Star Trek's Kate Mulgrew Is Excited About Teaming Up For A Secret Project, And I’m Hoping For More Janeway

Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager on Paramount+
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Star Trek’s Kate Mulgrew recently made a pilgrimage to Bloomington, Indiana, to see the Kathryn Janeway statue honoring her beloved character, and thankfully, the timeline was left intact. Fans of the franchise gathered to witness the big moment for the actress and the day of events that included a Q&A. During the Q&A, Mulgrew teased teaming up with an actor for a secret project, and I don’t think I’m alone in hoping it means more Janeway. 

Star Trek's Alex Kurtzman recently teased at New York Comic-Con that there were ongoing discussions about bringing Kate Mulgrew’s Janeway back to the franchise in live-action. Anyone with a Paramount+ subscription can, of course, already see her animated Janeway in the Trek series Prodigy, but it’s possible something else involving her character is headed to the platform. That’s my hope at least, as Mulgrew gave a very cryptic response to a fan who asked if there was an actor she’s wanted to work with but hasn't yet, saying (via @OnlyTheJaneway):

Yes, and I’m going to say something and I’m going to regret it, I’m sure. Yes, there is somebody, but I’m going to be working with him. But I can say no more. I think life is very interesting, and very interesting things are happening. So to answer your question, yes, yes, and watch.

For the record, Kate Mulgrew didn’t say anything about Star Trek when talking about the above project. At the same time, she’s at a Star Trek event talking to fans of Voyager and other shows and telling them to keep an eye out. Then there’s all the earlier news combined with how she talked to CinemaBlend recently about a Voyager movie, so I’m officially wondering if these comments have anything to do with Trek

If these comments have anything to do with the franchise, which actor is Kate Mulgrew referring to? Surely there are a handful of Star Trek actors she hasn’t had a chance to collaborate with, and with crossovers as strange as the one with Lower Decks and Strange New Worlds, anything can happen. She might even have a cameo in the upcoming final season of Picard (which is loaded with returning talent), as I’m sure there are a few actors involved there she hasn’t had a chance to work with yet. 

One other possibility to consider is that someone unannounced will arrive in the upcoming episodes of Star Trek: Prodigy. That would be pretty exciting, even if it isn’t a live-action Janeway appearance. With that said, the second half of Prodigy is likely in the can and just waiting to release, so it would stand to reason there wouldn’t be discussions about anything happening unless we’re talking about Season 2. If only celebrities would give detailed and definitive answers about things studios don’t want them to talk about, this would be so much easier!

We can only wait and see what Kate Mulgrew may be referring to, but can obviously check out new episodes of Star Trek: Prodigy on Thursdays to get our Janeway fix in the meantime. Plus, there are plenty of new Trek shows on the way in case an announcement is far off.

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