Ryan Reynolds Has A Message For The Fans After Netflix’s Red Notice Hit’s #1

The success of Netflix films has come under scrutiny lately over some questionable metrics. Recent films like Red Notice have served as a test for the streamer’s new method for measuring success. With the star power of Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, the action-comedy proved to be a gigantic success for the streaming platform. The film even set a record for Netflix films, which elicited a response from Reynolds. The Red Notice star decided to give fans props for making the comedy/ action movie a runaway success.  

The Red Notice star took to Instagram to celebrate the film’s tremendous milestone. Netflix subscribers appeared to love the movie as Ryan Reynolds revealed the hours watched on the streamer. Of course, Reynolds couldn’t help but use his trademark humor in acknowledging the action comedy’s momentous success. While humor was at the forefront, Reynolds showed his heartfelt appreciation to viewers in the post below:

Reynolds had to throw a little shade toward Netflix’s new metric by mentioning viewers’ hours in his appreciation post. While the Deadpool icon used his signature humor, he also got honest about making a film during the pandemic. That was obvious in shouting out the crew for making the filming process possible during “a very fucked year.” So the Free Guy star was grateful to the Red Notice crew and viewers for the film becoming a monumental success.

It was the Red Notice star’s photos that made the milestone even more special. Ryan Reynolds highlighted the time and effort that went into creating the action-comedy. Making the film seemed to be fun and taxing as evident by some of his photos with the cast and crew. The Deadpool star and his co-stars already gave fans a peek into their on-set experience. All that demanding work paid off as the action-comedy had the best opening weekend on Netflix. For that reason he and co-stars Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot had already celebrated the film’s success.

Ryan Reynolds' appreciation post was a shift in his time on the Red Notice set. The Hollywood star jokingly admitted to wasting time and money while shooting the much-delayed film. Despite facing shutdowns and tough times finishing the film, audiences were here for the release, unlike the mixed response from critics. But the action-comedy proved to be a tremendous success for Netflix and its A-list stars.

Hopefully, the film’s success will translate into a possible sequel for Ryan Reynolds and his co-stars after his acting break ends. Even after Reynolds’ break, it might be some time on sequel news given Johnson and Gadot’s busy schedules. Despite his break, Reynolds still has multiple projects set for release over the next year. Viewers can continue to watch the intense action and witty humor by streaming Red Notice on Netflix.

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