Jamie Foxx Shouts Out Fan Review Of Day Shift After New Netflix Movie Goes Viral

Jamie Foxx in Day Shift
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Jamie Foxx has been on a roll as of late, between being part of one of the most successful theatrical releases since the pandemic with Spider-Man: No Way Home , as well as being the leading voice behind Oscar-winning Pixar film Soul. His latest movie is a vampire-hunter comedy called Day Shift on Netflix, and following its release over the weekend, the actor is basking in some great buzz over the movie. 

Throughout the weekend and into Tuesday, Day Shift has stood out as the No. 1 movie on the streaming service over recent releases like Uncharted and Purple Hearts. As the movie continues to go viral, Jamie Foxx took to Instagram to shout out one audience review in particular: 

It must feel really affirming to see audiences really connect with Foxx’s latest movie, Day Shift. The review from Twitter called it “one of the most fun and brutal movies of 2022,” and said Foxx in particular is in the middle of a “hot streak.” Jamie Foxx didn’t comment on the post, he only let it speak for itself. It’s certainly one of many positive comments that popped up on social media as audiences tuned into Day Shift. Here’s another solid review: 

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The Netflix movie features Jamie Foxx as a vampire hunter and Dave Franco as a union rep who is hired to supervise Foxx’s character as he is told to only work the day shift and make sure he’s not crossing any violations. Day Shift’s cast also features Snoop Dog, who audiences were happy to see involved in the film as well. 

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Day Shift was given overall mixed reviews by critics and audiences, but it seems as though the reception does skew a bit more positive overall. CinemaBlend’s own Eric Eisenberg gave the film a disappointing 1.5 out of 5 in our Day Shift review, saying it “fails to be entertaining in any way,” so it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s sure a lot of lovers of the movie to go around. As this fan said:  

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You’ll have to make the decision for yourself if Day Shift is as good as these reviews say they are. Either way, it’s great to see Jamie Foxx receiving some love for his latest movie, especially as the actor does find himself in a moment in his career that remains to be fruitful. Foxx has been acting since the ‘90s, and he’s really continued to build out his career and become one of the biggest movie stars of today. 

Watch Day Shift with a Netflix subscription and check out CinemaBlend’s latest interview with Jamie Foxx and his Day Shift cast and filmmakers as the movie continues to go viral.  

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