The Flight Attendant: 6 Things To Remember Before Season 2

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It’s been well over a year since we were able to follow the wild, completely unplanned adventures of Cassie Bowden on the HBO Max hit dramedy, The Flight Attendant. The freshman season, which earned star/executive producer Kaley Cuoco her first ever Emmy nomination, followed the titular character as she became embroiled in a murder mystery after sleeping with one of her passengers. It gave viewers a number of exciting twists, explosive turns, and ended up being a hilarious dark comedy for a show about an alcoholic party girl who has to figure out whether or not she murdered someone while in a drunken stupor. 

Luckily for everyone awaiting the new season, The Flight Attendant Season 2 is set to hit the small screen on April 21 as part of the 2022 TV schedule. But, seeing as how it’s been a while since The Flight Attendant Season 1 ending, it seemed like a good idea to make sure that everyone recalls exactly what went down previously. So, here are the biggest things you should remember from The Flight Attendant before diving into Season 2!

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Cassie Didn’t Kill Alex Sokolov!

Well this was certainly good news, right? Once Cassie realized (quite quickly) that she had little idea of what happened during her night with Alex because she’d gotten so drunk, she did have serious concerns about whether or not she’d somehow killed him (particularly with her being a suspect for the FBI). As Cassie began to remember what went on during the entirety of that night, she was also doing her own investigation and putting the pieces together about who was really after Alex.

Eventually, we found out that Cassie’s new good-time lover, Buckley, was actually a very dangerous/potentially unstable contract killer named Felix, who was hired to get access to Alex’s money before offing him. Felix had also been following Cassie since the murder, because the info he got from Alex about his accounts was false, and the assassin assumed Cassie would have the info. Which, of course, led to even more difficult situations for Cassie.

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Cassie Escaped Felix/Buckley With Help From Some Friends!

Cassie wasn’t able to figure out who Buckley really was without help from an unusual source: Miranda, yet another dangerous person who’d been following Cassie in an attempt to get Alex’s money after his death. The two became unlikely allies, and Miranda helped come up with a plan to take down Felix/Buckley and get both her and Cassie out of trouble.

Unfortunately, that plan involved Cassie being bait and Miranda swooping in to kill Felix, and this did not go smoothly. Felix managed to subdue Miranda (more on her later) and Cassie’s Italian sometime-lover, Enrico. It seemed as though all was lost, until Cassie’s fellow flight attendant and friend, Shane, burst into the hotel room and saved everyone, revealing that he’d been an undercover CIA agent the whole time.

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Cassie Is Now Sober!

To be fair, a lot of fans probably took a closer look at their lives after watching the intense events of The Flight Attendant Season 1, so it makes total sense that Cassie would do the same. As one might expect, when someone wakes up next to a dead body and has no idea what happened because they were completely out of it from being drunk, that person can easily come to the realization that, you know, maybe they rely on adult beverages too much. 

Cassie spent the entire first season trying to remember what went on with Alex, while also dealing with her near constant need for alcohol and investigating the parts of her past that led to her drinking problem. When she survives the Felix threat and finally has her name cleared with the FBI, she stops drinking, joins AA, and has gotten her first sobriety chip by the last minutes of the finale. We’ll be seeing Cassie’s tense relationship with her mom during the second season, so that is sure to test her resolve to quit drinking.

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Megan Ran For Her Life!

You remember Megan, right? Cassie’s married close buddy who was also supervisor to their crew of flight attendants? Yeah, that’s her! Well, Megan seemed to also be a bit bored with her very domestic life, but instead of joining a club or taking a class, she decided to become a spy for the North Korean government.

It turned out that the reason Shane was undercover with Cassie’s flight crew is because of Megan’s activities. After a season of getting deeper and deeper into her illegal work and getting her husband in trouble because of it, Megan sees the error of her ways. She then leaves a bunch of money for her husband and son, along with a flash drive that will likely clear her innocent spouse, and takes off for parts unknown while the flight crew is in Rome. 

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Cassie Is Now A CIA Asset!

I think most of us can probably agree that Cassie did a pretty good job of both staying alive and investigating Alex’s murder in Season 1, right? Well, the CIA felt the same, because in the final minutes of the first season, Shane revealed to Cassie that his boss was asking about her for their “human asset” program, but also noted that “they’re not gonna give you a gun or anything.” Yay for new business opportunities, I suppose! 

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Miranda Is Still Alive!

Ah, that Miranda is a tricky one! But, that’s what happens when you’re paid good money to clean up big messes for important, rich people, which may lead to you killing folks if absolutely necessary, right? When Miranda’s inability to clean up after Felix got back to her boss, she also found herself on Cassie’s tail. But after learning that Cassie was way more in the dark than she originally thought, the two teamed up to fix things.

Their plan to take Felix down involved Miranda coming to Cassie’s aid, but instead, the savvy killer got to Miranda well before they could follow through, leaving her bloodied in Cassie’s hotel bathtub and appearing dead. But! Not only was Miranda not dead, she managed to quietly escape Cassie’s room as the flight attendant fought Felix. In the end, Miranda managed to slip Cassie a note to let her know that she finally got Alex’s account info and that she’d see Cassie soon. I can’t wait to find out what that means for Season 2! 

The Flight Attendant Season 2 has lots of surprises ready for fans when it debuts on Thursday, April 21, and it’s sure to continue being one of the best HBO Max originals!

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