Netflix New Releases: Bridgerton Season 2, The Adam Project, And Other Movies And TV Shows Streaming March 2022

Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project
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As we move into the month of March 2022, it’s easy to think of streaming services as the gardens that some may tend to in such a month. If that’s the case, then Netflix subscribers are about to dig into a harvest of old favorites and freshly anticipated excitement! Originals like the Ryan Reynolds/Shawn Levy collaboration The Adam Project, as well as Season 2 of Shonda Rhimes’ Bridgerton await fans who have been greatly anticipating such things. Meanwhile, catalog titles like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Top Gun, and Shrek are all on the way too. 

Plus, if you’re a Stephen King fan, the Frank Darabont double play of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile is on offer as well. If you’re looking to see Netflix’s February 2022 schedule, feel free to pop over there and refresh your memory. From this point on, it’s time to look a little bit into the future, and see what March 2022 has in store for the Netflix platform!

David Morse, Tom Hanks and Barry Pepper in The Green Mile

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New On Netflix The Week Of March 1: A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Green Mile, And More

Stephen King and the late Wes Craven landing on the Netflix library at the same time sounds like a match made in heaven. And yet, March 2022 is one of the rare occasions where that’s not so, as Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street just happens to be checking in at the same time as The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. While all of those titles deal with monsters in their own way, King’s two tales are more heartbreaking and emotional than Freddy Kruger’s menace. 

The Guardians of Justice - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/1/22
Worst Roommate Ever - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 3/1/22
21 - 3/1/22
21 Bridges - 3/1/22
A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) - 3/1/22
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) - 3/1/22
Battleship - 3/1/22
Christine - 3/1/22
Coach Carter - 3/1/22
Due Date - 3/1/22
Freddy vs. Jason - 3/1/22
Gattaca - 3/1/22
The Gift - 3/1/22
The Green Mile - 3/1/22
My Best Friend's Wedding - 3/1/22
Public Enemies - 3/1/22
Redemption - 3/1/22
The Replacements - 3/1/22
Richie Rich - 3/1/22
The Shawshank Redemption - 3/1/22
Shooter - 3/1/22
Shrek - 3/1/22
Shrek 2 - 3/1/22
Sorry to Bother You - 3/1/22
Starship Troopers - 3/1/22
Texas Chainsaw 3D - 3/1/22
Top Gun - 3/1/22
V for Vendetta - 3/1/22
Where the Wild Things Are - 3/1/22
Zoolander - 3/1/22
Against The Ice - NETFLIX FILM - 3/2/22
The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure - NETFLIX FILM - 3/2/22
Savage Rhythm - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/2/22
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Season 2 - NETFLIX FAMILY - 3/3/22
Midnight at the Pera Palace - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/3/22
The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties: Season 2 - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/3/22
Power Rangers Dino Fury: Season 2 - NETFLIX FAMILY - 3/3/22
Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 3/3/22
The Weekend Away - NETFLIX FILM - 3/3/22
Whindersson Nunes: My Own Show! - NETFLIX COMEDY - 3/3/22
The Invisible Thread - NETFLIX FILM - 3/4/22
Lies and Deceit - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/4/22
Making Fun - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/4/22
Meskina - NETFLIX FILM - 3/4/22
Pieces of Her - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/4/22

Zoe Saldana aims a big gun while Ryan Reynolds watches confused in The Adam Project.

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New On Netflix The Week Of March 5: The Adam Project, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 7, And More

If you’re ready for Ryan Reynolds to time travel into your heart, The Adam Project is finally debuting this week. Which is kind of funny, as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is also going to be debuting the complete Season 7 this very week. You might need to pick up some straws to diagram various timelines, so plan accordingly. 

Beirut - 3/5/22
Good Girls: Season 4 - 3/7/22
An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts: Season 2 - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/8/22
Autumn Girl - NETFLIX FILM - 3/8/22
Chip and Potato: Season 3 - NETFLIX FAMILY - 3/8/22
Last One Standing - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/8/22
Taylor Tomlinson: Look At You - NETFLIX COMEDY - 3/8/22
The Andy Warhol Diaries - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 3/9/22
The Bombardment - NETFLIX FILM - 3/9/22
Byron Baes - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/9/22
Queer Eye Germany - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/9/22
The Last Kingdom: Season 5 - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/9/22
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Season 7 - 3/10/22
Karma's World: Season 2 - NETFLIX FAMILY - 3/10/22
Kotaro Lives Alone - NETFLIX ANIME - 3/10/22
Love, Life & Everything in Between - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/10/22
Formula 1: Drive to Survive: Season 4 - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/11/22
Life After Death with Tyler Henry - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/11/22
Once Upon a Time... Happily Never After - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/11/22
The Adam Project - NETFLIX FILM - 3/11/22

A lone soldier standing in Dunkirk

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New On Netflix The Week Of March 12: Dunkirk, London Has Fallen, And More

While Christopher Nolan is hard at work on his star-studded historical biopic Oppenheimer, viewers can recapture the intensity of his previous film based on actual events, Dunkirk. Though if you’re looking for a battle that’s a little more over the top, and way less based on reality, Gerard Butler’s London Has Fallen will be offered as an appetizer to help fans get through the wait for Night Has Fallen, the next cleverly titled entry in the Mike Banning franchise.

