Netflix Has Hidden Categories Of Christmas Movies, Here's How To Find Them

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A Netflix subscription grants users access to a seemingly unlimited amount of movies, TV shows, and streaming specials ranging from popular trending titles to forgotten gems of yesteryear. And while that does include some great Netflix Christmas movies on top of the platform’s already robust library of great movies and shows, oftentimes it feels as if it is easy to get lost and forget what you were looking for in the first place. But worry not, for there is an easier way to find just about any holiday movie: category codes.

One aspect of Netflix that isn’t brought up nearly enough is the massive list of category codes that take you to some incredibly specific movie and TV genres. These codes are around throughout the year, but since this is the season of giving, now seems like the perfect time to help everyone find some of the most popular Christmas movies the easiest way possible.

What Are The Hidden Netflix Christmas Movie Categories?

Below is a collection of the many category codes that can take you to all sorts of Netflix Christmas movies, TV shows, and specials in genres that range from family-friendly classics to some that are better suited for when the kids go to bed. Before we get started, we have to tip our hat to Newsweek and What's On Netflix for digging through the many genre codes to find these gems.

How Do You Use The Hidden Category Codes?

There are a couple of different ways to use the hidden category codes to find the specific genres featuring Netflix Christmas movies. First, you can simply click on the links in the above section to go directly to each category, or you can add the code to the end of the following URL:

It should be noted that you can only access the category codes on the browser-based versions of Netflix on your computer or mobile device. However, you could always find titles from those individual sections, add them to your watch list, and then check them out later. 

Other Hidden Netflix Categories Worth Exploring

As mentioned above, Netflix category codes aren’t only around during the holidays, but instead throughout the year. According to Netflix’s Tudum blog, these hidden category codes have been around since the company added streaming in addition to its DVD-by-mail service more than a decade ago. With 36,000 codes and counting, there is something for just about anyone. 

Remember the Saturday Night Live digital short “Short-Ass Movies” featuring Pete Davidson and Chris Redd? Well, there are multiple codes for that, including 90-Minute Movies  with code 81466194. What if you’re in the mood for Black Mirror, Dead + Robots, or Cyberpunk: Edgerunners? Well, check out code 1964512 for the Cyberpunk category.  

What if you want to check out the great Korean drama series on Netflix but don’t know where to start? Check out K-Dramas for Beginners with code 2953105. And if you want to check out the platform’s vast library of international titles, check out code 81282911 for the Take a Trip Around the World section. 

These are just a few of the huge assortment of hidden category codes that give you access to all sorts of titles on Netflix. Only time will tell where some of the upcoming 2023 Netflix TV shows and growing number of 2023 Netflix movies will end up in the near future.

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