Sebastian Stan Reveals Pam And Tommy Writers Originally Wanted An Avengers Co-Star To Voice Tommy Lee's Penis

Tommy Lee playing drums in Pam & Tommy
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When it comes to biopic-geared TV projects, it’s hard to think of any that can directly compare with Hulu’s Pam & Tommy, which was essentially an invasion-of-privacy case that centered on one of the entertainment world’s most headline-friendly couples in Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. The dramedy’s caper-like approach was fun, but the series worked best when scenes focused on the brilliant and body-enhanced performances from stars Lily James and Sebastian Stan. But of all the real-life moments that Pam & Tommy dramatized for Hulu subscribers, one of the most bizarrely memorable (and complicated to film) scenes involved Stan’s Tommy engaging in a reflective conversation with his own penis. And as it turns out, the creative team inquired about one of the actor’s MCU co-stars taking on the voice role. 

As Sebastian Stan explained it, Pam & Tommy’s creative team actually asked his opinion on getting now-former Captain America portrayer Chris Evans to add “voicing Tommy Lee’s penis” to the old highlight reel. As viewers now know, Brooklyn Nine-Nine vet and How Did This Get Made? co-host Jason Mantzoukas was the extremely logical choice that the producers eventually went with. Stan explained that he wasn’t aware who would get the part when the scene was filmed, saying this to Awards Daily:

He actually wasn’t there on the day. We didn’t know who we were going to get at that point. The guys, I think, called me at one point and were like, ‘What do you think? Do you think Chris Evans would do this with you?'

Just for a brief moment, let’s all let it settle in that there’s a realm in the multiverse somewhere that includes a Pam & Tommy season in which Chris “Good Ol’ Steve Rogers” Evans could have had a conversation with Bucky Barnes’ portrayer from the point of view of a newsworthy penis. It takes some mental hurdles to truly make the Marvel synergy work, but it’s worth it. 

Alas, we’ll never know what that experience is like, and may never know what Chris Evans would have thought about the offer, since it was Stan himself who drew the line and said he wouldn’t be relaying that offer. In his words:

I was like, ‘I’m not calling him, OK? I can’t ask him to do this.' But anyway, we didn’t even know if that scene was gonna make it, period. But again, word for word, line for line, it’s what was written.

The scene in question actually comes from Tommy Lee’s memoir Tommyland, although it’s probably safe to assume that the Mötley Crüe drummer wasn’t very fond of how it played out, similar to how he wasn’t very fond of anything regarding the Hulu series. But would he have been swayed by the idea of Chris Evans voicing his genit…okay, yeah, that probably wouldn’t have made him change his mind at all.

Fans shouldn’t expect to see Lily James reprising any other famed personalities in the future, such was her experience on Pam & Tommy, and it’s likely we won’t see Sebastian Stan back in the role of Tommy Lee for any follow-ups. But here’s hoping we get to see him again one day as Bucky Barnes alongside Anthony Mackie’s new Captain America on the big screen. 

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