Sex/Life Season 2: Where All The Relationships Stand After Season 2

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Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Sex/Life Season 2. Grab your penis pumps and skedaddle if you haven’t finished all of the episodes yet!

Well, if one thing is certain, it’s that everyone with a Netflix subscription who was waiting on another sensual season of Sex/Life definitely got what they were looking for when the super successful show came along earlier in March. The series left fans with some major questions after that big Season 1 cliffhanger ending, which left us all wondering what would be next for nearly two full years. 

Now that everyone has had a chance to see who, exactly, Billie finally ended up with (whether you like her choice or not), and what else the Sex/Life characters got up to, it feels like a good time to just break down where all of the romantic entanglements were left by the time the credits rolled on the final episode of the sophomore season. Here we go! 

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Billie And Cooper

As you probably recall, Billie really tried to reinvest in her marriage to Cooper after all of her obsessing over her bad boy ex, Brad, in Season 1. She spent about six months trying to make her married-Connecticut-mother-of-two life work, but the final moments of the season saw her go running all the way back to NYC and Brad’s apartment. That led to the final, real, end of her relationship with Cooper, who’d put a tracking device on her phone and knew where she’d gone. 

The formerly happy couple was completely split up for all of the second season (though Coop did seem to sorta want her back at one point), and eventually divorced. However, after he hit rock bottom, leading to his arrest, rehab, and some really good therapy, they were finally able to be friends and happily co-parent together, as both moved on with other romances. Therapy for the win!

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Cooper, Franchesca, And Emily

Oooh, boy! This was tangled for a while. We saw previously that Coop and his boss, Franchesca, were hot for one another, but it wasn’t clear whether or not they crossed a line while he was still married to Billie. Seeing as how the early minutes of Season 2 saw the parents split up, Coop and Franny were then free to explore their feelings, and they did…all over the elevator and conference room at their workplace, which led to Franchesca getting fired and Coop quitting in solidarity.

He was still spinning out over what happened with Billie, and eventually tanked his new romance by cheating with a number of strangers, and then abandoned Fran for days by cutting off contact. Franchesca dumped him (You go, girl!), and he later had the drug-fueled day with Devon that led to his arrest and rehabilitation. Cooper was then clear-headed enough to find his long-ago ex-girlfriend, Emily, at her apartment, where he confessed his love/previous stupidity in front of her assembled friends, and ended the season by telling Billie he was going to propose to Em. Yay!

billie and majid on sex/life

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Billie And Majid

I was a very happy camper when Billie’s surprise trip in the first season’s finale was shown to have ended with Brad turning her down because he was with someone else (we’ll get to that in a bit). She soon found herself living in New York again, and convinced by Sasha to go out and have some fun. On the ladies first night on the town post-Billie’s breakup with Coop, she meets Majid (new Sex/Life cast member Darius Homayoun), and while it took her a little bit of time to warm up to him, they did begin dating.

They were blissfully happy for a time (minus that major hiccup with one of his investors), but Billie then realized that her relationship with Majid was completely separate from her life as a mom, and that wouldn’t do if they were going to date long term. She was slowly introducing him to her kids, but when he stupidly took her eldest to his restaurant without telling her, which led to the boy being lost for several hours, they both agreed that he wasn’t the right fit for someone with kids and parted ways amicably.

brad and gigi on sex/life

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Brad And Gigi

So, why did Brad turn down Billie’s generous demand that he sleep with her after she surprisingly showed up at his place in the Season 1 finale? Gigi, the young model he’d begun dating as Billie tried to make things work with Cooper, whom Brad was already expecting a baby with.

Lest you think that this new relationship meant that Brad was a changed man, know that he was clearly not totally on board with either being a father or sticking it out with good ol’ Geege, even after she had hot pregnancy sex with him. Gigi soon caught on to the fact that Brad and Billie still wanted to engage in sexytimes with each other, and despite her efforts to keep them apart, in the wake of her giving birth (and Brad’s beyond trash behavior toward her) she left him. Making this next pairing possible…

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Billie And Brad

I’m not going to go into too many details here. It just…hurts too much, OK? So, Billie was dating Majid and Brad was with Gigi, eventually marrying her to try to prove his commitment. After months apart (and their respective breakups), where Billie became a fully realized independent woman who didn’t constantly measure her happiness by what man she was/wasn’t with, she and Brad saw each other again at Sasha’s wedding.

As you can imagine, they still had pants-feelings for one another, started dating again, and then ended the season with them getting (sigh…) married, after Billie tells Brad at the altar that she’s pregnant. I HATE THIS.

sasha and alex on sex/life

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Sasha And Alex

You remember Alex, right? The Season 1 guy we saw briefly at the end, when Sasha introduced him to Billie and Cooper, showed that he’d proposed to her, and announced that she was considering getting married to him. No? Oh, right, he’s the guy that Sasha kept going on about who was really good at choking her while they were having sex. Yeah! Now you remember him!

Well, as I suspected, Sasha ended up turning down that proposal, and began dating a new-to-us ex-boyfriend.

sasha and kam's wedding on sex/life

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Sasha And Kam

Not to be outdone in the drama or sexytimes department, Sasha accidentally ran into her college ex, Kam, while being interviewed about her book, and they rekindled their romance. It was frequently fraught with fights over him wanting to give up her life to fit in their relationship, and her fears of being held down by having a steady partner. The finale saw Kam make a career sacrifice so that he could stay by Sasha’s side in New York, and theirs was the wedding that reunited Billie and Brad.

devon and trina on sex/life

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Devon And Trina

These two are beyond messy. After many mistakes were made during that Season 1 trip to a sex party with Billie and Cooper, it was very clear that Devon and Trina were anything but the happily experimental couple they pretended to be. This season revealed that Trina was (like Billie) feeling stifled by her time as a stay at home mother in Connecticut, as she tried to go back to work without telling her misogynistic pig of a husband. That led to her becoming a part of Cooper’s downfall, when they attempted to have some meaningless sex, only for his oldest child to walk in on them and call Billie.

She and Billie made things right a short time later at Caroline’s birthday spa party, and Billie’s support of her desire to make “bold choices” led to Trina leaving Devon, telling him wanted a divorce, and working as a “vaginal workouts for better sex” instructor. Devon, for his part, had his penis bitten off by a sex worker, and was pleased as punch in the finale to have a reconstructed unit with a brand new pump.

caroline and sven on sex/life

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Bonus: Caroline And Sven

Never in a million years could I have predicted this. While it was clear in the first season that Caroline, another Connecticut stay at home mom, was thrilled by all of Billie’s talk of Brad and how she was shaking up her life, it didn’t seem like she was particularly interested in having many of her own adventures. 

Season 2 showed us the truth, though, as her birthday spa party revealed her favorite masseuse, the hunky Sven, whom Caroline was forced to admit she’d been letting pleasure her on a regular basis for several months. The last we see of her, she’s eating dinner with her husband and kids when the notice for her next appointment comes through, and she confirms it. WOW.

You can rewatch both Sex/Life seasons (opens in new tab) on Netflix right now.

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