Manifest’s Josh Dallas Talks Ben’s ‘Profound’ Anger After The Time Jump For Season 4

Josh Dallas in Manifest Season 4.
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The first batch of episodes for Manifest’s fourth and final season are almost here, and with its arrival comes a two-year time jump for the ensemble cast of characters. While one major issue for Manifest’s jump will revolve around Cal being five years older — as solved by a new actor having stepped into the role — Ben’s emotions will be at an all-time high. And Josh Dallas is opening up about his character’s profound anger building up over time. 

The Season 3 finale of Manifest included a number of cliffhangers, including Grace being stabbed while trying to protect her baby daughter from the havoc-inciting 828er Angelina. Josh Dallas shared with THR that when Season 4 premieres, Ben isn’t as sure of anything as he once was when viewers first met him, and he has a lot of pent-up anger and grief. In his words:

It’s difficult. Ben’s road ahead is very difficult. We start Part 1 of Season 4 two years after where we left Season 3. So he has had a lot of time to throw anchor in this profound depth of anger and grief, and he’s questioning everything. He’s questioning everything about the callings, because as far as he’s concerned, they’ve given him nothing. They’ve only taken from him. So he wants nothing to do with them anymore, and he’s also questioning everything about God and the universe and his own goodness versus evil, and maybe perhaps wondering if Adrian [Jared Grimes] was right all along about Ben and the passengers being agents of the apocalypse and actually bringing on this flood.

Fans know that Ben was always the most determinedly hopeful one out of the passengers, and would be the first one to believe that the Callings are doing more good than harm. Especially after Zeke survived his Death Date, he believed more than anyone that by following the Callings, they would be able to beat this thing. So viewers may be in for a tough viewing upon seeing a Ben that lacks his former faith and wants nothing to do with the Callings anymore. Just look at this sad face...

Luna Blaise and Josh Dallas in Manifest Season 4.

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Losing not only his wife but also his baby daughter has presumely led Ben to feeling as hopeless as ever, while also additionally upset at the fact that he can’t actively do anything to resolve things. Although he’s obviously not alone — he still has his sister, his daughter, and his son (albeit five years older now) — Ben's various relationships will have no doubt changed with his family in some ways, especially when it comes to efforts to find Eden. 

Josh Dallas had previously discussed Ben’s mental state and the grief beard he has going on. The void he feels after Grace's death likely won't ever be fully filled, but it seems like finding Eden safe and sound could help him feel as if his wife is still within him. And the fact that he’s given up on the Callings shows that he really is only focused on one thing, and that’s his daughter, leaving Michaela to lead the Lifeboat away from danger. Hopefully, anyway.

The two-year time jump will bring the passengers just 18 months ahead of the Death Date. With Ben being preoccupied with finding Eden, Adrian and other passengers (who are likely sticking it out on their own after everything in the Season 3 finale), it should be a wild ride to see where the story goes when Season 4 debuts. Check out a trailer below!

Don’t miss Season 4 Part 1 of Manifest premiering Friday, November 4 only on Netflix with a subscription! Check out the Netflix TV schedule to see what else is coming to the streamer soon. 

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