Dunkirk - 3/12/22
London Has Fallen - 3/13/22
Adam by Eve: A live in Animation - NETFLIX ANIME - 3/15/22
Catherine Cohen: The Twist…? She’s Gorgeous. - NETFLIX COMEDY - 3/15/22
Marilyn's Eyes - NETFLIX FILM - 3/15/22
One Piece Film: Strong World - 3/15/22
Team Zenko Go - NETFLIX FAMILY - 3/15/22
Pedal to Metal - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/16/22
Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 3/16/22
Hei$t: The Great Robbery of Brazil's Central Bank - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 3/16/22
A Walk Among the Tombstones - 3/16/22
Lee Daniels' The Butler - 3/17/22
Rescued by Ruby - NETFLIX FILM - 3/17/22
Soil - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/17/22
Alessandro Cattelan: One Simple Question - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/18/22
Animal: Season 2 - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 3/18/22
Black Crab - NETFLIX FILM - 3/18/22
Cracow Monsters - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/18/22
Eternally Confused and Eager for Love - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/18/22
Human Resources - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/18/22
Is It Cake? - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/18/22
Light the Night: Part 3 - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/18/22
Standing Up - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/18/22
Thomas & Friends: Race for the Sodor Cup - 3/18/22
Top Boy: Season 2 - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/18/22
Windfall - NETFLIX FILM - 3/18/22
Without Saying Goodbye - NETFLIX FILM - 3/18/22
Young, Famous & African - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/18/22

Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey stand while holding hands in Bridgerton Season 2.

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New On Netflix The Week Of March 19: Bridgerton Season 2, Jeff Foxworthy: The Good Old Days, And More

After over two decades, Jeff Foxworthy has made his big return to solo comedy specials, in the Netflix Original Jeff Foxworthy: The Good Old Days. However, the return of “blue collar comedy” may not be your thing, or you might just want to balance those laughs out with something much more posh. For both of those scenarios, the return of Bridgerton for its second season should do just fine; even if this round of societal chess sees Lady Whistledown potentially meaner than ever.

Call the Midwife: Series 10 - 3/21/22
In Good Hands - NETFLIX FILM - 3/21/22
Jeff Foxworthy: The Good Old Days - NETFLIX COMEDY - 3/22/22
The Principles of Pleasure - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 3/22/22
Love Like the Falling Petals - NETFLIX FILM - 3/24/22
Bridgerton: Season 2 - NETFLIX SERIES - 3/25/22
Transformers: BotBots - NETFLIX FAMILY - 3/25/22

Ryan Gosling's K in blade runner 2049

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New On Netflix The Week Of March 26: Blade Runner 2049, The Imitation Game, And More

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Blade Runner 2099 is currently in development, with Ridley Scott’s involvement, its cinematic prequel looks to be changing homes yet again. This week, Blade Runner 2049 will be coming to Netflix, exploring the boundaries of human and machine in breathtaking detail. Another study in contrast is offered, as this week also offers the Benedict Cumberbatch starring biopic The Imitation Game, portraying mathematician Alan Turing's work on cracking the Enigma code during World War II.

Blade Runner 2049 - 3/26/22
King of Thieves - 3/26/22
The Imitation Game - 3/28/22
Thermae Romae Novae - NETFLIX ANIME - 3/29/22
Mighty Express: Season 6 - NETFLIX FAMILY - 3/29/22
Mike Epps: Indiana Mike - NETFLIX COMEDY - 3/29/22
All Hail - NETFLIX FILM - 3/30/22
Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 3/30/22
Casual: Seasons 1-4 - 3/31/22
Super PupZ - NETFLIX FAMILY - 3/31/22

Netflix logo

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New On Netflix TBD March 2022: 

Rounding out March 2022’s lineup of Netflix newcomers are a couple of undated titles. Keep your eyes peeled for when these fresh fish are added to the tank, as there’s no telling when they’ll arrive. 


March 2022 has a fantastic spread to offer to loyal Netflix customers, and the stuff we’ve highlighted above isn’t even the full lot. My Best Friend’s Wedding, V for Vendetta, and Zoolander are just some of the other titles you can expect to enjoy in the month to come. As such, don’t forget to check back with this schedule frequently, as titles are subject to change and availability. Until next time, stream safely, and please time travel responsibly. 

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