Marlon Wayans And Priah Ferguson Respond After The Curse Of Bridge Hollow Hits #1 On Netflix

Marlon Wayans and Priah Ferguson in The Curse of Bridge Hollow
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With Halloween coming up, there have been a number of horror movies making their way to theaters and streaming this month like Smile and Halloween Ends. This next October release may not fit into the horror genre, but Marlon Wayans, who you may remember from the Scary Movie franchise  has just released a new Netflix movie co-starring with Stranger Things' Priah Ferguson. This comedic pair shared their responses to their Halloween comedy The Curse of Bridge Hollow hitting #1 on Netflix.

It was revealed on October 15th’s Netflix trending movies and shows that The Curse of Bridge Hollow is #1 on Netflix and is still a trending title today. Marlon Wayans shared his response to the news on Instagram, thanking Netflix, the cast and crew of the movie, and the audience for making this accomplishment happen.

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The Curse of Bridge Hollow, a spooky blast of a movie, is about a father and daughter who must fight against Halloween decorations that come to life after moving to New England. This plot sounds a little similar to Hocus Pocus, in something freaky happens in a new town. The last time we saw Marlon Wayans take on a horror-comedy movie was when he had some ghost problems in the horror spoof A Haunted House. It’s nice to see that comedic side come out to him again battling the supernatural with his iconic high-pitched scream to follow. 

Priah Ferguson also shared her delighted response on Instagram about how much this honor meant to her, with hopes that the audience experiences “some joy with a few jump scares.” With Stranger Things fans feeling the same kind of scares and joys when they watch that particular hit Netflix series, it’s no wonder this 16-year-old actress signed on for this project.

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The Curse of Bridge Hollow currently has a 35% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but the good news is that audiences are giving it a more favorable score with 64%. Instagramers who commented on Wayans’ and Ferguson’s posts said they loved the new Netflix movie, with one comment saying this was a perfect Halloween movie and another hoping this same team would take on a Christmas movie like this one. Well, the White Chicks actor has already spoofed scary films and spoofed Fifty Shades of Grey, so maybe a spoof on Christmas movies should be in the works if Netflix needs new ideas.

Marlon Wayans and Priah Ferguson couldn’t be more thrilled that The Curse of Bridge Hollow is Netflix’s #1 movie. Even if the critics wouldn’t list this movie on their favorites list, it’s clear that audiences were entertained with what they saw and it's a movie to consider adding to your watchlist. Get ready to laugh and be freaked out with The Curse of Bridge Hollow, which you can find on your Netflix subscription.

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