Ryan Reynolds' The Adam Project Has Hit Yet Another Major Netflix Milestone

The Adam Project
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As we wait for Ryan Reynolds’ next outing as Deadpool in the coming third superhero film, the actor has proved to be a huge draw for audiences for original action-packed IPs. His latest movie being The Adam Project for Netflix, which debuted to massive viewing numbers when it premiered on streaming one month ago. Now it has cemented itself as an all-time success, having just hit another major milestone for Netflix. 

The streaming giant gauges its most popular films and television shows of all time by the viewing numbers of each original release within its first 28 days of release. The numbers are in for The Adam Project, and Ryan Reynolds’ time travel adventure is now among its most popular English-language films of all time. The Adam Project now sits in fourth place, with over 233 million viewing hours from subscribers, per Netflix

The Adam Project replaced 2020’s Extraction, which was previously in the fourth spot before Ryan Reynolds’ family science-fiction movie arrived this past month. It is the third movie starring the Deadpool actor in the top 10 list, with Red Notice currently sitting at No. 1 with 364 million viewing hours during its debut this past November. The Reynolds-led 6 Underground is in the No. 9 spot with 205 million viewing hours within its first 28 days. 

Mark Ruffalo, the actor who played Ryan Reynolds’ father in The Adam Project, shared some love for the big news. Check it out: 

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The No. 2 spot on Netflix belongs to 2022 Best Picture nominee Don’t Look Up, and 2018’s viral hit Bird Box is in the third spot. Sandra Bullock is the other star to have two of her movies on the Netflix top 10, with The Unforgivable at No. 6. Imagine if Bullock and Reynolds re-teamed after The Proposal? The numbers seem to indicate it could theoretically be one of the biggest Netflix movies of all time if it existed. Fingers crossed that happens someday!

Among the other most popular original films from the streaming service are Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman from 2019, and The Kissing Booth 2 and Spenser Confidential, both from 2020, round out the list. This week, another new release also arrived on the most popular list, except for the English TV section. Bridgerton Season 2 has the third best debut of all time in terms of originals at 560 million viewing hours. The first season of the regency-era series is at No. 1, and Stranger Things 3 sits between them at No. 2. 

It’s been an especially big month for Netflix with these incredibly popular titles, but the most popular Netflix list certainly shows that Ryan Reynolds in particular has become an especially beloved star on the platform. We'll continue to pass along any other major news items about the actor.

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