Red Notice: The Funny (But Not Funny) Way Ryan Reynolds ‘Wasted Millions’ Of Netflix’s Budget

Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson in Red Notice
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix’s Red Notice, a globe-trotting blockbuster, brings together some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. In it, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds finally get a chance to share the screen together, and the results are sure to amount to a fun film. Of course, such a cinematic experience takes a lot of cash to make, and the streamer certainly has more than enough to spend. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the powers that be want any of their money to be squandered. And unfortunately for them, Reynolds apparently “wasted millions” in a funny (but not so humorous) way. 

Comedy is a major part of the upcoming film, and the Deadpool actor definitely delivers in that regard. Though it would seem that there was a slight drawback to the Canadian actor’s hilarious presence on set. Gal Gadot recently explained that it wasn’t easy to keep a straight face whenever her co-star was around:

We broke so many takes. [Ryan] waits around the corner waiting to break us.

It’s easy to imagine that the jokes flew fast and frequently on the set of the blockbuster and, given who was making them, they were surely great. Still, time is money when you’re working on a major Hollywood production. During their interview on The Jonathan Ross Show, Ryan Reynolds confirmed that he did indeed ruin more than a few takes during the shoot. And it sounds like it was pretty costly for the streamer:

We wasted millions of Netflix’s dollars on laughing and just goofing around on set.

This isn’t the first time there’s been word of on-set distractions amid production on Red Notice. The Free Guy star previously confirmed that both he and co-star (and longtime friend) Dwayne Johnson were both responsible for messing up takes. The actor contended, however, that such camaraderie makes for a good movie. Sometime later, Johnson also acknowledged the hilarious slip-ups but doesn’t seem to regret them, either.

It’s great that the cast had such a nice time with each other and, given the circumstances surrounding the production, laughs probably weren’t a bad thing. The film originally began shooting in January 2020, though things changed due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, filming was halted that March, before things ramped up again by September of that same year. The stark change in atmosphere was likely jarring for the cast and crew at the time, and jokes may have helped lighten the mood. 

In that case, maybe Netflix ought to thank Ryan Reynolds and his colleagues for keeping morale up, huh? I mean, when faced with adversity, it certainly doesn’t hurt to laugh. But even if the execs don’t see it that way, I’m sure all of the work the cast did will pay off when the movie releases. Because one would assume that plenty of movie buffs will be checking out the flick when it hits the streamer on November 12th.

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