RIP James Bond: No Time To Die Fans Can Now Pay Their Respects To The Final Resting Place Of Daniel Craig's 007

In the world of the James Bond movies, killing the master spy is an occasion worth commemorating, be it in the name of celebration or mourning. Thanks to the explosive ending of No Time To Die officially retiring Daniel Craig’s 007, folks have been able to do just that, though from the safety of their own viewing space. Should you be someone who’d want to actually visit the fictional final resting place of Commander Bond in the real world, you’re in luck. There’s now a tour that’ll take you to the very spot where Bond bit the big one, complete with ocean view. 

Through the Guide to the Farroe Islands website, fans of Ian Fleming’s legendary creation can now book what’s being called “the official James Bond tombstone tour.” On this seven hour excursion, a guided tour will take participants through the sights and sounds of Kalsoy island, where No Time To Die filmed its sequences involving the evil lair of Rami Malek’s Safin. The main attraction is the very spot where James Bond stood in his last moments, as that is now the spot of a tombstone honoring the man himself.

Oddly enough, this new tourist attraction has James Bond dying at the age of 60, with his grave stating his “birth” as occurring in 1962. While that does indeed lineup with the 60th anniversary milestone of Dr. No’s release in that very year, there’s a slight discrepancy when it comes to Daniel Craig himself. Though history seems to suggest Craig was born to play Bond, he was actually born in 1968 - six years after that cinematic achievement.

Historical accuracy aside, to be able to tour the location of No Time To Die’s climatic events sounds like a trip that a true 007 fan would be willing to take. While there’s absolutely an emotional memory attached to Kalsoy island’s memorable location, you’ll have to go elsewhere to actually tour the grounds that were used for the film’s Guinness World Record breaking explosion. That piece was filmed in Salisbury, only to be digitally combined with the Farroe Islands footage; so if you want the complete experience, that should be noted.

It might seem a bit morbid to visit the spot that James Bond finally realized his number was up. Memorials of mortality certainly aren’t for everyone, no matter how beautiful the locale. That being said, if you’ve got all the vacation time in the world, and you're up for the journey, you can take in the breathtaking view of Bond’s bittersweet final moments for yourself. Just don’t forget to bring a selfie stick, in case you want to reenact Daniel Craig’s bittersweet look up at the sky.

No Time To Die is currently available for rental and purchase, on both physical and digital medium. While you’re waiting for the next James Bond to be named, why not check some upcoming spy movies and TV shows that are heading to screens in 2022? Or better yet, check out the year’s full list of upcoming movies, in case you’d like a breather from the action and adventure of the espionage world.

Mike Reyes
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