Money Shot: The Pornhub Story: 5 Things To Know Before You Watch The Netflix Documentary

Noelle Perdue in Money Shot: The Pornhub Story
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There are a lot of new movies and TV shows on Netflix, with more being added pretty much every day of the week at this point. And while a lot of the titles may slip between the cracks of the vast streaming library, some, like Money Shot: The Pornhub Story, just can’t be avoided. The film takes a look into several aspects of the popular porn site, including its meteoric rise and impact on the adult film industry (and internet as a whole), as well as the various scandals that have rocked Pornhub during its decade-and-a-half existence.

If you recently watched the Money Shot: The Pornhub Story trailer, or simply came across the documentary when browsing Netflix, and wanted to know a little more about it before watching, then you have come to the right place. Below is a quick yet comprehensive breakdown of five things you should know before you watch the Pornhub documentary.

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story Dives Into The Impact The Site Has Had, Along With The Problems

Suzanne Hillinger’s new documentary talks about how Pornhub completely revolutionized the adult entertainment industry (and the internet as a whole) with its new way of disseminating porn like never before. But at the same time, Money Shot: The Pornhub Story doesn’t avoid how the site’s domination of the online porn industry has led to some major issues and concerns over the years, whether that be the way it collects data from its users to the allegations of sex trafficking and child pornography that led to major policy changes in recent years.

The Documentary Is Rated TV-MA For A Plethora Of Reasons

This is a given, but Money Shot: The Pornhub Story is rated TV-MA for a plethora of reasons. These include references to child abuse, sexual violence, sex, nudity, and language. And though the documentary doesn’t show full pornographic scenes, it does leave very little to the imagination at times.

The Documentary's Tone Bounces From Light To Intense

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story has a varied tone that bounces from being light to intense, sometimes very quickly. At times, the documentary is spunky, jovial, and entertaining as it dives into some of the more humorous aspects of Pornhub (this includes a compilation of celebrities joking about the site and its branding). However, other portions of the documentary are anything but light, and instead quite intense. This is especially true whenever the film dives into those sex trafficking allegations and the site's methods of data collection.

Adult Film Stars, Former Employees, Activists, And Tech Reporter Piece Together The Complex Pornhub Story

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story doesn’t feature a narrator that ties everything together, but instead features interviews with people on various sides of the topic. With adult film stars talking about how Pornhub impacted their fame and fortunes, former employees breaking down what it was like to work for the site, and activists and tech reporters shedding light on some of the scandals that have long plagued Pornhub, few stones are left unturned.

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story Is A 95-Minute Standalone Documentary

While Money Shot: The Pornhub Story could have very well been turned into a multi-part docuseries, the documentary features one, 95-minute installment that does a tremendous job of tying everything together. 

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story is currently streaming for anyone with a Netflix subscription. And don’t forget to check out the 2023 Netflix movie schedule to see what other documentaries and original movies are coming to the platform in the weeks and months to come.

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