The Most Beautiful Flower: 6 Things To Know About The New Latina Teen Series Before You Watch

The stars of The Most Beautiful Flower.
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There are so many bingeable shows that exist on Netflix, from some of the new shows like Wednesday to ones that have been on the platform for years and are completed, like Orange is the New Black, but I’m here to turn you onto one that might not have been on your radar, and that’s The Most Beautiful Flower, or otherwise known as La Flor Más Bella. 

There are plenty of great shows on Netflix to show your Latino pride, but most of them have been on the platform for years, and it’s about time we were given something new to enjoy. For those who might be scrolling on Netflix and see this show, here are five things you should know about it before you catch up.

The Most Beautiful Flower Is A Dramedy About Mich, A Teenage Girl Who Knows She’s Fabulous – But No One Else Does

You know how in most coming of age stories it’s often about a teenager trying to come to terms with themselves and become confident over the course of the storyline? 

Yeah, no, The Most Beautiful Flower is not that. It’s all about Mich, a spunky teenage girl who knows she is fabulous – but everyone else around her does not. Growing up in Mexico City, this show is all about the girl who is just trying to get through high school, but unlike most, she is not afraid to unapologetically be herself and let her spunk shine. Now, it’s about surviving in high school and showing off that amazing personality, while also dealing with her own family traditions and expectations. 

Mich is unlike any other teenager you’ve ever met before, and she’s on this journey of self-love just as much as you are, but she isn’t afraid to hide it. No, she is here to show her spunkiness to the world and to bring you on this crazy ride. The Most Beautiful Flower is a dramedy that is stacked with heart that almost reminds me of Never Have I Ever with a lighter tone. 

The Teen Dramedy Is Based On The Life Of Mexican Comedian Michelle “Mich” Rodriguez

For those who don’t know, The Most Beautiful Flower is actually based on Michelle Rodriguez’s life – no, not that Michelle Rodriguez who has been in so many Fast & Furious movies, but Michelle “Mich” Rodriguez from Mexico, a famous actress and comedian who makes her fans laugh their butts off. 

The story of Mich in The Most Beautiful Flower is actually based on her own childhood and teen years – and considering Rodriguez helped produce the show, I’d say it’s pretty accurate to her storytelling – plus a little dose of Latina drama on the side. 

The Most Beautiful Flower Comes From The Same Company Who Made Selena: The Series

While The Most Beautiful Flower might be new on your radar, the production company behind it, Campanario Entertainment, has produced another mega-hit for Netflix, and that’s Selena: The Series, starring Christian Serratos. 

While the stories being told in both shows are different, they both accurately depict Latino culture in a beautiful way. And in the case of The Most Beautiful Flower, the series delivers an authentically sweet coming of age story, looking at serious issues of sexuality to body image to everything in-between. 

The Most Beautiful Flower Stars Esmeralda Soto

Something I love about The Most Beautiful Flower is its cast, because it is as authentic as you can get. The show premiered in Spanish, with an English dub for those who don’t want to read subtitles or don't speak or understand Spanish (like Elite or Money Heist), so the cast is perfectly picked with authentic Latino or Latina actors. 

Esmeralda Soto, Usabel Yudice, and Alicia Vélez, starr as the main three best friends of the show, and all of them are great, but Soto really steals the series. Her charming charisma and electric performance as Mich makes this show even better. 

There Are Ten Episodes

For those who are hoping that this would be a quick binge, don’t worry, as the show is only ten episodes – and they run for about thirty minutes, so you won’t be spending hours on end watching the series. If you're really into it, you can watch the whole season in a day. 

The Series Is Rated TV-14

Bring your kids around, because this show is great for the whole family. Teaching valuable lessons about confidence and so much more, The Most Beautiful Flower is rated TV-14, so it’s a great option for older kids to watch. 

There are so many shows on Netflix but sometimes, you really just need something different. And thankfully, The Most Beautiful Flower is the answer to that, with a sweet story, charming characters, and a culture backing it that is hard to beat. You simply must check out this show. 

Alexandra Ramos
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