Why The Ultimatum And Love Is Blind Casts Only Use Those Metallic Wine Glasses

If you’ve watched either The Ultimatum or Love Is Blind (which are both some of the most popular dating shows on Netflix), you know that each show really delivers on the kind of drama that captures the attention of reality show fans and keeps them hooked all the way through the end. But, even though The Ultimatum reunion had some big moments and the Love Is Blind Season 2 ending had major surprises, there’s one thing that viewers just can’t stop talking about: those metallic wine glasses. Now, we know exactly why the casts of both shows only drink out of the metal cups.

Why The Ultimatum And Love Is Blind Stars Only Use Metallic Glasses

The habitual use of the metal wine glasses on both shows has, possibly surprisingly, been a topic of conversation among fans since Love Is Blind Season 1 first aired in February 2020. That series continued its use of the gold metallic cups for the second season, which aired earlier this year, and was joined by the use of silver wine glasses when The Ultimatum Season 1 hit Netflix in early April. Chris Coelen, who created both shows, spoke to Today about the silver cups on his latest show and said: 

The silver goblets in The Ultimatum are an homage to the gold goblets in Love Is Blind. We think the goblets are a subtle but fun way to tie the elements of each show together.

OK, that’s great and makes a ton of sense, right? The glasses have become so iconic that The Ultimatum even made a great nod to them in the reunion, when hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey gifted a silver metallic baby sippy cup to expectant parents, Madlyn and Colby. But, while Coelen and crew used the silver glasses to help tie both of his shows together, the big question is why did they begin using the metallic glasses in the first place? Well, there’s a very simple potential answer for that, as well.

Seeing as how those glasses (which can be found in stemmed and stemless versions on both shows) turn up literally everywhere on both series (cast members’ personal homes, at every restaurant, party, bar, and even their parent’s houses, for example), it’s likely that you’ve noticed that they are opaque. Because we can’t see through them, it affords the editing teams on The Ultimatum and Love Is Blind to cut scenes together without worrying quite as much about continuity errors.

As we all know, there are many eagle-eyed reality show fans out there who pore over every minute detail of their favorite shows. They would easily notice if a scene began with everyone’s cups full, then it showed all of the cups nearly empty, only for the scene to end on basically full cups again. And, that would give away the editing and possibly take a lot of people out of the action as it is on screen.

Basically, the metallic wine glasses on The Ultimatum and Love Is Blind allow the producers to more easily arrange the many narrative threads of each show the way they want to (though it wouldn’t help them allegedly lie about a cast member’s age) without immediately cluing the audience in to how each scene is put together. The only question now is what color wine glasses will be used if Chris Coelen creates another reality show? Bronze? Copper? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

The Ultimatum Season 2 will debut an all-queer season “soon,” and Love Is Blind got a huge renewal on Netflix, so we’ll be able to see more of those metallic goblets at some point in the near future! 

Adrienne Jones
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