Love Is Blind Season 3: 5 Feelings I Had Watching Episodes 8, 9 And 10

Bartise in Love Is Blind Season 3, Impress The Parents episode
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There was a time in my life where I really loved Love is Blind.

In a world that is highly saturated by dating shows on Netflix and the millions of others that are on other platforms and regular television, none have taken the U.S. by storm as much as The Bachelor franchise and Love is Blind. While there have been others that have come into the fray, like Love on the Spectrum, this Netflix show has really captured audiences eyes and hearts for some time. 

But with Love Is Blind Season 3, there have been many moments that truly have me reeling from head to toe, and while there were plenty of thoughts that were had after the first few episodes, there are so many feelings that have popped up in my mind after Episodes 8, 9, and 10 – feelings I’m sure you might be feeling, too. 

Matt in Love Is Blind Season 3.

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Utter, Utter Frustration

I’m tired, y'all. I’m so damn tired. 

I can’t get over how frustrated I am with every single couple on Love Is Blind right now. The only one I really like out of all of them is Alexa and Brennon, because it genuinely feels like they love each other, but the frustration is real over these last few episodes. 

I feel like most of theses conversations that the couples have can be solved very easily, but because of miscommunication or something else, it always seems to become a complete mess. For example, I can’t take Zanab and Cole seriously. I feel like they are one big fight away from having a huge meltdown, especially after the ninth episode, where Cole literally asked if she was “bipolar.”

See, this is why communication – and I mean good communication – is always helpful in a good relationship. There are so many moments where these couples just miscommunicate and honestly, I am tired of it. 

Raven in Love is Blind.

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Jealousy Over These Wedding Dresses

This may be sort of superficial, but dang, am I jealous of those wedding dresses. 

There are so many questions that have been answered about Love is Blind and some that are still up in the air, but I’d like to add one more to that list: where is this dress shop, because I want to get my wedding dress there. 

On a real note, I actually really enjoyed the dress-fitting episode and seeing the reactions from all the ladies looking at themselves for the first time, and what was even better is hearing them open up a little more about their past and connecting with all the other women. Sometimes, all we need is a little girl time and that episode was the definition of it. 

Cole and Zanab in Love is Blind.

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Good Amount Of Disbelief

I'm going to attempt to write this in the most respectful way possible – SK’s family shocked me pretty hardcore with how they viewed a marriage. 

Granted, it’s a completely different culture that I am not used to, so I can’t properly form an opinion on it without diving deep into it, but at first glance, I can understand why SK ended up saying no to Raven, because they really did have some big differences with culture and everything else involved. 

Another thing that really blew me away during these last episodes was Bartise and Nancy getting literal chains fused around their wrists so they can’t take them off. I mean, cute, I guess? But, like, that could also be a health hazard if it gets wet and comes into contact with electricity, and also, if they say ‘no’ to each other at the altar, those bracelets aren’t going to look so cute. At least I think Bartise made up for a lot of the things he called himself out for in the first episodes this time around. 

I know I already brought this up, but Cole and Zanab with that fight. My god, was I holding my breath. Out of everything that has happened in this show, the fight between Cole and Zanab was the highest amount of drama I’ve seen since the Season 2 reunion. I couldn’t believe that Cole would ask Zanab if she was “bipolar” just because she was expressing her feelings. It was a very combative fight that turned toxic really quick. 

Again, I'll say it again, communication is key – but good communication. And this was not it. 

Matt in Love is Blind.

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Annoyance (Specifically At Matt)

I'm willing to bet $100 that Matt and Colleen will not say "I do" at the altar. If they do, I will have seen everything. Hell will have frozen over, because there is just no way on God’s green Earth that these two are meant to get married. 

I don’t know, man. I’ve seen this type of anger before, and it never ends well. I’ve seen how combative Matt seems to get anytime Colleen does something that he doesn’t necessarily agree with – we all saw episode seven and its ending. He’s just been giving me the ‘ick’ feeling hardcore with these episodes even more. 

I think what really annoys me the most about Matt is that it doesn’t feel like he’s actively trying to change. As much as the couples of this season aren’t my favorite, I still feel that most of the men are, at the very least, trying to change. You can see that with Bartise, you can see that Brennon (at least on a less important level with his clothing), you could even see that with SK, who was trying to make adjustments for Raven with their wedding to combine both Nigerian and American culture – even if they didn’t end up saying ‘I do.’

But with Matt, I’m not getting that at all. Sure, him putting in the effort for that aquarium date was cute, but at the same time, it was ruined by him being combative with Colleen about asking her to marry him when literally the night before, he was threatening to move out. Of course she has a right to be nervous about marrying a man that is going to bail on someone just because she went out with her friends for a night. 

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I’ll be honest, SK and Raven not saying "I do" to each other didn’t surprise me. They come from two very different backgrounds, and SK was correct in thinking there were too many underlying circumstances for them to successfully work together. 

Other than that, I am curious to see who stays and who goes. As much as I’m not a big fan of most of the couples this season, I’m wondering who is really going to go through with their marriage and who isn’t. I’ll say my final predictions now:

Nancy and Bartise: Yes. 

Cole and Zanab: No.

Alexa and Brennon: Yes.

Matt and Colleen: No. 

I could be completely wrong, but we’ll wait and see. 

What do you think about this 2022 Netflix TV release? Are you excited for what comes after the altar this time around? The drama is going to be insane. I can hardly wait...but I'll do it with a glass of wine in my hand. 

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