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Love Is Blind's Shake Blamed Editing For His Villain Status, Here's What The Creator Had To Say

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Fans will likely say that Love Is Blind did not disappoint during Season 2, which finally hit Netflix in early February. We got a brand new batch of singles attempting to find love before looking at their potential partners, love triangles, romantic confusion, tears, arguments, and, of course, a couple of villains. The Love Is Blind reunion (with all of its drama) just aired on Friday, and the man who is probably viewers’ top villain, Shake Chatterjee, tried to put some of the blame for his villain status on how the show was edited, but now the creator has responded to his claims.

What Did Love Is Blind’s Creator Say About Shake’s Claim That Editing Made Him A Villain?

Just like anyone who watched the second season, my Love Is Blind reunion predictions noted that it would almost certainly be filled with a lot of tense moments and big reveals. But, I could not have guessed just how poorly Shake Chatterjee would come off, even after he’d gotten to see how his story played on Love Is Blind Season 2. In fact, he basically kicked things off by worrying aloud about “how we get edited” for the special.

The implication of what Shake said was that he feels the way his love story with Deepti Vempati was edited helped contribute to his villain status in Season 2. Now, Love Is Blind’s creator, Chris Coelen, has responded to that claim in a chat with Variety, where Coelen said:

If we were afraid of that comment, we could have taken it out. But I’m not afraid of that comment, because during this process, we want to give people the opportunity to say whatever they want to say. Every other member of the cast seems to think that he got a pretty good edit.

Man, talk about awkward. If Shake was hoping to make himself look better during the reunion, he failed spectacularly at that goal. Not only did he continually jump in with unhelpful opinions as other couples were trying to talk about their own experiences (and spent a lot of time attempting to speak for everyone else), which pissed off nearly all of his castmates, he also did a poor job at explaining his actions while engaged to Deep.

Shake went back and forth between saying that he owned all of his actions as we saw them and proudly wearing the villain mantle, to saying that the show itself was faulty and comparing the process of finding a wife to “making a huge purchase.” But, at several points in the reunion, other cast members revealed that Shake’s edit was actually not as bad as it could have been, noting that he said far worse things about Deep's appearance aside from his continuous admissions (behind Deep’s back) that he felt like he was with a family member when they were together.

While Shake managed to even anger the show’s hosts during the reunion, Chris Coelen added that everything he had to say, for good or ill, was all Shake’s own doing:

He says at the end of the reunion that he owns his actions. He’s doubling down on it, and I think all of that speaks for itself…Shake was jumping in from the word ‘go.’ Nobody tells him to do that. That’s what he decided to do, he wants to get his point of view across and I guess, good for him.

Yup, good for him. Considering what Shake’s fellow cast members had to say about his actions, it seems the audience did get a pretty good, basic view of his behavior, with his own words just digging him into an even bigger hole. 

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