Sex/Life Season 2: What We Know About The Netflix Drama

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Everyone with a Netflix subscription knows that the service is great at releasing television shows that capture people’s attention immediately and then keeps them talking for weeks after their initial binge is over. Summer 2021 saw the streamer add to its list of sexually explicit movies on Netflix with a series that fits that description: Sex/Life. Now, after getting viewers’ attention over a number of steamy scenes (and that wild Sex/Life Season 1 ending cliffhanger), Sex/Life Season 2 is bringing Billie’s (Sarah Shahi) sexual frustration and romantic confusion back to the small screen.

But, what exactly do we know about the upcoming season? Who’s in the cast? When will it debut? Well, prepare yourselves, because we have a list of what we know about the upcoming season waiting for you right here!

What Is The Sex/Life Season 2 Release Date?

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Tudum announced that Season 2 is all set to premiere on March 2nd! While it’s been quite some time since we’ve heard anything about the new episodes, we were finally granted this exciting info in early February 2023. This means that, as of this writing, we have less than a month to wait until we get to watch more of Billie’s sexy shenanigans.

You Can Watch The Trailer Right Now

Billie in Sex/Life

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With the premiere right around the corner, Netflix isn’t making us wait when it comes to showing fans footage of Season 2, and you can watch the official trailer right now. Take a look!

Well, well, well! Looks like things might be even steamier for the characters in the new installment, with pretty much everyone having new love interests, and I’m sure that viewers wouldn’t have it any other way!

The Main Cast Will Return

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Fans who loved the interplay of the four main characters need not fear that anyone will be left behind when Season 2 finally graces our TV screens, as Tudum also announced that each of those main Sex/Life cast members will return. So, we’ll be able to continue watching as Billie (Black Adam cast member Sarah Shahi) tries to reconcile her life with her (possibly too boring for her) husband, Cooper (Mike Vogel), with her lust for her not entirely trustworthy ex-boyfriend, Brad (Adam Demos), while telling most of her secrets to her long-time best bud, Sasha (Margaret Odette). 

In addition, the new season will also bring back recurring stars Jonathan Sadowski (Devon), Amber Goldfarb (Trina) and Li Jun Li (Francesca), and actress Meghan Heffern posted to Instagram at the end of April about bringing her character, Caroline, back for Season 2.

There Will Be Several New Recurring Cast Members

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As we saw in Season 1, several tangled romantic and sexual webs have been created by Billie, Brad, Cooper, and Sasha, meaning that it wouldn’t be unusual for new people to enter their orbits and stick around for a time. So, Season 2 will have some new recurring cast members. 

In late February 2022, Tudum announced that Craig Bierko (UnREAL), Cleo Anthony (She’s Gotta Have It), Darius Homayoun (Tehran), Dylan Bruce (Orphan Black), and Wallis Day (Krypton) will all be joining in on the fun this time around. A TV Insider report from the same time also said that Bierko will play someone named Mick, Anthony is set for a character called Kam, and Homayoun is portraying Majid, while Bruce and Day are playing Spencer and Gigi, respectively. We don’t yet know how their roles will impact the plot, though.

The Second Season Is A “Fairy Tale” That Broadens The Overall World

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This upcoming season will pick up where Season 1 left off, though we don’t know yet whether there will be any sort of time jump. According to Tudum, the show will continue to look at “femme identity and desire” while also expanding the world of the show, partly because of the addition of all those new characters. Creator and executive producer Stacy Rukeyser added:

That’s how we like Sex/Life — as a big, bold, unapologetic exploration of female desire, and a thrilling chance to tell the truth about our lives and the choices we all make in relationships, family, career and identity. This season is a fairy tale, full of hope and love and second chances. We never stop asking ‘What if?’ and our characters never stop striving to create the life (and the sex) of which they dream.

And I say bring. It. ON.

Sasha’s Love Life Will Be A Focus

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Last we saw Sasha, she was considering the marriage proposal from her sorta boyfriend, Alex, who we saw briefly at her book reading in the finale and who was known for, well, doing a really good job when it came to choking her when they had sex. But, there will be a shakeup in her love life for the new season, as Rukeyser told Tudum:

We have several exciting new faces in the mix — not the least of which is a hot new love interest for Sasha. She has always fiercely protected her independence, but when this undeniable man from her past shows up, he makes her question everything, including what it means to ‘have it all.’

Color me intrigued!

Sex/Life Season 2 Finished Filming In Spring 2022

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With us now having a teaser of Season 2 and it being ready to debut in just a few weeks, it should be no surprise that the show finished filming quite a while ago, in early 2022, in fact. Star Adam Demos posted to Instagram in late January 2022 about being ready to start filming on the new set of episodes soon, and when he spoke with Entertainment Tonight about his Netflix film, A Perfect Pairing (which debuted on May 19 of that year), he noted that they’d completed filming on his hot hit series just two weeks prior, putting it at a spring wrap date.

We Know The Title Of The Sex/Life Season 2 Finale

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At this time, we don’t know much about what will happen to Billie, her two men, or anyone else in Sex/Life Season 2, but we do know the title of the new season’s finale, to keep us guessing about all of the naughty twists and turns that might be involved. 

In January of 2022, Stacy Rukeyser (who’s also the showrunner) took to Twitter with a picture of the title page of the script for the Season 2 finale, which is called “Heavenly Day.” My guess is that the new season will end with a lot of major surprises, and that the title is at least slightly deceptive.

Star Adam Demos Said The Season Is ‘Crazy’

Brad on Sex/Life

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From the romantic turns, to the wild sex party episode, and that very memorable shower scene, most would agree that the freshman season of Sex/Life went pretty far, but, as he was chatting with ET, Adam Demos (who noted that they can’t get carried away by their naughty sex scenes) shared that Season 2 will actually be “crazy” in its own right. As he put it:

I can't say anything because it will ruin it, but it's crazy. It was a wild ride in season one, and they turned it up a lot. I don't think anyone's going to be disappointed, that's for sure.

WOW. Alright, folks, now I’m wondering what else could possibly happen over the course of Sex/Life Season 2 that would lead the already intense events to be turned up “a lot.”

Will there be an even bigger sex party scene? Does everyone get new sexual partners? Might Billie actually get a new romantic option (which is one of the things that would really make Sex/Life better in Season 2)? Are others going to be spied on as they bathe? Will Cooper and Brad have sex? Will the insane number of times I’ve already written “sex” to talk about this show not be enough to encompass all of the new sex that will be had by the characters in Sex/Life Season 2? Time will tell, and we don't have much longer to wait so that we can find out the answers to these questions and more!

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