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Never Say Never: A James Bond Show Is Heading To Prime Video, Just Not In The Way You'd Expect

Daniel Craig's James Bond wearing snazzy suit in Skyfall
(Image credit: MGM)

Now that Amazon and MGM have officially merged into one corporate entity, it’s time for some new and exciting projects to be announced in the wake of such an occasion. Though admittedly, the last thing anyone would expect was for a streaming series connected to the legacy of the James Bond movies to be on the docket. Which makes this latest announcement another case that proves never saying never is a strong 007 tradition, as Prime Video is about to welcome a Bond streaming series to its platform; just not in the way you’d expect.

Staying true to Barbara Broccoli’s commitment to avoid big budget James Bond narrative series, the newly announced 007’s Road to a Million skirts the issue quite creatively as a reality competition show. Fans should probably think of this new series as The Amazing Race but with a very Bond-ian spin. According to Variety, two-person teams will take on various physical and knowledge-based challenges as they travel to several locations featured in the 007 movies, all in the name of a “£1 million cash prize.” 

Getting over the initial shock that Prime Video actually will be getting a James Bond streaming series, 007’s Road to a Million doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. Apparently, that a feeling that franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson agree with, as they’re also on board to help run this endeavor. It couldn’t have come along at a better time too, thanks to the 60th anniversary of 007’s cinematic legacy taking place in this very year. 

What better way for some lucky fans to celebrate than to experience something akin to the adventures of Commander Bond for themselves? There’s a wide variety of places 007’s Road to a Million could visit in its epic quest, with memories of the entire 25 movie run ready to be mined for a thrilling chase. 

Strangely enough, if those in charge of the show wanted to be a bit poetic in how they finished the show, they could always set the finale on the Farroe Islands. Thanks to the new memorial site for Daniel Craig’s James Bond, would-be Bonds could close their journey in the same location as No Time To Die’s bittersweet ending, albeit with a much happier conclusion. 

$1.3 million/£1 million isn’t exactly a tragic end result, though one could shed some happy tears knowing they could live the James Bond lifestyle. While it might not be enough to buy something like a hollowed out volcano lair, you could afford a first edition set of Ian Fleming novels, if such a lot ever found its way to the open market again. At the very least, anyone who saw our guide on the best gifts for 007 fans could treat themselves to several, if not all, of the items we suggested.  

As of this moment, there’s no specific start date set for 007’s Road to a Million, but the series is set to start on Prime Video sometime in the year to come. Applications are still being accepted for contestants, so don't delay on trying to get in on the fun yourself. For more information on all of the shows currently scheduled to debut in the current season of television, check out the 2022 TV schedule for the full rundown of what’s to come.

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