Netflix Has Rolled Out New Feature That Customers Have Wanted For Ages

These days sharing passwords for streaming services with friends and family has become increasingly difficult. Gone are the easy days of friends each paying for one service and password sharing, or multiple family members sharing one account. This has become especially difficult on Netflix, as the streamer cracked down on password sharing this year. At least, with these new limits, Netflix is also adding a feature that subscribers have been asking for.

This new feature will allow users to transfer their profile to a different account. So, you won’t have to start from scratch with generic recommendations. You can keep the carefully curated algorithm that you have likely been refining through years of use (I know I have.)

By creating this new feature the streamer has made it so people can keep their “personalized recommendations, viewing history, My List, saved games, and other settings,” Netflix announced in a press release. This feature is available now and subscribers will be notified via email when the feature can be used on their account. 

The press release also noted that users simply have to choose the “Transfer Profile” option on their profile icon. Then they will be taken to a page to begin the process. It also said this setting can be turned off anytime. 

This feature comes within a week of Netflix making a big business announcement. The streamer moved another step forward to implement an ad-supported tier for users. This new level of subscription will be available on November 3 and costs $6.99 per month. The other tiers of Netflix subscriptions cost $9.99 per month for Basic, $15.49 per month for Standard, and $19.99 per month for Premium. 

So, if you are someone who will need to use this new profile transferring function, you can also get an individual account for quite a bit cheaper with the ad-supported plan. 

Netflix has had some incredibly successful shows featured on the 2022 TV schedule, from Stranger Things to Bridgerton to Squid Game they have been the distributor of some of the year’s most popular content. However, these are all very, very different shows that aren’t for everyone. By creating this profile transfer tool it makes it so users are recommended the popular titles they want to see and the others stay out of sight. For example, I get recommended Brdigerton and Stranger Things, however, I didn’t see Squid Game at all until I heard about it from friends. The algorithm Netflix has created helps recommend the things you actually want to see, and losing it would be so frustrating, which is why this profile transfer tool is so useful. 

To check out Netflix’s trending shows at the moment, and if you need to transfer a profile you can do it all with a Netflix subscription.  

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

Riley Utley is a Weekend Editor and resident Swiftie at CinemaBlend. She also adores (and writes about) Ted Lasso, rom-coms and whatever streaming series is gracing our screens.