Kaley Cuoco's The Flight Attendant Season 2 Is Adding Sharon Stone To Make Cassie's Life More Complicated

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A big name is joining the cast of The Flight Attendant for Season 2. The HBO Max thriller starring Kaley Cuoco will delve more into Cassie’s upbringing in Season 2, with Sharon Stone signing on to play Cassie’s mother Lisa Bowden. Nothing goes better together than newfound sobriety and a judgy mother, right?

Season 1 focused a good bit on Cassie’s relationship with her father, and the tragic accident that contributed to her alcoholism. Sharon Stone’s role as Lisa is certain to only further examine the trauma that continues to haunt Cassie, as Deadline reports Season 2 will focus more on their relationship. Cassie and her mother were reportedly estranged after Lisa no longer had the patience to deal with her daughter’s alcoholism.

The new season will see Cassie Bowden continuing to work with the CIA on some level as part of the agency's human asset program. The events of Season 1 forced Cassie to admit she had a drinking problem, and Season 2 will show the struggles she has staying sober, which undoubtedly is where her mother Lisa will factor in, through one way or another. It also seems like Cassie is in for more romance, as Mo McRae is joining the cast as Benjamin Berry, the CIA agent Cassie's assigned to who happens to have a reputation for getting close to his assets.

Also joining The Flight Attendant as series regulars for the second season are Callie Hernandez, a quick-tempered and calculating bounty hunter whose impulse-control issues often get in the way of her job, and JJ Soria as Esteban Diaz, Gabrielle’s partner and lover who tries to keep a level head and stay focused on the job, but often gets just as heated as his girlfriend. 

T.R. Knight will return in a recurring role as Cassie’s brother, Davie, who had his own complicated relationship with his father, so we’ll see how that family dynamic continues to reveal itself in Season 2 with the addition of Sharon Stone. Also returning are series regulars Zosia Mamet as Cassie's BFF Annie, Griffin Matthews, Deniz Akdeniz as Annie's boyfriend Max, and Rosie Perez as flight attendant Megan, who was already under investigation by the CIA. 

Sharon Stone is a legend, with hundreds of acting credits to her name, including Basic Instinct, The Quick and the Dead, Casino and The Disaster Artist. Recently she's appeared in the Netflix limited series Ratched and in 2021 published her memoir The Beauty of Living Twice, in which she details her journey of healing, love, and purpose on and off sound stages around the world. Now she can look forward to giving Kaley Cuoco a slice of motherly hell in the streaming dramedy.

Stay tuned on a release date for The Flight Attendant Season 2, which is set to premiere sometime in spring of this year. In the meantime, you can revisit Season 1, which is available for streaming on HBO Max and check out what other premieres are coming soon on our 2022 TV Schedule.

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