Ok, I'm All Caught Up On Sex/Life Season 2 And I Have Some Serious Thoughts About Who Billie Ended Up With

billie on sex/life season 2
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Warning: There are many SPOILERS TO COME for Sex/Life Season 2, so put your clothes on now and get out of the locker room if you haven’t finished all six episodes! 

Well, after waiting nearly two full years, everyone with a Netflix subscription has finally been able to see what became of Billie, Sasha, Brad, Cooper, and everyone else who was involved in some sexy shenanigans on the hit series, Sex/Life. Billie’s Season 1 ending left fans on a major cliffhanger, so everyone who loved the wild ride of the first installment has been very eager to see what would come next.

Now that I’ve been able to watch all of Sex/Life Season 2 (not gonna lie, I watched it all in one night), I have to say that I’m really disappointed in the ending, despite it wrapping on an overall positive note that cleared up a some of the problems I had with the first season. So, let’s dig into my thoughts on who our sexually adventurous leading lady ended up with, shall we? 

billie and brad marry on sex/life season 2

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Who Billie Ended Up With

Sigh…OK, I was sorta planning a whole preamble for this, but instead I’m just going to get right to what I see as the biggest shock of the entire season (that finale locker room scene be damned). It’s Brad. Billie. Ended up. With BRAD.

Surprisingly (and thankfully), there wasn’t as much back and forth with Billie and her ex-boyfriend in the second season, as compared with the freshman outing. In fact, Brad was mostly off camera, as he tried to get used to his new relationship with Gigi (Sex/Life cast newcomer Wallis Day), his quickly approaching parenthood as she prepared to give birth to his first kid, and their marriage. Billie began dating Majid (Darius Homayoun) as she and Cooper were in the process of getting divorced, but she (and her new love) eventually realized that the responsible parent side of her life just wasn’t right for their romance, so she had to let him go.

When Billie was in Brad’s orbit, it was clear that both still had mega hots for one another, with the music exec still being super shady with regards to how he treated her and women overall (which I’ll talk more about later). By the finale, Cooper and Billie were officially divorced and he’d learned some powerful lessons so that they could co-parent on good terms, and Billie spent some time without a boyfriend or dating as she completed grad-school.

But then (again, siiiiiiiighhhhhhhhh), Brad drags his ass out to Sasha and Kam’s (Cleo Anthony) wedding, where he, of course, runs into Billie. They rekindle their romance, and in the final minutes, actually get married after she whispers to him at the altar to let him know she’s once again carrying his child.

Yeah, SIGH.

billie on sex/life season 2

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This Ending Isn’t As Happy As It Seems And I Hate It

That’s right. I said it! Billie should not be with Brad, despite the fact that the show has consistently (especially in Season 2) tried to set the couple up as the ultimate, “relationship goals,” endgame for both of these characters. As I said, we can clearly see that they’ve still got all the pants feelings for each other, but at no point does it really seem like it’s gone beyond a desire for a more thrilling sex life for Billie or a need to simply have someone he’s not supposed to (because of their other respective romantic relationships) for Brad.

I hate this ending and don’t see it as a happy one, mainly because I cannot tell that these two dummies actually love each other. Even when they’re standing, all smiles, at the altar, I can’t help but think each is just obsessed with the other, and there will always be major problems between them because of it.

brad on sex/life season 2

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We See No Growth From Brad Throughout The Season

Here’s what’s weird about this Billie/Brad conclusion. The show managed to actually redeem Cooper and make him a better person capable of being a more loving partner, while we got none of that from Brad.

I know what you’re probably thinking, “But, he took his baby son to the park all by himself! He’s a good dad!” Unfortunately, all that shows is how low our bar for men really is, because the absolute least a father can do is go places with their kid. Meanwhile, do we all remember when Brad told Gigi that he couldn’t “do this” (meaning be in a relationship with her or be a dad to their son) while she was pregnant, but she had earbuds in and didn’t hear him as she was looking over ultrasound photos, so he just pretended to be happy about not being with Billie anymore?

And, do we recall when he came on to Billie in the apartment he shared with his new, very pregnant wife, which was after Gigi had told him she didn’t want him to see his ex anymore? How about the time shortly after that, when Billie turned him down and he ignored the calls from his pregnant wife to brood about Billie, then when he finally picked up, was super salty before finding out that, yup, Gigi was only trying to contact him because she was in labor?

Y’all? This dude is still human trash incarnate by the time he and Billie marry (which is a year at most after his son was born, judging by the look of the kid at the wedding). Mark my words.

billie holds her accepted dissertation on sex/life season 2

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Billie Going Back To Brad After Maturing So Much Makes Her Growth Seem Like A Sham

There were shocking amounts of growth for pretty much everyone in Season 2, not just Cooper. Sasha realized she could have her amazing career and a real relationship. Kam saw that he was constantly expecting Sasha to give up her dreams for him and stayed in New York for her. Even Billie’s mom finally saw how she’d hurt her daughter for years and copped to the fact that it was her own highly sexed nature and how she was demeaned for it as a teen that led her to treat her daughter the same way.

So, as you might imagine, Billie also grew a lot. After she watches Cooper hit rock bottom and breaks up with Majid, she dedicates herself to spending some much needed time working on herself without the interference or expectations of a man, and appears to truly be very happy. She was no longer judging her life based on how she related to a guy, and saw that she had choices beyond any of her exes. Dumb Sasha made sure that Brad came to her wedding, however, and Billie immediately fell back in with him, making all her growth seem like a total sham.

It’s fine if she’s willing to forgive and forget all the terrible things Brad did, but that doesn’t mean you have to jump back into a full tilt relationship with the devil, girl!

billie graduates from grad school on sex/life season 2

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Billie Seemed Happy Without A Man For A While. Why Ruin That?

Why does a happy ending have to include Billie with a man? Sure, that’s the way for every romance novel, and I can only guess that those behind Sex/Life want us to view it in a similar way. However, as a romance reader I can tell you that we always see both characters who are supposed to end up together grow, admit their mistakes, learn from them, and then become even more committed to the love of their life. If the show wanted us to get that here, we should have spent some time getting to know a very much improved Brad.

I was thinking we’d get a little nod at the very end to Billie beginning to date again, which I believe would have been the perfect ending. As I said, Billie was happy without him, and forcing this marriage without seeing how Bad Brad had changed totally ruined the idea of them supposedly now entering into a stable relationship. 

Oh, well. Sex/Life is done for now, and though we have no word on whether or not we might get a third season, you can always relive the ups and downs of both seasons on Netflix or see what else is coming up in the 2023 Netflix TV show premieres.

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