5 Reasons Why I Still Pay For Netflix's DVD Plan In 2022

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The year is 2022, and I still get red envelopes filled with DVDs in my mailbox, courtesy of Netflix. What the heck is going on? Well, I’ll tell you what’s going on. I pay $7.99 a month, in addition to my regular Netflix subscription, in order to get the Netflix DVD package, which I’ve had since the very beginning.  

So, I guess your question is probably not HOW, since I’m sure many of you used to get DVDs delivered to your house back in the day, but rather WHY? As in, why would I do something like this when Netflix literally has thousands of things to watch at any given second, such as the best movies on Netflix right now for the month of October. And, well, I’ll tell you why.   

Because I want to. That’s why. It’s funny, since people are always shocked when I tell them that I still get DVDs in the mail from Netflix, like I’m some kind of fist-shaking Luddite or something. But, I can tell you that it’s not because I’m against streaming or anything like that. In fact, I recently wrote about 3 things I loved in the recent Netflix series, Tekken: Bloodline, as well as an article on why Netflix’s The Sandman series is the greatest adaptation I’ve ever seen. So, why then? Well, you’re about to find out.      

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I Watch A Lot Of Old Movies That Are Not Offered On Netflix's Streaming Service 

Netflix literally has thousands of movies, and popular shows, like my favorite Netflix series, Squid Game, and a little-known series called Stranger Things, and that’s great. I have nothing against things that are big and popular. But, I’m also a movie-lover at heart, and I love watching movies from the very beginning of cinema all the way up to now, and Netflix’s streaming service simply doesn’t offer a great deal of classic content.    

For example, a colleague of mine recommended a great movie from the ‘40s called Black Narcissus, which is essentially a beautiful movie about horny nuns, and it was nowhere to be found on Netflix’s streaming service, but I was able to find it on Netflix DVD.    

And, during the height of the Covid pandemic, I made it a mission of mine to watch every movie that ever won Best Picture at the Academy Awards. And, would you believe that besides Gentleman’s Agreement, which for some reason has an extremely long wait time (I actually ended up renting it on Amazon), I was able to rent pretty much every great movie to win Best Picture on Netflix’s DVD service. That said, maybe only a handful of Best Picture winners are available on their streaming service. So, quite frankly, if you love old movies, then you should probably get a membership to Netflix’s DVD selection. It rules.   

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I Love Listening To Commentary Tracks And Special Features, Which Aren't Typically Offered On Netflix Streaming  

Secondly, as a huge cinephile, the movie is never over for me when the credits roll. That’s because I love listening to the director's commentary. I also love watching special features, like deleted scenes, trailers, alternate endings, making-of’s, etc. For example, have you ever heard the commentary track for This Is Spinal Tap? It features the band in character, and it’s hilarious! In fact, I’d say it’s like watching a second movie entirely, what with all the extra jokes not heard in the movie. 

But, you don’t get that with Netflix’s streaming service. You get a movie, you get a TV show, and, well, that’s it. Again, there’s nothing wrong with this format. And, I’m sure that most people wouldn’t even listen to the commentary if it was offered on the streaming service. That said, I have always been a huge fan of DVD extras, and I get all that when movies are delivered to my house in the mail. So, there. True movie fans unite! 

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I Find That I Am More Likely To Watch A Movie If I Have A Physical Copy Of It Rather Than By It Just Sitting There On The Home Page 

Also, as I mentioned earlier, there are literally thousands of movies, TV shows, anime series, etc. to watch on Netflix at any given time, and – tell me if this sounds familiar – but I barely watch any of it. There are just too many options available! Add to the fact that I also have Disney+, Hulu, and HBO Max to choose from, and you can probably guess that I watch a lot less on Netflix even though there’s so much to offer. 

But, when I get a DVD in the mail, I usually end up watching it within the week since it’s something tangible, and it’s just sitting there by my PlayStation, waiting to be watched. In that way, I always view it within the week so that I can mail it back, and get the next DVD in the mail for the following week. I literally did this not too long ago when I rented pretty much every Martin Scorsese movie that I hadn’t already seen (Like his hidden gem, After Hours!), knocking out his entire filmography in just a couple of months. That’s because one movie at a time is better, thank you very much.    

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Lots Of Movies And Series That I Want To See On Streaming Eventually Leave Netflix And Go To Other Streaming Services That I Might Not Have  

Oh, man, this one is a huge one for me, as I simply cannot STAND the here-today-gone-tomorrow nature of streaming services. For example, my seven-year-old daughter is really into Child’s Play right now, since she always sees Chucky’s costume at the Spirit Halloween. But, being a reasonably good father, I of course won’t let her watch any of the Child’s Play movies yet.  

That said, I still want to inform her of the history of the series, and I told her that one of the earliest versions of the killer doll trope was Talky Tina in one of the greatest The Twilight Zone episodes, “Living Doll”. I told her all about it, and said that we would watch it on Netflix, since I distinctly remember The Twilight Zone being on Netflix. Well, guess what. The Twilight Zone is no longer on Netflix. Nor is it on Hulu, where I also remember it streaming. You know where The Twilight Zone is currently streaming, though? Paramount+. And guess what. I don’t have Paramount+.   

This really infuriates me, since I can never be sure when a movie or TV show will just poof, up and vanish, only to materialize on another streaming service. I don’t have this problem with DVDs though. Either Netflix DVD has something I want, or it doesn’t. And the truth is, they usually have it. If anything, Netflix streaming only has certain content for a limited time. Netflix DVD doesn’t do that, though. And that’s what I call service!  

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Honestly, I Just Love Seeing People React When I Drop Off My Little Red Sleeve At The Post Office 

Lastly, I just love seeing people’s faces when I get out of my car and carry my red DVD sleeve to the mailbox. Whenever I do this, somebody usually says, “Netflix still does that?!” And I say, “Yes. I love it.” And I do! It wasn’t even that long ago when everybody used to receive movies in the mail, but it was long enough ago (The early 2000s!) that I might as well be listening to a Walkman, or playing with a Tomagotchi, since almost nobody does this anymore. At least, nobody who I talk to anyway. 

And, I can tell that hardly anybody does it anymore since I rarely ever get DVDs in the mail these days that skip from overuse or poor handling. I like to think that we current Netflix DVD users actually know how to take care of DVDs, so we don’t return them with a million scratches on the back. At least, not from my own personal experiences over the past few years. But anyway, I just love how retro it all feels, getting DVDs in the mail, and watching them. 

Kids these days are all into vinyl records, and the ‘90s. Well, in ten more years, maybe they’ll also be into the bygone era of when people used to get their movies delivered to them IN THE MAIL. Don’t you want to be hip before it becomes a trend? Well then, get in on the ground floor, and start having movies delivered to your house today!

Or not. Truth is, I kind of like being the only person on the planet who still has movies delivered to his house. Call me The Omega Man. But seriously, what do you think? Do you also still utilize Netflix’s DVD plan? For more news on everything Netflix, make sure to swing by here often! 

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