The Sweet Way Paramount Plus Celebrated SEAL Team’s Big Move To Streaming

Military drama SEAL Team has officially made the move from network TV to streaming after the first two episodes of a big three-part arc. And to celebrate Bravo Team’s big move to Paramount+, the streamer is giving fans a very sweet promotion to honor those who have fought for the country. 

Justin Melnick, who plays Brock on SEAL Team, took to Instagram to celebrate the show’s transition from CBS to Paramount+. In his message, he noted that veterans will be able to get Paramount+ for free for a whole month. It’s a sweet way to honor the brave men and women who risk their lives and that SEAL Team portrays:

So, how does one get free Paramount+ for a month? According to the SEAL Team official Twitter, all one has to do is use promo code VETERANS. This will give fans access to four new episodes in the time that their subscription will be free. And also gives them plenty of time to catch up on the entire series from the beginning. SEAL Team’s jump to Paramount+ was set up on CBS with the first part of the three-part event that would eventually move to the streamer for the third installment. 

So far not much has changed for SEAL Team in its first Paramount+ episode, just the fact that we finally got David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes to drop the f-bomb not once, but twice right after the other. It was a breath of fresh air and makes me wonder just who would have said what and how many times throughout the first four seasons on CBS.

The way that SEAL Team and Paramount+ are celebrating the series’ move is so sweet and really honors the veterans. Earlier this year, David Boreanaz spoke about the transition to streaming and how with it, they’re able to tell more authentic stories of military men and women. More so, a recent episode of SEAL Team revolved around the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and showcased what that time was like for Bravo Team and what it’s like for them now. They even had permission to film at the 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan and it was a beautiful tribute.

New episodes of SEAL Team are still dropping on Sundays, so luckily that’s not changing, only it’s early in the morning and not primetime. It will be interesting to see how Bravo Team does in their new position but hopefully they will become a mainstay on the streamer. Make sure to get one month free on Paramount+ by entering the code VETERANS and don’t miss new episodes on Sunday! For more of what's happening on TV now and in the coming weeks, check out our fall TV premiere schedule

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