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SEAL Team’s Justin Melnick Shares Sweet Post About Working On The Paramount Plus Show

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Military drama SEAL Team is back in action and continuing to release Season 5 episodes on Paramount+. The show has gone on quite the roller coaster to get to where it is now, previously with an uncertain future on CBS before moving platforms to the streaming service. Working on a show like SEAL Team is definitely an adventure, at least according to star Justin Melnick. 

Melnick, who portrays Brock on the CBS-turned-Paramount+ series, took to Instagram just days after SEAL Team came back from its winter hiatus to share a sweet post about working on the military drama. The actor posted a short clip of his character in action on a train, while his caption talked more about working on the show:

Watching Seal Team is fun but working on Seal Team is an adventure.. truly one of the most enjoyable endeavors of my life. Thankful for that #sealteam #tvshow #slowissmoothsmoothisfast #m18

SEAL Team's move to Paramount+ has given the cast and crew more leg room when it comes to the storylines and the action involved. Over the summer, Justin Melnick even opened up about getting to do some crazy stunts on the show. Training and stunts are all part of the gig and it seems like Melnick is more than grateful for the job he has.

It took a while for SEAL Team to get picked up for a fifth season, even when CBS was renewing shows in waves. It looks like the cast is cherishing their time on the series, and looking forward to whatever is next. Hopefully it won’t take too long for Paramount+ to announce a cancellation or renewal, and I’m hoping it’s the latter.

Justin Melnick’s post about the series just shows how much SEAL Team means to him. Even though he doesn’t say much, the series being “one of the most enjoyable endeavors” of his life is pretty sweet. Considering that there was a time when it seemed like fan campaigns were the only hope for the show to return beyond Season 4, it's nice to see that he's so enthusiastic. Check out his full post:

It will be interesting to see how the remaining episodes of Season 5 will go, especially with the team on their long mission. Being away from family is starting to get to them, and Jason’s condition seems to be worsening. Maybe Brock can get even more screen time since some of Bravo may be occupied with other worries on their minds. Justin Melnick seems to be grateful either way.

New episodes of SEAL Team drop on Sundays on Paramount+, where there will be even more action from Justin Melnick and the whole Bravo crew! Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 winter and spring schedule to see what else is coming out this year!

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