The Frank Reason Why Virgin River’s Martin Henderson Was Really Glad The Season 4 Finale Ended ‘Right’ Where It Did

martin henderson as jack in the virgin river season 4 finale
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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Virgin River Season 4. Look away until you’ve caught up!

All of the Netflix subscribers who enjoy dramatic small town romance got a true treat when Virgin River returned for Season 4 toward the end of July. As usual, the series did a great job of shaking up the lives of everyone who lives in the Northern California town, with the Virgin River Season 4 ending delivering a number of shocks for fans. These surprises included a major, season-ending moment with an increasingly problematic Charmaine, as Jack and Mel looked on. Now, star Martin Henderson has given a very frank reason for why he was glad Season 4 ended “right” where it did.

Why Does Martin Henderson Think Virgin River Season 4 Ended In Just The Right Place?

I doubt that anyone who watched the recent episodes of Virgin River through the very last minute will forget how the Season 4 finale ended any time before they finally get to watch Virgin River Season 5. The last couple of minutes saw Charmaine reveal that she’s been lying about Jack being the father of her twins, and left viewers with a quick look at Jack’s extremely dumbfounded face before the end credits roll. While chatting with Pay or Wait, Martin Henderson said that was the correct stopping point, and noted:

I was just really glad the scene ended right there, and you didn't actually hear Jack's response, because it would have just been, 'Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.' You couldn't have aired anything that would have come out of that man's mouth at that point.

He makes a very good point, right? These are fictional people in a fictional situation, but I do believe that after Charmaine’s confession I was actually so angered that I opened my mouth and yelled some obscenities at my TV. As you can see in the photo at the top of this article, which is a screenshot of Jack’s face right after her reveal, he is both trying to take in this new information, and also probably steeling himself so that he doesn’t curse Charmaine out to the point where the already hyperventilating woman would just pass out.

I would be unlikely to restrain myself in such a situation, but we all know that Jack has a strong do-the-right-thing streak, so while I would LOVE to watch him totally unload on Charmaine at the start of Season 5, it’s more probable that he’ll just have some slightly strong words for her while holding most of his anger in. As Henderson noted, with where the Season 4 finale ended, we’ll be able to easily imagine, before next season (which is set to pick up the very next day), Jack calming himself just enough so that he doesn’t verbally destroy a still very pregnant Charmaine.

As his co-star, Alexandra Breckenridge, said previously, though, while this news is fantastic for Mel, we might see Jack going through some very tough times as he adjusts to Charmaine’s betrayal, especially considering how much crap she’s given him in the five months since she claimed he was going to be a dad. Overall, though, this makes me just as excited for Jack in Virgin River Season 5 as Martin Henderson is, so I cannot wait for it to get here!

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