Jack Ryan New Cast Members In Season 3: Where You've Seen The Actors Before

John Krasinski on Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan
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After a three-year hiatus, the hit Amazon original series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan came back for a third season in December 2022, allowing fans of the spy thriller series to pick back up with the adventures of John Krasinski’s version of the iconic literary and movie character. But, along with Krasinski, Wendell Pierce’s James Greer, and Michael Kelly’s Mike November, the third and penultimate season also features a handful of new characters.

If you have already started the series return and are wondering where you’ve seen these Jack Ryan new cast members, worry not, because we are about to break it all down now. There is a lot to go through in a short amount of time, so let’s take a look at those new cast members from one of the biggest shows in the final month of the 2022 TV schedule.

Nina Hoss on Jack Ryan

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Nina Hoss (Alena Kovac)

First on the list of new cast members featured in the Tom Clancy thriller series is Nina Hoss, who joins the action on Jack Ryan as Czech President Alena Kovac, a world leader at the center of the third season’s global conflict, one that could potentially lead to World War III breaking out.

Prior to joining the Jack Ryan cast as a series regular in the show's third season, Hoss made a name for herself in the spy-thriller genre, appearing in movies like the 2014 drama, A Most Wanted Man, alongside the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, and the Showtime original series, Homeland. She has also appeared in other movies like Phoenix, A Woman in Berlin, My Little Sister, and The Contractor.

Hoss will also be recognizable to those who watched the Golden Globe-nominated drama Tár, in which she played Cate Blanchett's on-screen wife. 

Betty Gabriel on Jack Ryan

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Betty Gabriel (Elizabeth Wright)

Betty Gabriel shows up on Jack Ryan Season 3 as Elizabeth Wright, the CIA’s Rome Station Chief who is tasked with tracking down John Krasinski’s character after he goes on the run in an attempt to stop World War III from kicking off and bringing on a nuclear winter.

Over the course of her small-screen career, Gabriel has made a name for herself on shows like Good Girls Revolt, Westworld, Defending Jacob, and her incredibly moving performance on Counterpart

Fans of Jordan Peele’s 2017 psychological horror film, Get Out, will surely recognize Gabriel from her portrayal of Georgina, the housekeeper revealed to be Marianne Armitage, the family matriarch who had her brains transferred to the younger body. Her other film appearances include Upgrade, The Purge: Election Year, and Beyond Skyline.  

Alexej Manvelov on Jack Ryan

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Alexej Mavelov (Alexei Petrov)

Alexej Manvelov appears in the Jack Ryan Season 3 cast as Alexi Petrov, the ambitious and dangerous Russian Defense Minister whose power-grab puts his own country, and the rest of the world, in grave danger.

In the years leading up to his arrival on the popular Amazon action thriller, Manvelov appeared on shows like HBO’s political disaster drama, Chernobyl, as well as international shows like Undercover, Sthlm Requiem, When You Are Lärare, Inkognito, and multiple others. He also provided voice work in the 2013 heist-heavy video game, Payday 2

James Cosmo on Jack Ryan

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James Cosmo (Gocharov)

Decorated veteran film and TV actor James Cosmo is another major addition to the Jack Ryan Season 3 cast, in which he takes on the role of the shadowy Russian intelligence agent, Luka, a figure providing key intel to Alexei Petrov as the defense minister plays with global affairs.

Probably the most prolific actor of both the new members and returning actors in the Jack Ryan Season 3 cast, Cosmo has spent his career landing iconic roles in fantasy movies like Angus Macleod in Highlander, Campbell in Braveheart, Father Christmas in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, to name only a few. The TV side of his career is just as impressive, if not more so, with dozens upon dozens of appearances including on shows like Sons of Anarchy, Chernobyl, Dick Barton: Special Agent, and Game of Thrones, where he played Jeor Mormont, the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch during the show’s first three seasons. 

Peter Guinness on Jack Ryan

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Peter Guinness (Petr Kovac)

Legendary actor Peter Guinness, who has spent his career bouncing between film, TV, and audio dramas, is another new addition to the Jack Ryan cast in Season 3, in which he takes on the role of Petr Kovac, the father of Czech President Alena Kovac.

Before playing the former Soviet intelligence officer who now serves as one of his daughter’s most trusted advisors, Guinness made a name for himself with a variety of roles. Throughout the 1990s, he appeared in movies like Alien 3, The Saint, and Sleepy Hollow. In more recent years, Guinness has popped up in everything from King Arthur: Legend of the Sword to Zack Snyder’s Justice League, in which he provided the voice and motion capture work for DeSaad, one of the primary villains in the 2021 extended cut.

Guinness’ TV work is just as impressive, with appearances on shows like Chernobyl, Merlin, Coronation Street, Tales from the Crypt, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes, and Doctor Who. His voice work includes multiple Doctor Who audio dramas and various other properties like Judge Dredd and The Phantom of the Opera

Those are all the new additions to the Jack Ryan Season 3 cast, but expect even more additions to come for the show’s fourth and final season. This includes Michael Pena, who, according to Deadline, is slated to portray another iconic Tom Clancy character, Domingo “Ding” Chavez in the show’s final set of episodes, and who could possibly get a spinoff of his own. While the character was originally believed to have a small guest spot during the end of Jack Ryan Season 3, we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for “Ding” and that long-rumored Rainbow Six movie.

While we wait for more information on Jack Ryan Season 4, and other Tom Clancy projects, take a moment and check out the 2023 TV schedule to see which shows an Amazon Prime subscription will allow you to watch in the coming weeks and months.

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