The Best Movies With Lesbian Characters On Netflix

Rosamund Pike in I Care A Lot
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I’ve always enjoyed watching the variety of films that Netflix has to offer, from fantasy movies, to action films, and romantic comedies. There always seems to be something for everyone. With so many movies available to watch, there’s a plethora of options for any viewer who might want to see themselves represented on TV, and that includes several movies with characters who are part of the LGBTQ community - specifically, lesbians. 

There are so many amazing films with intriguing and awesome lesbian characters, like musicals, thrillers, romances, and so much more. If you’re looking for movies on Netflix that feature lesbian characters and stories, check out this list for some of the best that the popular streaming platform has to offer.

Ellie in The Half of It.

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The Half Of It

In this Netflix original film, The Half of It tells the story of Ellie, a teenage girl who ghostwrites papers and essays for kids in her class for a fee. But, when one of her peers asks her to ghostwrite love letters to a girl, named Aster, Ellie doesn't dare to admit to anyone that she has feelings for her, too. 

What I love about The Half of It is that it feels like one of those classic coming of age stories where everyone would find something to enjoy. You’ll look back on your time as a teenager, remembering how strange it was to find a first love, have that first kiss, and slowly learn to accept oneself. The modern love story of teenagers Ellie and Aster is underrated and deserves so much praise, especially for the young actresses involved. 

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The main cast in The Prom.

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The Prom

Ryan Murphy’s work expands to musicals with The Prom. In this adaptation of the broadway musical of the same name, The Prom is about a group of adults at a high school who are fighting for a young girl's right to be allowed to take her girlfriend to the prom. 

To be honest, I wish that The Prom got so much more hype than it received when it came out. As someone who grew up loving musical theater, the soundtrack is upbeat and fun and will get you dancing. The love story between Emma and Alyssa is believable, but also heartwarming, as they try to fight for what they believe in and be given the same rights as anyone else. Plus, the cast is star-studded, with the likes of Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Keegan-Michael Key, and others - talk about an amazing cast. 

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Two of the main characters in So My Grandma's A Lesbian.

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So, My Grandma’s A Lesbian

Moving onto another Netflix original film, So, My Grandma’s A Lesbian! follows the story of two elderly women who come out in their seventies and decide to get married to each other. However, this marriage threatens the plans of a young lawyer, who is trying to marry into an important and ultraconservative family. 

This movie is definitely hilarious, in more ways than one. I think the idea is just so funny. It’s all about someone trying to work their way up in the world but then this one instance might cause everything to fall apart, so there’s gotta be a way to fix things. What really takes the cake in this movie, though, is the relationship between Eva, the granddaughter, and Sofia, the grandmother. The love they have for one another, plus their story together makes this a great film to watch. 

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The two main characters in Duck Butter.

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Duck Butter

Next up, we have Duck Butter. Two women, who are dissatisfied with the dishonesty that they see in dating and relationships, make a pact to spend 24 hours together hoping to find a new way to somehow create intimacy. 

Duck Butter not only features an intriguing love story between the movie’s two leads, Alia Shawkat and Laia Costa, but also a very real story about the seriousness of relationships and the value of trying to look for a new way to spark joy and intimacy in one another’s lives. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, and oftentimes, there's a difficult road to seeing if things will work out.  

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Two of the main characters in To Each, Her Own.

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To Each, Her Own

Netflix really loves to make their own movies, because we have another original film from the streaming platform. In To Each, Her Own, a Jewish woman is planning on coming out as a lesbian to her conservative family. But, as she does so, she suddenly finds herself attracted to a man as well, questioning her decisions up to this point. 

While the comedy is great and will definitely make you laugh, To Each, Her Own offers a lot of topics to have a conversation about, such as the influence of religion on sexuality, gender, nationality, and everything else in-between. The love stories are enjoyable to watch develop, but To Each, Her Own grounds itself with its heartwarming messages. 

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Two of the main characters in Let It Snow.

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Let It Snow

In this Christmas movie, Let It Snow follows three separate storylines of teen romance during the Christmas season, when they all experience a huge snowstorm in the town of Gracetown during the Christmas season. 

As someone who read the novel when she was younger, Let it Snow is fun, wholesome, and filled with cute love stories that will warm your heart during the Christmas season. Featuring not just one LGBTQ relationship, but several others, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, mixed in with a talented young cast, including Kiernan Shipka from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina cast, Liv Hewson, Odeya Rush, and more. 

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Sam and Deena in Fear Street.

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The Fear Street Series 

Netflix decided to step into creating their own horror franchise, because that’s what Fear Street is all about. In this horror movie series, a circle of teenage friends encounter an ancient evil that has caused their whole town to be cursed and plagued with bad luck for over 300 years. Now, they’re trying to find a way to end it all.

Fear Street, all three parts, is the perfect example of what a campy, yet scarily good, horror movie series can be. The main relationship between Deena and Samantha is serious, and you can clearly see that they would do anything for each other to make sure the other comes out alive. Fear Street also feels like an homage to horror movies past, with references to classic horror films like Scream, Friday the 13th, Halloween, and so many others. If you’re a fan of horror, check out what’s down Fear Street. 

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The two main characters in Elisa and Marcela.

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Elisa & Marcela 

In this biographical romance, Elisa & Marcela tells the real-life story of Elisa Sanchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas, two women who posed as a heterosexual couple in Spain, in order to marry in 1901 at the Church of Saint George, becoming the first same-sex matrimony recorded in the country. 

What’s really cool about this film is that it’s all based on a real story. The love between Elisa and Marcela feels so authentic and raw, with how much they are willing to do just to be married and be together. But, then you remember that this was real life, and that these two women were trailblazers for everyone else that came after them and just wanted to be with the one they love. The story is fascinating, and speaks volumes about the strength of love and what you’re willing to do for it.  

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Rosamund Pike in I Care A Lot.

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I Care A Lot

Black comedies are certainly one of my favorite movies to watch, and I Care A Lot ranks high on that list. This film, starring the lovely Rosamund Pike, follows a con woman who makes a living serving as a court-appointed guardian, seizing the assets of vulnerable elderly people. But, in all her antics, she gets mixed up with the wrong person. 

I Care A Lot is a freaking fantastic movie. I feel like I can’t praise it enough. Rosamund Pike shines in her role, and it’s truly upsetting to me that she didn’t win an Academy Award for her portrayal. Her and Eiza González, who plays Fran, have electric chemistry together, and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. This is one of those movies where I don’t want to give too much away. You need to see it for yourself. 

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The two main characters in A Perfect Ending.

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A Perfect Ending

Lastly, we take a look at A Perfect Ending. In this movie, we follow a married mother of adult children, who is having an affair with a female escort. While her marriage is lackluster, the affair gives her a sense of romantic happiness that she has never experienced before. 

Out of all of the movies on this list, I won’t lie - A Perfect Ending made me tear up a bit. Then again, I’m a very emotional person and will cry at anything, but there was just something about the story between Rebecca and Paris, the two main characters of this movie. It’s a testament to trying to finding your own happiness, even when it seems so out of reach and the world seems bleak, made even better by good performances from Barbara Niven and Jessica Clark. It's not perfect, but it's still enjoyable to watch. 

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With so many options to choose from, I’m sure there’s something for everyone on this list. And, no matter what, you’ll be entertained and maybe have a few favorite new films on your hands.

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