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Virgin River Season 5: 8 Quick Things We Know About The Series

jack and mel embrace on virgin river season 4
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Viewers with a Netflix subscription who enjoy watching romantic dramas were delighted recently when a new season of Virgin River debuted as part of the 2022 TV schedule on July 20. Now, if you’re anything like me, you quickly binged all of the episodes through that surprising Virgin River Season 4 ending, and are already eagerly awaiting news on what we can expect from the next set of episodes. Well, you’re in luck, because we do currently know a bit about what’s to come when Virgin River Season 5 hits the streaming giant.

Get ready to watch the sun set on a mountaintop, because we’ve got details on the production of Virgin River Season 5, who’ll be returning to the show, some plot details already, and much more info, below!

preacher smiling on virgin river season 4

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Virgin River Season 5 Started Production In July 2022

Virgin River has been very good about brightening our lives once per year since it first hit Netflix in late 2019, and it seems that we’ll be able to count on Season 5 being delivered right on time. On July 18, 2022, right as fans were ever closer to the premiere of Season 4, Netflix’s Tudum (opens in new tab) site announced that production had already begun on Virgin River Season 5. This means that, barring any unscheduled filming delays, we should be able to watch the upcoming season sometime next summer! And, the news gets better from there…

connie, hope, and jo ellen in jack's bar on virgin river season 4

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The Main Cast Is Returning

In that Tudum announcement, we were shown a screenshot of the cast’s first table read of the season, which was done over Zoom, and the full main cast of the series was present. This means that Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel), Martin Henderson (Jack), Colin Lawrence (Preacher), Annette O’Toole (Hope), Tim Matheson (Doc), Zibby Allen (Brie), Benjamin Hollingsworth (Brady), and Sarah Dugdale (Lizzie) are all returning. 

Additionally, that photo showed other actors who were present for the reading, meaning that we’ll also see Mark Ghanimé (Cameron), Kai Bradbury (Denny), Marco Grazzini (Mike), Chase Petriw (Christopher), Teryl Rothery (Muriel), and more in Season 5!

brie and mike talk on virgin river season 4

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There Will Be 12 Episodes In Virgin River Season 5

Virgin River gave us a lovely surprise in Season 4, and delivered two more episodes than usual, for a total of 12, as opposed to the 10 episodes we got in Seasons 1-3. Now we know that Season 5 will follow suit, and we’ll get another 12 episodes when Virgin River returns. When asked about how good it is to have the slightly longer seasons, showrunner Patrick Sean Smith told Glamour:

You could feel that [we had more time] a little bit in season four, having those two extra episodes compared to just the 10. We've been mindful of that as we've been arching out all the events this season.

Season 4 definitely still moved along at a brisk pace, so it’s good to know that the writers will have more time to tell all the stories they need to tell going forward.

cameron and mel talk to a patient in virgin river season 4

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There’s No Time Jump Between Season 4 And 5

As you will likely be aware of from watching the seemingly incredibly slow progress of Charmaine’s pregnancy, Virgin River is known for picking up only days or weeks after the end of the previous season. And, considering the major shock we got at the very end of Season 4 (which probably won’t be great for Jack to deal with), it’s good that Smith confirmed to TVLine that “Season 5 picks up right after Season 4” and “there’s no time jump” between the two. WOOOHOOO!

cameron and mel help a patient on virgin river season 4

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Patrick Sean Smith Is Taking Over As Showrunner

Lots of TV fans don’t regularly pay attention to the showrunner on their favorite series, but fans should know that Virgin River will have a new captain at the wheel for Season 5. The aforementioned Patrick Sean Smith is taking over from Sue Tenney, who acted as showrunner for Seasons 1-4. 

Smith confirmed to TVLine that Tenney decided to move on to other projects, but he has worked behind the scenes on a number of shows you’re probably familiar with, including writing for Everwood, Chasing Life, and Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings (the latter two he also executive produced), and creating Greek.

jack and mel laughing on virgin river season 4

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Virgin River Will Be “Louder” In Season 5

Now, on to some plot elements we can expect to find in Virgin River Season 5! In Smith’s chat with Glamour, he also confirmed that the next season will continue to give fans those comforting feels we all long for, while also upping the ante to give us something “louder,” and noted:

We get into things that will be new and exciting, but still very much feel like the same show, but are definitely taking a more exciting approach to some of the stories. A little bit louder, but not to the detriment of the comfort of the show. I want it to feel like season five will be next-level.

I like the sound of that! One can only hope that this, at least, means that Mel and Jack will finally tell off Charmaine, but there do seem to be other big conflicts coming.

denny smiling on virgin river season 4

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Denny’s Life With Huntington’s Disease Will Be Explored

Denny showed up as Doc’s surprise grandson in the very final moments of the Virgin River Season 3 ending, and went on to become a character surrounded by suspicion for much of Season 4. But, it turned out that a lot of his behavior was due to him hiding his fatal diagnosis of Huntington’s disease, and we will see how he lives with the condition in Season 5. Smith told Entertainment Weekly:

What we get in Season 5 is a much clearer picture of who Denny is and what he's going through, and the relationships that he forms as people in the town and people close to him in his life start to become a support system for it and create stronger bonds between them all … It's easy for people on the outside to look at, specifically a life threatening disease, and pass judgment on how that person lives their life, but I don't think that that's fair. And it's not how I think a show which prides itself on being surprising, but also comforting, would approach that with his character this season.

I think most fans will love to be fully on board the Denny train come Season 5!

charmaine crying on virgin river season 4

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We Might Find Out Who Fathered Charmaine’s Twins… But We Might Not

Well, well! Here is a major cliffhanger from Season 4 that I bet everyone is just dying to have cleared up. The last minutes of the finale saw Charmaine finally tell the truth, and reveal to Jack and Mel that she lied about Jack being the father of her twins. That, of course, means that there’s a different baby daddy roaming around, and he’s not Todd, seeing as how she was convinced that he was going to divorce her. Will we find out who the twins' father is? Here’s what Smith told EW:

In season 5, it's such a great mystery … And I was like, 'Well, what do I do with that? What's the best way to use that big twist?' But then also do what the show does so well, which is carry mysteries for multiple seasons and questions and keep the audience guessing. So, I can't say it will be in 5, and I can't say it won't. But it's definitely something that I would rather hold off on and not waste. Because it's that good.

OK, sounds like we might be in for another multiple season, who-shot-Jack style mystery. Buckle up and strap in, friends! But, know that if it turns out to be Mike, I will not be shocked!

Virgin River Season 5 is shaping up to be a great one, and we’ll be sure to bring you any additional developments on the new season as they become available!

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