Of Course, Ryan Reynolds Is Doubling Down On His Vin Diesel Joke In Red Notice

If you’re a fan of Ryan Reynolds’ particular style of comedy, then odds are you’ve already seen Netflix’s Red Notice. While the Deadpool actor has to share the limelight with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot in the film, he’s still able to deliver an absolute avalanche of one liners that are sure to get you laughing. One of the best bits, a swipe at Vin Diesel, Reynolds is now following up on. He’s still claiming the Fast & Furious actor auditioned for Cats.

The official Netflix Twitter account tweeted out the set up and punchline to one of the better jokes in Red Notice. Where Dwayne Johnson is going to tell Reynolds what he thinks is funny, but he responds with his own hilarious idea: Vin Diesel auditioning for the ill-fated film adaptation of the Broadway musical Cats. The Deadpool star says it’s no joke, it’s real. 

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I’m pretty sure that Ryan Reynolds is still joking here. I hope he’s still joking. Unless he’s not and this tape is real and if it is I need to see it. Considering how absolutely meme-worthy the actual movie was, an audition that didn’t make it would almost have to be something even more hilarious.

The joke likely has some extra punch considering that it was made with Dwayne Johnson, a man who has a history with Vin Diesel. The two made a few Fast & Furious movies together but had a pretty public falling out while filming The Fate of the Furious. This also led to an equally public call from Diesel to try to get Johnson back in the franchise. There’s no indication the Rock is listening. It would not be too much of a surprise if it turned out that Ryan Reynolds thought of this joke specifically because he wanted to make a reference that broke the fourth wall a bit 

At the same time, the idea that Vin Diesel might have auditioned for Cats isn’t actually as crazy as it might sound. The actor has made noise in the past about actually wanting to make a musical, and his singing voice isn’t that bad. It may be unlikely that there is a real Vin Diesel audition tape for Cats, but it is not impossible. 

The real question is, who do you think Vin Diesel could have played in Cats? I feel like Macavity is the obvious choice, right? Idris Elba played the role in the movie and so changing out Elba for Diesel puts an actor who makes a lot of similar movies (Elba was in the Fast & Furious spinoff) in the role.

Will Vin Diesel ever make his musical? If he truly wants to do it, it seems more than likely that it will happen. Of course, if it does, and if it’s actually good, this joke will actually get a bit less funny. 

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