Stranger Things Fans Are Nervous About Steve's Fate In Season 4, And The Duffer Brothers' Latest Comments Aren't Helping

Steve Harrington in Stranger Things.
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Following the drop of Vol. 1 of Stranger Things Season 4, fans were excited, yet scared for what could possibly be included in the final two episodes of the second-to-last season of the Netflix series. Perhaps one of the best parts of the show is Steve Harrington, jerk-turned-group mom, and fan-favorite character. However, after Steve found himself trapped in the Upside Down and attacked by Demobats, fans have the right to be concerned about him, and the Duffer Brothers are “excited” for what’s to come.

Matt and Ross Duffer, who serve as creators and executive producers of Stranger Things, discussed Steve’s prognosis with TV Line. Obviously, the character, portrayed by Joe Keery, has become popular and loved around the world, and after his stint in the Upside Down, fans are worried about what could possibly be in store for him. The Duffer Brothers are no help, however, as Matt explained his love for fans’ concerns:

Everybody’s always worried about Steve. I love it .We always have to beat Steve up somehow, so certainly the Demobats have done that job pretty well already this season.

I have to admit that there is just something about a character in danger that I enjoy, since I love being worried and concerned, as well as seeing other certain characters come to the rescue. However, Steve has gone through enough already, and I’d rather just have a fun spinoff with him and Dustin.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t look like it will be happening. While the Duffers didn’t expand on what Steve will be getting into, Ross did say that fans should definitely be concerned for the chaotic Stranger Things episodes. And with the two episodes setting up the upcoming fifth and final season, I am as concerned as ever. In Ross' words:

It feels wrong to say ‘excited,’ but I’m excited that people are concerned. And they should be concerned going into the final two episodes [of Season 4] — for everybody.

Stranger Things is known to go big or go home when it comes to season finales and seasons as a whole, which is what Season 4 has been like from the start. The show is also known for heartbreaking deaths and putting characters through more than they deserve. With Steve having a redemption arc and being a beloved character, it’s hard to tell just what will happen with him in Vol. 2. Hopefully Steve will survive into Season 5.

Meanwhile, the first part of Stranger Things Season 4 introduced its newest big bad, Vecna, and even included a guest role role from horror icon Robert Englund. The series also included one of the most talked-about scenes, with Sadie Sink taking center stage. It will be interesting to see how the last two episodes of the season top the first seven (if they do) and how they will set up Season 5.

Fingers crossed that the Duffer Brothers are just teasing and Steve is fine. Or, at the very least, he has no lasting side effects from the Upside Down. Because that place is terrible, and I would rather not have it terrorizing the characters anymore. Don’t miss Vol. 2 of Stranger Things Season 4 dropping on Friday, July 1 on Netflix!

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