with their different backgrounds. Aww!!! 

cole and zanab cuddling on love is blind

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Zanab And Cole

Zanab and Cole are another couple that was not meant to be. They were a part of the most shocking moment of the season, at their wedding, when Zanab told her fiancé he had “disrespected” her and “single-handedly shattered” her self confidence in front of their wedding guests, before a group of her friends clapped for her. Cole has shared that the moment made him feel “betrayed,” and as you can well imagine the pair have gone their separate ways. 

Following the jaw-dropping wedding, Zanab accused Cole, at the reunion, of body-shaming her in a few moments that didn’t make Season 3, and some of the other cast members agreed that Cole’s treatment of her during the season was unfair to her. Zanab has shared that she stands by everything she said at the altar and shared that she is not on speaking terms with Cole. Neither seem to be in other relationships by public knowledge. 

Matt and Colleen at the Season 3 Love Is Blind reunion

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Colleen And Matt 

The final couple lucked out with another mutual “I do” despite the challenges that came up during the experiment. Colleen and Matt got married during the finale episode and as they revealed in the reunion, they remain together! Following the reveal, Matt posted this on Instagram

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At the reunion, the pair did admit to one caveat: they don’t currently live together. The pair are adjusting to married life in their own way and are “learning how to incorporate each other into your daily lives” as Matt told People. Despite not sharing the same space, they make time to see each other all the time and Matt shared that they are “as good as we've ever been.” 

With those results, here’s the tally. Two out of five couples are successfully married right now, one of the five are not married but headed in that direction, and the remaining two... well, they are going to have to find another way to fall in love with their person outside of the Netflix dating series. We’ll be awaiting their return for the After The Altar episodes (in about six months) for more updates on their lives after the experiment. 

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