Wednesday: 5+ Questions We Have After Season 1

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday
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Wednesday has become a not-so-surprising hit of the fall 2022 season. The show has quite a few aspects working in its favor. It’s based on a popular fictional family—who doesn’t love the Addams family and their many shows and movies? It also has the king of the creepy, Tim Burton, to produce and direct half of the episodes. It also has Christina Ricci as a main character for a strong dose of nostalgia. Jenna Ortega has also given one of the best Wednesday performances in Wednesday Season 1.

Wednesday has already broken Netflix records, so it may be safe to assume that a second season will happen. However, nothing has been confirmed as of November 2022. Hopefully, the show returns for a second season, because the freshman outing left us with many unanswered questions. 

Let’s explore some of the kooky and spooky details still unresolved. 

Warning: Wednesday Season 1 spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution. 

Jenna Ortega at the end of Wednesday Season 1

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Who Texted Wednesday?

Wednesday ends Season 1 with Wednesday getting a mysterious text from an unknown number. The anonymous person sends her photos of herself with both Tyler (Hunter Doohan) and Xavier (Percy Hynes White). The text also mentions that they are watching her, and it’s followed by an animated drawing of her being killed.

Getting a threatening text, after being forced to have a phone, pretty much proves technology is not for Wednesday. Logically, we should assume the text is from Xavier, the person who gave her the phone. It could be his dark way of flirting. Wednesday does prefer boys with a lot of darkness behind their eyes.

However, most likely it’s a text from whoever will be the main antagonist of Wednesday Season 2. The text feels very 'A' from Pretty Little Liars, but we doubt that’s the direction future seasons are headed. 

Emma Myers and Georgie Farmer in Wednesday

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How Will Enid Embrace Her New Wolf Identity?

One of Enid’s (Emma Myers) major storylines in Season 1 is about whether she develops her werewolf powers. We see hints of them all season. However, the big moment happens in the finale, when she wolfs out to save Wednesday from Tyler.

I suspect that a lot of Wednesday Season 2 could showcase Enid learning the depths of her abilities and powers. One of the most endearing and entertaining parts of this season is Wednesday and Enid’s friendship. It could be fun to see Wednesday help Enid develop and hone her werewolf talents.

Hunter Doohan as Tyler in Wednesday

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Will Tyler Escape His Prison? 

Tyler's future is a big loose thread going into a potential next season. He turns out to be one of the big villains of Wednesday Season 1, but with an asterisk attached to his villainous ways. The season shows that Laurel (Christina Ricci) manipulated him, and then broke him until he became her willing slave. This leaves room for a Tyler redemption arc.

We also know that Tyler once tormented Xavier, so he’s always had some darkness surrounding him. Therefore, if he is redeemed, he may not necessarily become a saintly character. Wednesday and Tyler also had a romance before his devious ways were revealed. It will be interesting to see if Wednesday is still drawn to him, which she still could be, because darkness is kind of her thing. It’ll also be interesting to see if any of his feelings for her were real or just part of his scheming. 

We also know enemies to lovers is quite a popular trope. This means that the Tyler and Wednesday romance may not be quite over if the writers decide to explore that route again in potential future seasons. 

The fact that Tyler is one of the final images of Season 1 makes it seem like he won’t just be carted off to prison and never seen again. If Wednesday Season 2 happens, it’ll be interesting to see if he remains imprisoned or if the transformation into his Hyde form allows him to escape.

Joy Sunday and Jenna Ortega in Wednesday

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Will Bianca And The Nightshades Become Wednesday’s Friends?

The Nightshades, and specifically Bianca (Joy Sunday), help Wednesday out a lot towards the latter half of Season 1. However, Bianca did cheekily basically say that their school rivalry remains.

Wednesday had a lot of people in Season 1 trying to be her friend, but she pushed all of them away. Enid's friendship seems to be the only one that she reluctantly embraces. If the show is renewed, I wouldn’t be surprised if she joins the Nightshades or at least somewhat becomes friends with them.

However, I do hope Bianca and Wednesday keep a little bit of a fun rivalry. They can respect and like each other but still enjoy some healthy competition.

Gwendoline Christie in Wednesday

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Who Will Be The New Principal Of Nevermore, And Will Wednesday Return To The School?

When Xavier asks Wednesday whether she plans to return to Nevermore, she doesn’t answer. However, I think it’s safe to assume that she will be back if the show returns. One person highly unlikely to return is Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie). She died, so unless she becomes a ghost principal, Nevermore needs a new one.

It’ll be interesting to see if someone new joins the Wednesday cast or if someone we met before gets a new position. Almost all of the adult figures died this season, so we don’t even know if there is anyone left to promote to that role. 

We could even see Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) temporarily become principal. It seems ludicrous enough to work. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzman in Wednesday as Morticia and Gomez Addams

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Bonus Question: Will The Addams Family Play A Bigger Role If Wednesday Is Renewed For Season 2? 

Speaking of Morticia, she and the rest of the Addams family played a very small role in Wednesday Season 1. This makes sense, because it is a show about Wednesday and not the entire family. Wednesday showrunner Miles Millar spoke to TVline and kind of revealed whether the Addams family will have a larger role in future seasons.

He emphasized that this is Wednesday’s series, so she remains the focus, but added that they “definitely want to feature the family as we did this season in a couple of episodes if we were to get a second season.”

This seems to imply that the family will remain a major element of Wednesday but not in a way that would detract from the focus on her. 

It's a wise decision, because the Addams Family has such a rich history that we love seeing them in any way. However, Wednesday is more than enough to carry the show on her own, and Jenna Ortega did a great job reinterpreting the character.

We hope to see more seasons of Wednesday for more Easter eggs and more inevitable viral dancing moments.

Make sure to check back with CinemaBlend for updates on the 2023 TV premiere dates for news on if and when Wednesday Season 2 premieres. 

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