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Love Is Blind Season 2: The Biggest Moments From The Reunion Special

Shaina Hurley, Deepti Vempati, Natalie Lee, and Mallory Zapata on Love is Blind Season 2 reunion special
(Image credit: Netflix)

The Love is Blind Season 2 reunion special delivered on every level, from drama to emotional moments and exciting updates. It gave us everything we could want from a reunion special. The reunion was perhaps the most fitting end to such a messy season, and the over-an-hour-long special proved why Love is Blind is one of Netflix’s best reality TV shows to binge-watch. 

This season of Love is Blind had a lot more drama than the first season. We had multiple love triangles, very dramatic wedding ceremonies, and possibly the franchise's first true villain. If you’ve already devoured the Love is Blind Season 2 reunion, then let’s get into the biggest moments. If not, return back once you’ve finished the reunion episode because we have so much to discuss!

Warning: Love is Blind Season 2 reunion spoilers ahead. Don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Shayne Jansen and Shake Chatterjee on Love is Blind Season 2 reunion

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Shake Embracing His Villain Title...Sort Of

I think many Love is Blind Season 2 viewers had a complicated relationship with Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee. He started off the season immediately turning most viewers against him by not-so-subtly trying to discover the weight of the women he was talking to in the pods. He then made it known that he usually dates women of a certain race and dress size. However, Shake started to get viewers on his side through his romance with his (now) ex-fiancé, Deepti Vempati. 

He then upset fans again by constantly talking about not being physically attracted to her. Many viewers then cheered when Deepti chose to say no and not marry him. Shake then tried to recover by pretending he didn’t care at all. During the Love is Blind Season 2 reunion, Shake made every attempt to be the star of the episode. 

He wanted the villain title, but not completely. He started off the reunion by wanting to make sure that the editors didn’t edit him a certain way.  He then took every opportunity to insert himself like he was the host. Shake seemed to want to play the villain, but also act like a victim of bad editing. However, Natalie Lee made sure to make it known that Shake’s editing was a “watered down” version of how badly he spoke about Deepti on Love is Blind.

Deepti also made sure to mention how Shake was using the show to clout chase. In my opinion, I don’t think Shake wanted to be the villain, but once he was, he decided to use it to gain attention that way. Many reality TV fans love a good villain, so he could have seen this as an opportunity to gain the attention he so desperately seems to want. 

Shayne Jansen at the Love is Blind Season 2 reunion

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The Awkward Moment When Vanessa Asks Shayne About Shaina

The Natalie, Shayne Jansen, and Shaina Hurley love triangle was a major topic of the Love is Blind Season 2 reunion. Natalie and Shayne didn’t dive too deep into the big fight that ended their wedding, especially not in a way that provided more answers for viewers. However, the show made sure to really show how Shaina had feelings for Shayne and still wanted him after he already committed to being Natalie’s boyfriend.

We also finally got some closure on whether Shayne and Natalie could still work despite their fight. It doesn’t seem like a possibility. It was clear that Shayne and Natalie still had feelings for each other, and apparently they briefly got back together after they didn’t wed. Natalie said the wounds were still too fresh from their pre-wedding fight to truly reconcile. 

Love is Blind host Vanessa Lachey made things slightly worse for Shayne’s chances of reconciling with Natalie when she asked him if he’s seen Shaina since the show ended. Quickly, he sort of panicked, wanted to cut off the discussion, and then went silent. Shaina then said nothing romantic happened between them, though they had been in contact, and that she was confused why Shayne reacted that way.

The intense reaction definitely made me wonder if Shayne and Shaina did hookup, but neither wanted Natalie and viewers to know about it. Even if nothing romantic happened between them, Shayne made himself look guilty with his silence. 

Nick and Vanessa Lachey in Love is Blind Season 2

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Nick And Vanessa Lachey Putting Shake In His Place

After Shake continued to insert himself in everyone’s business, Nick and Vanessa Lachey had enough. They both called out Shake for going on a reality TV show that aims to be less superficial than many of the current reality TV dating shows, that more easily help people search for love (or maybe just sex) in a shallow way. Vanessa and Nick both got upset, and Shake made it worse (Because of course he did!) by saying Vanessa was the only woman on the stage he was attracted to.

I’ve seen on social media that many Love is Blind fans questioned if Nick and Vanessa Lachey were needed as hosts. I think the Love is Blind Season 2 reunion proved that they’re needed, especially if they’re not going to hold back when calling out bad behavior. 

Shake Chatterjee and Kyle Abrams at the Love is Blind Season 2 reunion

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Kyle Saying He Regrets Not Proposing To Deepti

We had a lot of predictions about The Love is Blind Season 2 reunion, but nothing prepared us for the bombshell that we could have seen a completely different outcome for Deepti and Kyle Abrams, if Kyle had proposed to her. When talking about his doomed romance with Shaina, Kyle stated that his one regret was not proposing to Deepti.

He also said he should have fought harder for her--implying that they had a romance in the pods that viewers never got to see. It was a genuinely shocking moment that viewers wanted to explore more, but once again, Shake inserted himself. He acted like he still had credibility with Deepti, and spoke of trying to help set them up. The moment wasn’t explored more by Nick and Vanessa, who moved on to the next topic. We’ll just have to wonder what could have been between Deepti and Kyle. 

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl on Love is Blind Season 2

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Nick And Danielle Still Being Together

The Love is Blind Season 2 reunion wasn’t all drama. We had some nice moments, like both married couples, Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones, and Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson, all confirming that they are still married. The couples even coordinated their outfits. Iyanna and Jarrette had some issues, especially with Jarrette almost proposing to Mallory Zapata first, but overall, in my opinion, they seem like the couple from this season with the most solid chemistry and foundation.

On Love is Blind Season 2, Danielle and Nick were shown to have a lot of issues as a couple, so it was a relief to see that they’re still married. We also saw how they’ve been able to blend their different personalities and seek couple’s counseling. It showed that people can have some difficulties in the beginning but still make it as a couple, especially if both are willing to put in the time and effort to make it work. 

Deepti Vempati at the Love is Blind Season 2 reunion

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Everybody Giving Deepti The Love She Deserves

Deepti tried to stay strong during all of Shake’s antics, but you could still see some distress in her face. Much of the Love is Blind cast has formed a bond, though, and all of the women and men on stage poured love towards Deepti. They praised her beauty both inside and out. It was nice to see the entire Love is Blind Season 2 cast on Deepti’s side, and even better when they all united in their general annoyance and disgust for Shake. 

Love is Blind is one of the best dating reality TV shows, especially for those who don’t like dating reality TV. Luckily, for fans of this reality TV show, it doesn’t end with the Love is Blind Season 2 reunion, Netflix renewed Love is Blind for Seasons 2 and 3 in 2020. We’ll have Love is Blind Season 3 eventually, but for now, we just have to continue to rewind the reunion (opens in new tab) to when Vanessa Lachey tells off Shake. 

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