Jonah Hill's Stutz Continues Gaining Traction As Social Media Fans Can't Stop Gushing About It

Jonah Hill in Stutz
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In Jonah Hill's latest directorial gig things get deep, raw and personal as the actor-director decided to make his latest project a documentary about his therapist. Throughout the film, viewers learn Phil Stutz’s lessons, through him verbally explaining them and drawing diagrams of the concepts he describes. Now, the Netflix documentary has been out for a bit and fans can’t stop gushing about it. 

Hill said in the film he wanted to make a documentary to give people the tools Stutz has given him throughout the years of their working together. He also wanted to make the documentary in a way that honored his therapist who he really respects and loves. Clearly, viewers of the documentary have been incredibly moved by Hill’s project, and their positive reviews help show that Stutz might be one of the best movies on Netflix right now

Along with the rave reviews, viewers are also urging others to go watch the documentary, like Rachel Bonnetta on Twitter, who posted: 

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Like Bonnetta, Kara Schlegl also prompted people to watch the documentary, and she also seemed baffled by the fact that she hadn't seen people talking about Stutz very much. She posted: 

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The biggest point of this documentary that fans love is the abundance of applicable tools Stutz explains throughout the film. In the comment right below Schlegl's tweet, @GingerCalypso7 explained that the film “changed the way [they] viewed [their] life,” they also praised the tools and how they can be utilized so simply. 

Speaking of the tools, @DProdigy tweeted about how “amazing” the documentary was, and  they explained that they literally took notes while watching. 

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Along with the tools, we get an inside look into Stutz’s life, and Jonah Hill’s own journey. Throughout the film, Hill opens up about struggles he’s faced, like his body issues and self-esteem. We also learn about Stutz’s personal experiences growing up. All these stories and tools are weaved together to create one big cohesive moving documentary, that people love. 

The love for this film is clear by the tweets, and its Rotten Tomatoes score, as Hutch pointed out on Twitter.  He said it’s one of his favorite films he’s seen on the 2022 movie schedule, posting: 

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Stutz is raw and emotional. Clearly, Hill’s vulnerability and Stutz’s willingness to share his knowledge and his story have moved and helped audiences. As @Truth_It_Is_ pointed out on Twitter the documentary is: 

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Hill didn’t do any promotion for Stutz. He explained that through his “journey of self-discovery within the film” he came to realize he would have anxiety attacks doing “media appearances and public-facing events.”  The Superbad actor explained that he hoped the documentary would “speak for itself.” For those who have seen it, it looks like Hill’s work did speak for itself and has deeply impacted viewers in a positive way, as shown by the many tweets saying the film changed their lives. 

If you are interested in watching Stutz you can do so with a Netflix subscription. After you finish watching Hill’s incredibly moving documentary, make sure to stay tuned to the 2023 movie schedule for Hill’s next comedy You People which will hit the streamer on January 27. 

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