The Bridgerton Cast Are Mostly Similar To Their Characters' Ages, But There Are A Few Notable Exceptions

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I’m sure that, by now, many of you have not only binged all of Bridgerton Season 2, but rewatched the whole smokin’ Regency shebang because you enjoyed it more than Bridgerton Season 1. While there are many things to wonder about with regards to the latest season, there is probably one thing that several fans have been thinking about, aside from the line they’re obsessing over: Just how old are these Bridgerton characters supposed to be, and do their portrayers' ages match up? Well, it turns out that several of the stars are close in age to their characters, but there are a few very notable exceptions.

Bridgerton Actors Who Play Characters Similar In Age

While it’s unlikely that Bridgerton Season 3 will be a part of the 2022 TV schedule, we can rest assured that all of our favorite actors will soon (probably) be hard at work filming the new season. And, there are actually quite a few of them who do play characters very close to their real life ages. 

BuzzFeed did a roundup of the main cast and many of the secondary characters, comparing their real ages and those of their characters based on what’s said in the novels and on the hit romantic drama. And, if you guessed that these actors were basically the same age as the people they play on Bridgerton, you were on the money:

  • Anthony Bridgerton (30) / Jonathan Bailey (33)  
  • Kate Sharma (26) / Simone Ashley (27) 
  • Benedict Bridgerton (28) / Luke Thompson (33)
  • Edwina Sharma (20) / Charithra Chandran (25)
  • Lady Agatha Danbury (60-70) / Adjoa Andoh (59)
  • Colin Bridgerton (23) / Luke Newton (29)
  • Daphne Bridgerton Basset (22) / Phoebe Dynevor (turns 27 in April 2022)
  • Lady Violet Bridgerton (48) / Ruth Gemmell (54)
  • Lady Portia Featherington (40s) / Polly Walker (55)
  • Mary Sharma (early 40s) / Shelley Conn (45)
  • Marina Thompson (18) / Ruby Barker (25)
  • Gregory Bridgerton (13) / Will Tilston (15)

OK, with the exception of Adjoa Andoh bumping right up against the lower end of the age range for her delightful Lady Danbury, there are a large number of Bridgerton actors who are pretty much the same age as the beloved characters they play on the show. Though, I will say, I was quite surprised to see that Luke Newton will be 30 in less than a full year from now. I’d like to know what moisturizer he uses, wouldn’t you?

Bridgerton Actors Who Play Characters Very Different In Age

Even though many of the performers and the fictional people they portray are close in age, there are some extraordinarily notable exceptions, which you may have already been able to assemble in your mind simply from the major players who do not appear on the above list. Ready to have your mind blown?

  • Penelope Featherington (18) / Nicola Coughlan (35)
  • Eloise Bridgerton (18) / Claudia Jessie (32)
  • Queen Charlotte (70) / Golda Rosheuvel (52)
  • Hyacinth Bridgerton (11) / Florence Hunt (15)

Ooooh weeeee! Talk about good use of moisturizer, right? Alright, let’s start with the last person on the list, Florence Hunt. While, technically, 15 isn’t that far apart in age from 11, everyone who’s made it past both ages will know that a lot of stuff changes big time from 11 to 15. And, if my quick search landed on the right information, even though Hyacinth herself is still quite young, she’s only a year away from being old enough to legally marry in Regency England. Hopefully, the show won’t see her married off quite so soon!

So, now we need to talk about Nicola Coughlan, Claudia Jessie, and Golda Rosheuvel, don’t we? I doubt many of you would have guessed that either Coughlan or Jessie, who are clearly playing teens on Bridgerton, could be well into their 30s, but here we are. Good on those ladies for probably using sunscreen even when they’re indoors for 24 full hours and it’s super cloudy outside. And, Rosheuvel? Well, bless her heart for playing our banging 70-year-old Bridgerton queen. The show wouldn’t be the same without her!

Speaking of Queen Charlotte, Netflix is getting right to work on the prequel spinoff series that will focus on her, Lady Danbury, and Lady Brigerton, having already set the cast and gotten down to business with the first table read. I can't wait!

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